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The 4-Hour Body Launch: Buy 30 Books, Get $1953 in Bonus Gifts


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The 4-Hour Body Launch: Buy 30 Books, Get $1953 in Bonus Gifts

  1. 1. IF YOU BUY 30 BOOKSFOR $480, YOU GET$1,953 IN BONUSES (100 SPOTS AVAILABLE) Continued
  2. 2. ZEO DEVICE + VIP SUPPORT VALUE: $300Zeo helps you analyze your sleep and improve it. The device is composed of a lightweight wireless headband, a bedside display, a set of online analytical tools, and an email-based personalized coaching program.
  3. 3. DRAGONDOOR KETTLEBELL VALUE: UP TO $110The kettlebells of choice in The 4-Hour Body. Tim owns more than 20 DragonDoor kettlebells, and uses them weekly. Book buyers can choose any size up to 24 kg (53 lbs).
  4. 4. JIMMYJANE FORM 3 DESIGNER VIBRATOR VALUE: $145 Jimmyjane Form 3 has a soft silicone touchpad that extends so you can focusvibration wherever you move your finger. Rechargeable (lasting up to 7+ hrs on a single charge), completely waterproof, and comes with a 3 year warranty.
  5. 5. 2-TOTAL IMMERSION DVDS VALUE: $80Terry Laughlin’s DVDs were what Tim used in The 4-Hour Body to learn how toswim like a pro. You’ll receive “Outside the Box: A Total Immersion Program for Success in Open Water” and “Perpetual Motion Freestyle in 10 Lessons.”
  6. 6. 1-PAIR OF FAT GRIPZ VALUE: $50 Use Fat Gripz to increase the thickness of barbells, dumbbells, and cable attachments. Thick bar training with Fat Gripz immediately targets your body’sweak links – increasing muscle activation and giving you more strength and mass.
  7. 7. $100 OF STUMBLEUPON AD CREDIT VALUE: $100StumbleUpon Advertising exposes your site to millions, bringing highly targeted users directly to your site. No click-through required. The more users like your site, the more traffic you’ll get. StumbleUpon is Tim’s largest referrer of traffic to his blog.
  8. 8. ONLINE B.J.J. & GRAPPLING TRAINING WITH MARCELO GARCIA VALUE: $75Be part of Marcelo Garcias famous NYC academy from anywhere, and train alongside the 4-time Mundials (World) and 3-time ADCC Champion as he hones his students into world-class competitors. This revolutionary online training program is designed by eight-time National Chess Champion, two- time Tai Chi Push Hands World Champion, BJJ brown belt, and author of The Art of Learning, Josh Waitzkin.
  9. 9. POWER MAGAZINE BY MARK BELL VALUE: $30 1-year subscription to the hottest new magazine on power sports and powerlifting. Created by Mark Bell, one of the stars in Bigger StrongerFaster, who is also featured in the bench press chapter in The 4-Hour Body (he benches 854 lbs. at 275 lbs.).
  10. 10. RA VISION GEAR SUNGLASSES VALUE: $290 Sunglasses specifically designed for flying, riding, and driving. They areoptimized for use with helmets and headsets. 100% UVA/UVB durable lenses with superior optical qualities and titanium frames.
  11. 11. SOUTHERN THREAD JEANS VALUE: $80Southern Thread jeans are fashion forward with a sense of Americana. You willwant a bitchin’ pair of jeans to go with your newly transformed “4-Hour” body.
  12. 12. WISECOVERS KINDLE CASE VALUE: $50Canvas book cover with quarter binding for the new Kindle 3. It has an innerpocket for accommodating credit cards or metro cards.10% of all profits are donated to for increasing literacy in the United States.
  13. 13. EDIBLE GREEN TEA LEAVES VALUE: $25There are 10,000% more antioxidants in whole green tea leaves than in brewed tea. The only way to receive their full nutrition is through ingesting the whole leaf. Certified organic w/ high levels of EGCG, and filtered to remove heavy metals.
