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Features Of A Hosted PBX Toronto System


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Features Of A Hosted PBX Toronto System

  1. 1. Features Of A Hosted PBX Toronto System
  2. 2. Hosted PBX Toronto helps companies to connect their public switch network with their internal telephone lines by the use of trunks lines. PBX in full means private branch exchange. This kind of system functions by the use of voice-over-IP that can aid staff members to work from all corners of the country.
  3. 3. A PBX has a number of features that distinguish it from other systems. Its web Portal allows users to configure their phones from several web browsers, users can also manage their entire systems form their computers. They are able to make changes to operating hours and workstation user names and many other activities.
  4. 4. This kind of system allows employees to set up an auto attendant command. This feature answers calls or directs them to other users. It also takes messages so that the user does not miss out on any important clients. Furthermore it saves the company money by reducing the need for many receptionists.
  5. 5. Most organizations install telephones on every employee workstation; these are referred to as extensions. The PBX allows each user to have 1 to 4 special digits that allow other employees to use if they want to talk to that specific staff member. This saves on time as the need to dial long numbers is removed.
  6. 6. Another important feature is the direct inward dialing (DID). This allows every user to have a separate phone number which makes it easier for customers and suppliers to call directly to the person they need. It will not only save the client money but also reduce the volume of calls going through the receptionist.
  7. 7. Callers trying to get hold a specific employee may be disappointed when all they hear on the other end is a busy tone. PBX are fitted with a busy lump application that notifies callers when the person other person is busy on another call, so the client is certain of the exact time to call. Employees that talk for long hours can also be noted by the management by using this feature.
  8. 8. Staff members that are on leave or have certain reasons to be absent from work can benefit a lot by the presence of a function known as find me or follow me. All their calls are diverted from their office lines to other numbers. This way the employee does not have to worry about missing out on crucial client calls.
  9. 9. A number of benefits arise from the use of PBX. One of its pro is that it is easy to set up as compared to tradition telephones. When the system has been set it can be used by as many lines as the company has requested for from the telephone provider, if the organization expands in future then more lines can be purchased without causing an overload to the system.
  10. 10. In the long run hosted PBX Toronto does not require a large sum of money to purchase and install. The firm does not incur any maintenance fees as the maintenance is done by the service provider. The fact that management can easily assess every employee personal phone means that the phone bills will automatically decrease since users are careful to only make important calls.
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