HLS Ledstång- och trappbelysning. 12-sidig broschyr.


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Broschyr på 12 sidor som beskriver HLS ledstångsbelysning. Små LED-armaturer som enkelt integreras i ledstången. Fox Design representerar Planet Lighting i de nordiska länderna.

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HLS Ledstång- och trappbelysning. 12-sidig broschyr.

  1. 1. HLS Robertson Bridge, Singapore H a n drail Lighting System light where it’s needed 3rd generation Brighter and more efficient, the 3rd generation HLS minipuck delivers 123 lumens, making it the most powerful LED handrail illumination system in the world.Dubai Metro, UAE The Ponds Bridge, Sydney Catholic Presbytery, Perth 12 Tamarind Drive PO Box 231 Bellingen NSW 2454 Australia Ph + 61 2 6659 5600 Fax + 61 2 6655 2121 Winner of US Department of Energy w w w. p l a n e t l i g h t i n g . c o m sponsored NGL 2009 design award info@planetlighting.com www.ngldc.org Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  2. 2. The award winning HLS is an LED handrail lighting system featuring a series ofthreaded stainless steel or anodised aluminium minipucks inserted flush into straight or curvedhandrail pipe, square sections or flat metallic surfaces. Each minipuck contains a Cree LED ofthe highest efficiency, optically controlled to provide an oval shaped beam with a sharp cut-offdesigned to obtain maximum illumination with a high degree of uniformity, minimal glare, lightspill or wasted light.The minipucks can be installed in new handrail or retrofitted into existing handrail.Clever engineering and design give the minipuck a maximum light output of up to 123 lumens,and impressive luminous efficiency of up to 80 lumens/ watt.Vandal ResistantEconomicalEnduringWaterproofFlexibleLED & Driver Technology Colour Temperature & ColourPlanet Lighting has been incorporating The minipuck is available in CCT betweenLEDs into light fixtures for nearly a decade, 2700K and 5300K with a maximum efficacy ofwith installations spanning continents. We 80 lumens/watt. A high CRI option is availablecontinue to push the boundaries in what in 2700K and 3000K as a custom option.is possible, by sourcing and utilising thebrightest, most efficient LED emitters and All single colours are available on specialstate of the art driver solutions to maximise request. RGB minipucks and control optionsoverall system efficiency. are available for custom applications.We have the knowledge and experience to Thermal Managementoffer tailor-made, elegant driver solutions Maintaining low junction temperaturesincorporating not only all major dimming is vital to LED longevity. By designingprotocols (DMX, DALI, DSI, PWM, 0-10V, luminaires with the ability to effectivelyleading and trailing phase edge dimming) dissipate heat, the lifetime of the LED isbut also emergency UPS supplies and solar significantly prolonged.PV. The unique and unrivalled thermalAll HLS minipucks are equipped with performance of the installed minipuckinnovative shunt technology designed to ensures junction temperature remains low tolocalise unlikely failures to a single LED, provide well over 70% lumen maintenancethus protecting series integrity. after 50,000 hours of illumination.All Planet Lighting LED products come with a 5 year warranty see our terms and conditions Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  3. 3. Robertson Bridge, Singapore Windrushes Street Sculpture, London, UK Public Lighting Decorative Lighting The majority of HLS installations to date are Small and unobtrusive, yet powerful, makes in public areas, as one of the main features the HLS minipuck the ideal lightsource of the minipuck is vandal resistance. to incorporate into street sculptures and illuminating artwork or to wash walls with The threading locking mechanism of the HLS white or RGB light. minipuck and the unique tool required for insertion and removal deters opportunistic Flat surfaces? vandalism. The HLS minipuck is available in a flat faced option enabling installation into square The HLS minipuck is equipped with a sections or flat metallic surfaces. hardy polycarbonate lens or a borosilicate alternative. Neither lens option can be Reliable driver solutions, using