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Travel To Morocco For An Unforgettable Experience


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Travel To Morocco For An Unforgettable Experience

  1. 1. Travel To Morocco For An Unforgettable Experience
  2. 2. Selecting a holiday destination is often a bit of a challenge. It's not easy to find that one destination that has it all, with culture, adventure, the great outdoors, beaches and fantastic food. Even if you do find such a place, it's often prohibitively expensive. However, even if you're on a budget you can live the dream if you travel to Morocco.
  3. 3. Morocco is one of the countries of North Africa. It's located right across from Gibraltar and the south of Spain, with only the Strait of Gibraltar to separate the country from Europe. This close proximity means that there are many Spanish influences but because Morocco was a colony of France, French culture has made its mark too. Most Moroccans can speak French, for instance. However, the prevailing cultural influences are from Arab culture and Islam.
  4. 4. The most famous city in the country is Casablanca. It was here, after all, that one of the greatest films of all time was set. Visit the Hassan II Mosque and the Mahkama du Pacha. Then stroll along the promenade while humming 'As Time Goes By'.
  5. 5. Head to the foot of the Atlas Mountains for another popular Moroccan city. Marrakech has managed to keep up with the times without losing its old-world charm. Marvel at the Koutoubia Mosque, the El Bahia Palace, the Saadian Tombs and the Berber Museum. Browse through the souks, explore the alleys and enjoy the evening entertainment at Djemaa al-Fna.
  6. 6. Morocco has plenty of great beaches, with part of its coastline on the North Atlantic and part on the Mediterranean. The Atlas Mountains with their high, snow-capped peaks are a great destination too and are made even more interesting by the presence of Berber towns and villages. There are stunning hiking and climbing routes along the peaks and valleys.
  7. 7. A large part of the country is covered in desert, specifically the Sahara. A desert safari is a must-do and should include at least one night camping underneath the starry skies. For an unforgettable experience, traverse the desert on the back of a camel, just like Moroccans have doing it for centuries. Explore Ait- Benhaddou, an ancient and now largely abandoned city that often forms the backdrop for Hollywood movies. Then get the adrenalin going by sandboarding down the golden dunes.
  8. 8. It would be a shame not to try the world-famous Moroccan cuisine. One dish that is particularly fragrant and hearty is 'tahine', a spicy stew. It's prepared in a curiously shaped clay pot which is called a 'tahine' too. You may want to buy one of these pots as a keepsake but also save some Moroccan dirham and some space in your luggage for leather goods, carpets, Berber jewelry, dates and spices.
  9. 9. Many of the low-cost airlines that operate in Europe also have flights to Casablanca or, in some instances, to the city of Agadir. If you'd like the journey to the country to be part of the adventure, another option is to take the ferry to Tangier from Gibraltar of Spain. No matter how you travel to Morocco, though, you'll fall in love with this magical destination.
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