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4G Talent Management
Linking Talent Development to Deployment

        who experience them and the organi-         for 4G split into two area...
Linking Talent Development to Deployment

                        What is 4G based on?

                        4G is a...
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Linking Talent Development to Deployment - Four Groups


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Linking talent development to talent deployment and extending the reach of talent management all go towards creating a high performing organisation.

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Linking Talent Development to Deployment - Four Groups

  1. 1. 4G Talent Management Application Linking Behaviour to Bottom Line Performance Linking Talent Development to Deployment Linking talent development to talent deployment and extending the reach of talent management all go towards creating a high performing organisation. Talent Management Benefits What is talent management? ship and enhanced skills > Create a high performing organisation > Foster the growth of talent While the importance of talent man- While there is arguably a need to iden- > Building shared experiences & processes agement seems to be gaining wide- tify talent before one can deploy or > Link talent development to deployment spread acceptance, it is perhaps useful develop it, this is by no means essen- to start by answering the question tial. That said, there are numerous Please note, this document is intended to ‘what is talent management’? In princi- methods concerned with the identifica- accompany the talent management ple, talent management enables an tion of talent. Skills assessment, com- demonstration of the Visual Team Builder. organisation to accomplish its goals in petencies, 360 degree feedback and This demo can be found at the link below. a more effective and efficient manner, performance management all come for example, doing things more cheap- into the equation. ly, more quickly and more reliably. In addition, Four Groups’ believes that tal- If identifying talent is the starting ent management consists of three core point, then its development and activities; deployment allows the objectives of talent management to be fully An Example 4G Situation 1. The identifica- realised. Similarly, the development Degree of Psychological Comfort tion of talent, via and deployment of talent directly No effort Minimal effort skills and per- impact one another. The best examples Some effort 1Si Significant effort formance man- of this being graduate training pro- agement for grams and senior secondments. While 2Ti example both these activities directly link devel- opment and deployment, they are car- 2. Deploying tal- ried out against a background of rela- 2Fe ent that benefits tive stability and commitment on the 1Ne both the organi- part of both the individual and the sation and the organisation. This is usually over a peri- 3Te individual od of a few years, rather than a few months. 3. Developing 2Ti talent in terms of Graduate training and secondment are, 3Fi improved leader- in the main, highly valued by those
  2. 2. Linking Talent Development to Deployment who experience them and the organi- for 4G split into two areas, deployment Who are we? sations that provide them. In terms of and development. Focusing on deploy- Four Groups offers a methodical approach to under- talent management however, one ment, once people’s suitability and standing behaviours, relationships and culture. This might argue that these activities bene- availability for a role is known, 4G document provides some background to our work fit only a fraction of an organisation’s seeks to maximise the performance of around recruitment, optimising hiring decisions and ‘talent pool’. The obvious question to that individual, their relationships and creating high performing teams. ask therefore is ‘how can the benefits overall group dynamics. As many agement. Knowing this information in of linking development and deploy- processes and functions require team advance speeds the learning process ment be extended to the largest num- work and a reliance on others, ensuring and ensures maximum relevancy and ber of people?’ This then raises the fol- that relationships and group dynamics resonance for the participant. lowing questions; are operating at their best is the key to achieving high performance. The second aspect of development 1. How can talent management benefit looks at improving and optimising an the largest number of people? When using 4G, it is possible to both individual’s relationships with their col- 2. What efficiencies can be gained by predict the new relationships that are leagues. In line with the deployment increasing the reach of talent manage- formed when deploying talent and to application, the means to improve and ment? optimise the performance of existing enhance relationships goes a long way 3. How does talent management lever- relationships. From a talent manage- to improving overall performance and age the uniqueness of the organisa- ment perspective, the benefits of using effectiveness. tion? 4G apply in situations as diverse as recruitment, team composition (one off How does 4G work? Our solution project teams and long term teams), succession planning, mentoring, collab- Using 4G is a very quick and simple In order to answer the questions above, oration and organisational design. process. People generally need an Four Groups have created a methodolo- Further, all of these deployment activi- hour, split between a short briefing, an gy called 4G. 4G lets organisations link ties are driven by the same software online personality questionnaire and a the development and deployment of tool, the Visual Team Builder. A link to a feedback session. Optionally, further talent together. The methodology also demonstration of the Visual Team time may be spent on more feedback, extends the reach of talent manage- Builder is below. either for individuals or for the whole ment, potentially throughout an entire group. At the end of the process, indi- organisation. viduals receive their own reports, while a group report is made available for the By linking development to deployment Turning to development, 4G contains a decision maker and/or the group, and increasing the reach of talent man- suite of coaching modules and inter- depending on what is required. agement, improvements and efficiency ventions that enhance an individual’s gains are possible. Ultimately, linking own learning and personal growth. development to deployment and gain- Concerning the coaching modules, each ing operating efficiencies from talent one is written around a particular sub- management all contribute towards ject such as leadership, negotiation or leveraging the uniqueness of the creativity. In addition to the topic, all of organisation. the modules are then customised for each individual. Put another way, the What are the talent management bespoke modules are written to reflect applications for 4G? how that person approaches and works with the particular topic, for example, The talent management applications leadership, negotiation or time man-
  3. 3. Linking Talent Development to Deployment What is 4G based on? 4G is a proprietary approach to predict- ing relationships, behaviour and group cultures. Based in part on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, 4G incorpo- rates measures of people’s strengths, creativity, motivation and weaknesses. The model contains 16 definitions of individual’s behavior, 14 different rela- tionship types and 4 examples of group culture. Four Groups Ltd 5 St. Johns Lane London EC1M 4BH, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7250 4779 Email: © 2007 Four Groups Ltd, 5 St. Johns Lane London EC1M 4BH, United Kingdom. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without Company Number: 4650494 express written permission from Four Groups Ltd. VAT Number: 817 7962 85 Registered in England and Wales