reputable removed or broken easily and the small proven control gear adds the lighting effects size of the lens itself (8mm x 14mm) gives desired for stunning decorative illumination. structural integrity. Harsh Environments The resilience of the fixture is emphasised Installations located near corrosive sea air with an impact rating of IK10 - European are prone to increased galvanic activity. The Standard EN62262 stainless steel version of the HLS minipuck is manufactured entirely from 316 grade EN62262 calls for 5 impacts, and the steel aluminium minipuck with a polycarbonate lens can withstand over 30 impacts without physical or electrical damage to the Control gear can be housed in suitable IP minipuck. rated casing on special request. Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  4. 4. Architectural LightingThe HLS system lends itself to incorporationwithin metallic architectural features andstructures other than handrail, making it possiblefor architects to illuminate designs elegantlywithout using additional light sources.The options are endless and open up a new worldof lighting possibilities with the added bonus ofefficiently and cost effectively complying withlighting standards in terms of minimum luxlevels and uniformity requirements. Height 2.7m Minipuck spacing 1.5m Average lux 30 Uniformity 0.672Advantages of HLS over Advantages of HLS over Advantages of HLS LED Pole Top Lighting fluorescent systems handrail systemƒ Cheaper and simpler power ƒ Directional light source with ƒ 5 year warranty reticulation minimal light losses ƒ Completely flush with handrailƒ Dark sky protection ƒ 50,000H + life ƒ Lighting plans & IES availableƒ Superior uniformity ƒ ELV - not reliant on 240V ƒ Fits Ø38-100mm handrailƒ Lower maintenance costs being present in handrail ƒ Proven LED and dimmingƒ Available in a range of colour ƒ Retrofit in existing handrail technology temperatures possible ƒ No significant voltage dropƒ Easily powered by solar ƒ Installation in curved handrail and constant light output technology ƒ Vandalism resistant ƒ Waterproof internalƒ All major dimming protocols ƒ Small light component - connectors available - can be used in Integral strength of handrail ƒ Oval beam gives superior conjunction with UPS systems pipe remains intact uniformity Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  5. 5. Stair width 3m Rail height 0.9m Photometrics Minipuck spacing 0.4m Average lux 175 The 3rd generation minipuck is brighter and Uniformity 0.5 more efficient with 123 lumens* output per minipuck delivering a 20% increase in lux levels. Improved reflector design offers a more defined oval beam with minimal light wastage - light where you need it. Tight beam control and overlap of ovals give the HLS minipuck unequalled uniformity even with wide spacings. *Colour temperature of 5300K 0 lux 30 lux 60 lux 85 lux 110 lux 140 lux 165 lux 195 lux 220 lux 200 210 215 Stair width 2m 230 Rail height 0.9m Spacing 0.600m 245 Average lux 229 Uniformity 0.6 230 215 210 2000.00 5.00 mRed Line Station, Dubai UAE Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury, UK Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  6. 6. Specifying the HLS - Handrail Lighting System For new projects, where there is no existing handrail in place, the HLS falls into two sections of an architectural specification:  The handrail structure - quoted and installed by a handrail installer  LED minipucks and drivers - quoted and installed by a qualified electrician Alternatively, speak directly to Planet Lighting or one of our distributors for a complete quote consisting of handrail sections, minipucks, control and installation. For all quotations, a fully dimensioned plan as well as elevation drawings of each individual railing are required, preferably indicating the location of the control gear, as this enables us to determine the optimum driver solutions and wire size for individual projects.St Martins Lane, London, UK Dublin Airport, Ireland Lighting Plans Planet Lighting is dedicated to providing up-to-date and accurate information and regularly updates our photometric files, to ensure our clients always have the most recent photometric data for lighting software calculations. Please contact Planet Lighting, or one of our distributors, for a lighting plan, or request an IES or LDT file. Factors determining lux levels: ƒ distance between handrails ƒ colour temperature ƒ illumination of one or two sides of the handrail ƒ minipuck angle in handrail Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  7. 