Digital Strategy at Bentley University


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Approach to digital strategy (web, mobile, social, content) at Bentley University.

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Digital Strategy at Bentley University

  1. 1. Digital@BentleyWeb, Mobile & Social Overview Val Fox Digital Engagement Office @valeriefox
  2. 2. Digital Engagement Team• Who’s on the team? – Now: 3 developers , 1 designer, 1 project manager – 1 PT Drupal support manager/trainer• Who’s on the extended team? – 200+ Drupal users and 40+ social media contributors• What do we manage & support? – (strategy & execution) – Mobile experience (strategy & execution) – Social (strategy; execution TBD)
  3. 3. Digital Strategy• Leverage user insights to inform the web experience Institutional priorities• Adopt tiered prioritization Social User media experience• Enable distributed content Digital creation on Drupal strategy• Establish social media strategy & Mobile Brand best practices Content• Support mobile visitors strategy• Engage audiences with relevant content
  5. 5. Higher Ed Website Woes: No one thinks about the USER!Source:
  6. 6. Leverage User InsightsInform site experience and priorities based on:• Analytics• Research (surveys, focus groups)• Personas• Usability testingObjectives include:• Audit & improve Google Analytics tracking & reporting (KPI dashboards, etc.)• Create and adopt personas for key target audiences• Conduct ongoing usability testing & on-site surveys• Establish User Advisory Boards
  8. 8. Tiered Prioritization
  10. 10. Drupal: Distributed Content Creation• Migrate to enterprise managed cloud hosting environment at Acquia – Support entire stack – Simplified site architecture (2 >1 docroots)• Complete move to Drupal 7 for remaining sites: – Undergraduate Admissions – Graduate Admissions – Campus Life – Centers• Support 200+ Drupal users across campus – Launched user groups (6x/year) & labs (monthly) – Launched on-demand video training
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA
  12. 12. Social Media: Expand engagement beyond – Create brand awareness & engagement – Drive “free” traffic to the siteApproach: – Create digital content to fuel cross- platform engagement – Leverage audience insights to inform platform and content decisions – Create a consistent voice – Adopt test & learn cycles
  14. 14. Platform Decision 70% of college-bound high school students would browse a school’s mobile siteMobile Web Native App on their device browser rather than download a( mobile app for that school. Noel Levitz 2012 report or
  15. 15. Platform DecisionMobile Web Native App Responsive( Design or or
  16. 16. What are mobile visitors doing?
  17. 17. Mobile Roadmap: Phased Approach June 2012: Launch for smartphones• V1: Core mobile site – Shuttle schedule, map, directory, etc. Fall 2012: Launch responsive Undergrad and Grad Admissions sites• V2: Resources for prospective students TBD: Based on web services timeline• V3: Resources for current students – Registration/MyBentley
  18. 18. Mobile Experience V1: June 2012 • Shuttle: Schedule & real-time tracker • Campus map: Google Maps w/direction capabilities • Directory: Search faculty/staff & call from mobile device • Athletics: mobile site • Calendars: Academic calendar/EMS (for now) • Library: Library’s mobile site • Social media: Links to FB, Twitter, and YouTube • Full site: Access to standard site
  19. 19. Mobile Experience: V2 – V3 V2 Fall 2012 V3 TBD
  21. 21. Engage audiences with relevant content We are in the process of developing a series of new content networks:Platform Objectives Audience ContentBentley Ideas Promote faculty research Influencers & peers in academic Research-focused (replace Selected & business communities Research)Nimble Create a platform for Business leaders & partners, Informed opinion pieces thought leadership alumni, donors, grad students, from faculty, staff, 3rd parents, peers parties, etc.Bentley Now Create a platform for Current & prospective students, Fun, fast, informal student-driven stories young alumni, faculty & staff coverage of “things that students care about”
  22. 22. Questions?Contact Bentley’s Digital Engagement Office: Val Fox, Director Email: Twitter: @valeriefox