  14. 14. PHYSICOOL ICE PACK VALUE: $20Cooling and compression bandage. Easy to use, and no refrigeration required. Wrapped limbs drop by 50°F after only 15 minutes, and cooling effects last up to 4 hours. Much more convenient than ice.
  15. 15. ANTOINE AMRANI CHOCOLATES VALUE: $20Antoine Amrani’s Paris-trained chocolatier hand-makes truffles and ganacheswithout added butters or fats. They also use many organic, preservative-free ingredients. Perfect for “cheat” day on the Slow-Carb diet.
  16. 16. KANKUAMO COFFEE VALUE: $15Whole bean, gourmet, fair trade, organic coffee from the Americas. Kankuamo is one ofthe highest quality, gourmet coffees you can find. What could be better than enjoying a great cup of coffee (with cinnamon, of course) while reading The 4-Hour Body?
  17. 17. EARPEACE EAR PLUGS VALUE: $13EarPeace helps your ears during and after the show, dance, wedding, or whatever-loud-experience you have. Made from reusable, hypoallergenic silicone and put it in a killer case, they are low profile and engineered to be virtually invisible.
  18. 18. SIR RICHARDS CONDOMS VALUE: $13The worlds first premium condom with a buy-one-give-one component to helpcurb the spread of HIV/AIDS. For every Sir Richards condom bought, we donate one condom to a country in need. Doing good never felt better.
  19. 19. SOLAR F/X SPORT SPRAY VALUE: $12Solar F/X Sport is a refreshing, ultra-light, quick drying Sun Protective Spray designed for the dry land sport enthusiast who wants the best protection with the most comfortable feel.
  20. 20. SLANTSHACK BEEF JERKY VALUE: $10 SlantShack Jerky is a customizable beef jerky based out of NYC, and waslisted as one of the “Top 10 Jerkies in America” by Maxim. SlantShack offers grass-fed beef from their very own Highland Cattle farm.
  21. 21. STEVE’S ORIGINAL PALEOKIT VALUE: $7 A delicious mix of jerky, raw macadamias, almonds, pecans and dried fruits,PaleoKits are perfect for people with active lifestyles. Vacuum-packed for maximum freshness, PaleoKits have a six-month shelf life and are great on-the-go fuel.
  22. 22. SALAZON CHOCOLATE VALUE: $4Based in Maryland, Salazon’s dark chocolate bars are made in small batches with premium, organic ingredients and hand-sprinkled with sea salt.
  23. 23. VENUS DREAM LIP BALM VALUE: $4This all-natural/organic vanilla chai lip balm is created with the finest real spices, coconut oil, and “infused with love.” Contains 0% gross ingredients you can’t pronounce. It’s just the nourishment you need for your lips.
  24. 24. 1-HOUR GROUP Q&A CALL WITH TIM FERRISS VALUE: CANNOT NORMALLY PURCHASEThis will be a 60-minute group call, in which Tim will answer any of your questions on any topics.
  25. 25. PERFORMANCE MENU JOURNAL MAGAZINE VALUE: $360 1-year magazine subscription, featuring weightlifting, strengthtraining, athletic strength & conditioning, fitness training, CrossFit, and recipes for athletes and trainers.
  26. 26. "FIND YOUR FIRST PROFITABLE IDEA" CRASH COURSE VALUE: $100 FOR FULL COURSE Get a step-by-step process for finding, creating, and monetizing your muse.Includes case studies, ready-to-use scripts, and all-new material for finding a profitable idea. By New York Times best-selling author Ramit Sethi.
  27. 27. DIGITAL COPY OF THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK VALUE: $20#1 Bestseller on The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek. Perfect 5-star rating on Amazon, with over 1,000 reviews.
  28. 28. SLOW-CARB COOKBOOK VALUE: $20Tired of eating the same slow-carb diet meals over and over again? This e-book contains all the inspiration you’ll need, with 30+ new recipes from chefs, readers, foodies, and more.
  29. 29. TOTAL VALUE: $1,953 (FOR $480 PURCHASE) To book your spot for this package, please fill out the following: Click here