7. Electrical Lighting DataThe HLS minipucks are wired in series and driven by LED quantity 1constant current external or internal drivers. LED type CreeThere is no significant voltage drop and most importantly -no loss of light. Power 1.55WExternal drivers can drive up to 30 minipucks in series . Lumen output 123Each handrail run accommodates up to 3 drivers over 200mmaking this is a very cost effective method suitable for most Efficiency (L/W) 80installations. Electrical DataIn-tube drivers are capable of driving up to 12 minipucksin series over distances up to 1.5 km The number of internal Input Current 500mAdrivers that can be combined, depend on the size of thepower supply. In-tube drivers present an effective solution Vf 3.2-3.4Vto installations where there are restrictions on where powersupplies can be housed. Driver series driver waterproof gel filledWhy do we offer two different driver methods? Connection connectorThe HLS is the most powerful yet most flexible LED handraillighting system available. By offering two ways of driving Cable size typically 0.5mm²-0.7mm²the minipucks we maximise the number of sites where LEDhandrail lighting can be installed, without compromising HLS minipuck Fixture Datasystem efficacy. Aluminium or 316 stainless Metalware finish steelDriver type # minipucks driver type Borosilicate Lens option Polycarbonate glassPLED-24-500 4-12 externalPLED-50-450 12-30 external IP rating IP65 IP67PLED-2x50-450 24-60 external Ambient temperature 55°PLED-3x50-450 36-90 externalPL1 3-12 in-tube Impact rating IK10PL2 1-6 in-tube Warranty 5 years external driver Nominated Power Supply PL1 In Tube Driver installation + YELLOW PL1 RED + Positive Return wire + YELLOW PL1 RED + OUT -- BROWN ≤60v dc IN PLANET LIGHTING BLACK -- Bus wire OUT -- BROWN ≤60v dc IN PLANET LIGHTING BLACK -- Negative Bus wire Splice Splice Connection Connection Start of next series up to 12 in series depending on the nominated power supply in-tube driver Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  8. 8. HLS minipucksMeasuring 20mm high and a diameter of Ø15.9mm,the minipucks are the central components of the HLS.They are machined from aluminium or stainless steel,and engineered with integral reflectors designed tomaximise light output.The threaded bodies screw into metallic handrail orsquare sections, which act as the main heatsink ofthe LED ensuring maximum heat dissipation and lowjunction temperatures.Flexible and versatile, the minipuck is available in awide range of colour temperatures, RGB and singlecolours.Standard minipuck HLS ORDER Standard Standard Flat faced CODES Ø38-100mm Ø38-100mm Suitable forFits Ø38mm-100mm handrail handrail wall handrail wall square sections ALUMINIUM thickness thickness FS > 2.5mmThe standard minipuck is >2.5mm >1.5mm FT >1.5mmdesigned to screw into a M16 Incandescent HLS-AL-FS-IW HLS-AL-ST-IW HLS-AL-TW-IWx 1 hole, with a 16mm rebate. White 2700K HLS-AL-FT-IWThe 2mm shoulder feature HLS-AL-FS-WW Warm Whitegives the puck a smooth and 3000K HLS-AL-ST-WW HLS-AL-TW-WW HLS-AL-FT-WWseamless finish when installedinto a handrail. Suitable for Mid White HLS-AL-FS-MW HLS-AL-ST-MW HLS-AL-TW-MWwall thickness > 2.5mm. 3500K HLS-AL-FT-MW HLS-AL-FS-NW Neutral White HLS-AL-ST-NW HLS-AL-TW-NWThin wall minipuck 4000K HLS-AL-FT-NWFits Ø38mm-100mm handrail Daylight White HLS-AL-FS-DW HLS-AL-ST-DW HLS-AL-TW-DW 5000K HLS-AL-FT-DWThe thin wall mini-puck screwsinto a M16 x 1 hole. It is threadedall the way to the top, allowing HLS ORDER Standard Standard Flat faced CODES Ø38-100mm Ø38-100mm Suitable forgreater thermal conductivity 316 handrail wall handrail wall square sectionsand better purchase in thinner STAINLESS thickness thickness FS > 2.5mm STEEL >2.5mm >1.5mm FT >1.5mmmaterials, making it suitable fortubes with a minimum of 1.5mm Incandescent HLS-316-FS-IW HLS-316-ST-IW HLS-316-TW-IWwall thickness. White 2700K HLS-316-FT-IW Warm White HLS-316-TW- HLS-316-FS-WW HLS-316-ST-WW 3000K WW HLS-316-FT-WWFlat faced minipuck HLS-316-FS-MW Mid White HLS-316-TW-The flat faced minipuck is 3500K HLS-316-ST-MW MW HLS-316-FT-MWsuitable for square sections or HLS-316-FS-NW Neutral White HLS-316-TW-flat metallic surfaces. 