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Spakers n moderators of boost asia conference 17-18 January 2012

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Boost speakers

  1. 1. Boost – Asia Conference SPEAKERS Jameson Hsu is CEO and co-founder of Mochi Media. Prior to founding Mochi Media, Jameson co- founded the award winning interactive design firm WDDG where he led partnerships with major brands such as Kraft, HP, Burger King and many more. JAMESON HSU Henry Nguyen currently serves as the Managing General Partner of IDG Ventures Vietnam, a $100 million fund focused on technology, media, and telecom investments in Vietnam. HENRY NGUYEN Brent Hurley Prior to graduate school, Brent was a founding member of YouTube, and served in a variety of roles during his tenure, most notably as director of finance and operations. BRENT HURLEY Jia Shen Co-founder of RockYou, has served as the President and CTO of RockYou. While still actively involved in RockYous core business, Jia is currently the CEO of RockYou Asia based in Japan. JIA SHEN
  2. 2. Tetsuya Mizuguchi After leading the development team AM9 (UGA) of Sega Enterprises and presiding over United Game Artists, he founded Q Entertainment. He produced his first game title Sega Rally Championship in 1994 with Sega. TETSUYA MIZUGUCHI Nanda Ivens Nanda is presently working as Director of Digital for IndoPacific Edelman and Director of Edelman Digital.NANDA IVENS Antonny Liem is the CEO of Merah Putih Incubator. As CEO of one of the first tech incubators in Indonesia, Antonny strives to put Indonesia on the map as one of the key players in the global digital media industry.ANTONNY LIEM Andy Zain is regarded as one of the mobile industry pioneers in Indonesia. Andy Zain founded MobileMonday Indonesia, part of the global networking forum for professionals in the mobile industry. ANDY ZAIN
  3. 3. Hiro Maeda is a co-founder and director of Open Network Lab, a mentorship-driven seed stage investment program based in Tokyo. HIRO MAEDA Ian Mc Far LAN Group CTO - Digital Garage Ian was working on worldwide distributed hypertext systems with Ted Nelson a couple years before Tim Berners-Lee proposed the World WideIAN MC FARLAND Web, HTTP, and HTML. Aki Sano is the Founder and CEO of Cookpad, a Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed company and the worlds largest recipe community with over 10 million registered users and 1 million user-contributed recipes.AKIMITSU SANO Teru Sato is the President and Group CEO of, Ltd., a global internet and e-commerce business incubator (Tokyo Stock Exchange 3328) and leads the company to deliver the latest experience in online shopping across Japan, US, Europe and China.TERUHIDE SATO
  4. 4. Tatsuo Tsutsumi is a partner at GREE Ventures and has over 14 years of experience in management of and investment internet companies. He worked for the Management Consulting Division of Sanwa Research Institute Corporation where he wasTATSUO TSUTSUMI involved in strategic development and implementation support of mid-sized Japanese businesses. Kevin Mintaraga “Master of Web Marketing”. Kevin runs Magnivate, Indonesia’s leading digital marketing agency. He’s the one who came up with the logo for Boost!KEVIN MINTARAGA Rama founded and lead, Indonesias leading and award-winning technology blog. Dailysocial won several award including the title Indonesias #1 tech blog with niche yet highly influential readership. Dailysocial also involved in startup-related events including SparxUp Awards 2010, Indonesias biggest startup competition inRAMA MAMUAYA November 2010 with speakers from Techcrunch, Telkomsel, Indonesias Ministry of Trade etc.