The Home Beer Brewing Process Simplified


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The Home Beer Brewing Process Simplified

  1. 1. The home beer brewing process simplified<br />Now that you are planning to brew your own beer from your from home, you should be aware of the simple yet significant, steps necessary to make your beer good enough that it rivals those found in a pub. You really only need a handful of ingredients, but you must be able to execute the beer-making process flawlessly in order to achieve optimal results. The good news is that it is entirely possible to create a great-tasting beer right in your own kitchen.<br />First brewers mix barley and water to make a sweet liquid called wort. They will eventually flavor this wort with hops, and then finally ferment it with yeast. The three most significant stages of the whole beer making process are malting, brewing, and fermentation. In addition you will eventually want the beer to fully mature before you enjoy it. <br />Malting is the first step in the process and basically consists of you preparing the barley for brewing. The grain is steeped in water and then allowed to dry out so that germination occurs which leads to the production of sugars. This malted barley may be mixed with corn or rice to produce a different flavor, but it remains the main ingredient. <br />The next step is called brewing. This is the name of the process by which you will turn the malt into the wort. After the wort has been mixed with warm water it will be ready for boiling. It is at this crucial stage that you will add whatever hops you want in your beer. <br />Hops add aroma, flavor and bitterness to your beer. Once they have been added to your wort the whole thing is boiled for about two hours which sterilizes it. The wort is then allowed to cool which helps the yeast to grow. Yeast turns the sugar in the wort into alcohol. <br />The entire process of fermentation takes about ten days and eventually the wort is turned into beer. At this point the beer is considered to be brewed, but you can make it even better through maturation. You will find that by allowing your beer to further mature will strengthen its flavor. <br />Once the beer has sufficiently matured it is ready to be packaged. You can use this in either kegs, bottles or cans. Whichever method you choose be sure to seal the container tightly allowing absolutely no air into the storage device. <br />Making beer from your own home is not as complicated as you may have thought. It is possible and allows for a tremendous feeling of satisfaction. While there are not a lot of steps in the beer making process they must be followed closely to ensure the highest quality of taste. <br />