4000K HLS-316-ST-NW NW HLS-316-FT-NWThe flat faced minipuck is Daylight White HLS-316-ST-DW HLS-316-TW- HLS-316-FS-DWavailable as: 5000K DW HLS-316-FT-DW- a standard puck ( > 2.5mm)- a thin wall puck ( >1.5mm) HLS ORDER Standard Standard Flat faced CODES Ø38-100mm Ø38-100mm Suitable for handrail wall handrail wall square sectionsRGB minipuck RGB thickness thickness FS > 2.5mm >2.5mm >1.5mm FT >1.5mmThe RGB minipuck is available HLS-AL-FS-RGBin all three body types. A Aluminium HLS-AL-ST-RGB HLS-AL-TW- RGBrange of control options and HLS-AL-FT-RGBcustomised driver solutions HLS-316-FS-RGB 316 gradeavailable on special order. stainless steel HLS-316-ST-RGB HLS-316-TW-RGB HLS-316-FT-RGB Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  9. 9. Fitting the minipucks into handrail The minipucks screw into drilled M16 x 1 holes, Fully supported installation process: which are then rebated using a 16mm drill bit*, and finally tapped to cut the internal thread.  drill jig kits available from Planet Lighting  installation material including instruction film Holes can be drilled on site using Planet Lighting available for download from custom drill jig kits and or in a factory setting. www.planetlighting.com  email info@planetlighting.com Planet Lighting staff can carry out complete on- site installations or be involved in a supervisory  phone support on +61 2 6659 5600 capacity. Ask for a quote! Preparation of handrail in factory Retro fitting on-site using a Drill Jig Kit Wiring installation guide Series Wires + Red, - BlackSTEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4Pull both wires through hole Connect red to red and black to Make sure connectors are firm- Gently push the connectorslocated furthest from driver black using UR2 connectors ly pushed in and crimp tightly through the holeSTEP 5 STEP 6 STEP 7 STEP 8Loosely screw the minipuck Pull the red wire through the Cut the red wire using wire Ensure the direction is correctinto the handrail next hole cutters + NOMINATED LED -- DRIVER STEP 9 S T E P 10 S T E P 11Connect the subsequent mini- Once all HLS minipucks have been wired up and gently pushed Once satisfied all is in workingpucks using UR2 connectors and loosely screwed in power up the LED driver order apply Loctite to minipucks Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  10. 10. Scarborough, Perth Robertson Bridge, Singapore Manningham Bridge, Melbourne Photo courtesy of Webbs HLS projects spanning the globe Job Name Location Application Year Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre Perth, Australia Beach side Amphitheater 2006 Commonwealth Bank HQ Sydney, Australia Internal Stairways 2007 Manningham Bridge Parkville Melbourne Australia Pedestrian & Cycle Path Bridge 2008 George Street Brisbane, Australia Public Space 2008 Bancroft Gardens Footbridge Stratford Upon Avon, UK Footbridge in Park 2008 25,000 HLS minipucks in 27 Dubai Metro Red Line Dubai, UAE 2009 stations Australian Centre for the Moving Melbourne, Australia DMX controlled Interior handrail 2009 Image Brixton Windrushes London, UK Exterior Street Art Project 2009 DALI controlled internal stairways St Martin’s Lane London UK 2009 with UPS back up Dublin Aiport Dublin, Ireland Façade & Stair lighting DALI 2009 Entertainment Centre Adelaide, Australia Public Space 2010 Catholic Presbytery Perth, Australia Courtyard Lighting 2010 Bourdon Street, Mayfair London, UK Residential Lighting 2010 Yankee Stadium New York, USA Malibu Terrace Deck 2010 Parliament Building Canberra, Australia Formal gardens 1-10V dimming 2010 Aylesbury Theatre Aylesbury, UK Pathway 2010 Curtin University Perth, Australia Public Stairs 2010 Robertson Bridge Singapore Footpath Lighting 2010 Conservancy of Southwest Florida Naples, USA Ramp Lighting 2010 Stratford Link Steps London, UK Stair Lighting 2010 Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  11. 11. St Martins Lane, London, UK Red Line Station, Dubai UAE Red Line Station, Dubai UAE HLS projects spanning the globe Job Name Location Application Year Bourdon Street, Mayfair London, UK Residential Lighting 2010 Yankee Stadium New York, USA Malibu Terrace Deck 2010 Parliament Building Canberra, Australia Formal gardens 1-10V dimming 2010 Aylesbury Theatre Aylesbury, UK Pathway 2010 Curtin University Perth, Australia Public Stairs 2010 Robertson Bridge Singapore Footpath Lighting 2010 Conservancy of Southwest Florida Naples, USA Ramp Lighting 2010 Stratford Link Steps London, UK Stair Lighting 2010 Star City Casino Sydney, Australia Casino Lighting 2010 Westall Station Melbourne, Australia Bridge Lighting 2010 Cruise Terminal Cairns, Australia Stair Lighting 2010 SkyCity Casino Darwin, Australia Bridge Lighting 2010 Wollongong University Wollongong, Australia Stair Lighting 2010 Falls Creek Resort Victorian Alps, Australia Solar Powered Elevated Stairway 2011 Dubai Metro Green Line Dubai UAE 13 stations on the Green Line 2011 Queensland University of Brisbane, Australia Stair Lighting 2011 Technology Red Cross Blood Bank Sydney, Australia External & Internal Stairway 2011 Mooloolaba Surf Club Sunshine Coast, Australia Beach side walk 2011 Port Coogee Development Perth, Australia External 2011 Neuroscience Building Handrail & University of Melbourne Melbourne, Australia 2011 Feature Wall Lighting Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se
  12. 12. DISTRIBUTORSAUSTRALIAVICTORIA SOUTH AUSTRALIA NORTHERN TERRITORYLouise Reynolds TMC Lighting Pty Ltd TMC Lighting Pty LtdPlanet Lighting 53 Chief Street 53 Chief StreetVictorian State Manager Brompton SA 5007 Brompton SA 5007louise@planetlighting.com tmclite@airnet.com.au tmclite@airnet.com.auPhone: 0422 017 060 Phone: + 61 8 8340 1100 Phone: + 61 8 8340 1100Fax: 03 9481 8030 Fax: +61 8 8340 1111 Fax: +61 8 8340 1111NEW SOUTH WALES ACT FAR NORTH QUEENSLANDThe Lighting Group Pty Ltd Lite-Tech Agencies North Queensland Lighting18A 380 Eastern Valley way 1 Lithgow Street 69C Sheridan StreetChatswood NSW 2067 Fyshwick ACT 2609 Cairns QLD 4870sales@lightingroup.com sales@litetech.com.au nql@tpg.com.auPhone : +61 2 9882 6000 Phone: +61 2 6280 5516 Phone: +61 7 4031 4490Fax: +61 2 9882 6444 Fax: +61 2 6280 8635 Fax: +61 7 4031 5933WESTERN AUSTRALIA TASMANIA PLANET LIGHTING HQInlite Undersea Lighting 12 Tamarind Drive344 Hay Street 54 Conningham Rd Bellingen NSW 2454Subiaco WA 6008 Conningham TAS 7054 info@planetlighting.comwa@inlite.com.au De_T@bigpond.com www.planetlighting.comPhone: +61 8 9381 8544 Phone: +61 3 6267 9530 Phone: +61 2 6659 5600Fax: +61 8 9381 4209 Fax: +61 3 6267 9523 Fax: +61 2 6655 21 21INTERNATIONALNEW ZEALAND HONG KONG SINGAPOREConcept Lighting Pty Ltd William Artists International Technolite60 Apollo Drive 3/F ShingDao Industrial Building 25 Tagore Lane #03-10Mairangi Bay 232 Aberdeen Main Rd Singapore GodownAuckland Aberdeen, Hong Kong Singapore 787602info@conceptlighting.co.nz waal@williamartists.com enquiry@technolite.com.sgPhone: +64 9 917 9200 Phone: + 852 2870 2288 DID: +65-63099783Fax: +64 9 917 9207 Fax: + 852 2552 2787 Fax: +65-64531908EUROPE UK & IRELAND SWEDEN & NORDICWILA Lichttechnik GmbH WILA Lighting Limited Fox DesignVödeweg 9-11 8-10 The Quadrangle Tellusgången 8D-58638 Iserlohn Grove Technology Park SE-126 37 Hägerstenwila@wila.com Downsview Road StockholmPhone: + 49 - 23 71 823 0 Wantage OX12 9FA UK info@foxdesign.seFax: + 49 - 23 71 823 222 wila@wila.co.uk Phone: +46 8 440 85 40 Phone: +44 1235 77 3500 Fax: +46 8 24 22 33 Fax: +44 1235 77 35 33SERBIA UAE & THE MIDDLE EAST UNITED STATESGulf Line International Gulf Line International Lummen-Lighting ByDesignPO Box 40855 PO Box 40855 5720A Labath AveDubai, UAE Dubai, UAE Rohnert Park, CA 94928nfo@gulfline.ae nfo@gulfline.ae hg@lummenlighting.comPh. +971 4 222 6 226 Ph. +971 4 222 6 226 Phone: +1 707 588 9014Fax: +971 4 222 6 227 Fax: +971 4 222 6 227Web: www.gulfline.ae Web: www.gulfline.ae 12 Tamarind Drive PO Box 231 Bellingen NSW 2454 Australia Ph + 61 2 6659 5600 Fax + 61 2 6655 2121 Winner of US Department of Energy w w w. p l a n e t l i g h t i n g . c o m sponsored NGL 2009 design award info@planetlighting.com www.ngldc.org Fox Design AB Telefonplan +46 84408540, info@foxdesign.se, www.foxdesign.se