An Alternative View of Recruitment - Four Groups


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The ability to predict team fit and relationships between candidates and existing team members can make the difference between a successful hire and a high performing team or a costly mistake.

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An Alternative View of Recruitment - Four Groups

  1. 1. 4G Recruitment Application Linking Behaviour to Bottom Line Performance An Alternative View of Recruitment The ability to predict team fit and relationships between candidates and existing team members can make the difference between a successful hire and a high performing team or a costly mistake. Recruitment Benefits Recruitment today happen? Why, despite all of the > Optimise hiring decisions processes, technology, interviews, > Create high performing teams Recruitment is part and parcel of daily assessments and reference checks do > Avoid hiring mistakes life in an organisation. It is highly emo- hiring mistakes still happen? Is there a > Diagnoses team problems tive yet as a process, it changes rapid- process that minimises mistakes and > Coaching modules aid team development ly. At one extreme, being interviewed delivers successful recruitment in a reli- for a job is often one of life’s most anx- able and repeatable form? Please note, this document is intended to ious times. At the other, recruitment is accompany the recruitment demonstration now online, outsourced and automat- The second situation concerns person- of the Visual Team Builder. This can be ed. With all of this in mind, where does ality clashes, especially those that found at the link below. this leave the decision maker? occur on the back of a new appoint- ment. More often than not, these Despite the changes above, many clas- clashes are unexpected, emerge over a sic recruitment dilemmas still remain. number of months and create signifi- We’d like to intro- cant trouble for all who are dragged An Example 4G Situation duce two situa- into the situation. In the boardroom or Degree of Psychological Comfort tions that we amongst team members, such relation- No effort Minimal effort believe are ship friction rarely benefits anyone. Some effort 1Si Significant effort untouched by the More to the point, can these scenarios recent IT revolu- be prevented in the future? Can the 2Ti tion and yet still current problems be minimised or have a major part resolved? to play in any 2Fe recruitment deci- Our solution 1Ne sion. There is currently no method to suc- 3Te The first situation cessfully predict the impact that a new concerns recruit- hire has on existing team members. 2Ti ment mistakes. While it is possible to test candidates Why do these for skills, aptitude and personality, 3Fi
  2. 2. none of these approaches guarantees modules to help managers and individ- Who are we? good relationships or good fit between uals understand and improve existing Four Groups offers a methodical approach to under- team members and newly appointed relationships. This information also standing behaviours, relationships and culture. This people. helps people understand where the document provides some background to our work other person is coming from and to around recruitment, optimising hiring decisions and To solve this problem, Four Groups pro- adjust accordingly. creating high performing teams. vides a system (4G) to understand and more importantly, predict human rela- How does 4G work? tionships or ‘people compatibility’. There are many ways 4G can be Using 4G is a very quick and simple applied, recruitment and selection process. People generally need an being an obvious example. hour, split between a short briefing, an online personality questionnaire and a What is the recruitment application feedback session. Optionally, further for 4G? time may be spent on more feedback, either for individuals or for the whole 4G enables the optimisation of hiring group. At the end of the process, indi- decisions and the creation of high per- viduals receive their own reports, while forming teams. By using 4G with an a group report is made available for the existing shortlist, it is possible to decision maker and/or the group, ensure that hiring decisions are opti- depending on what is required. mised and mistakes are avoided. 4G also makes it possible to simultaneous- What is 4G based on? ly build high performing teams. 4G is a proprietary approach to predict- When looking at recruitment or the ing relationships, behaviour and group performance of a team, having practi- cultures. Based in part on the work of cal information about where a team is Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, 4G incorpo- going wrong and how to solve related rates measures of people’s strengths, problems also helps. This is especially creativity, motivation and weaknesses. so if decision makers are not working The model contains 16 definitions of with that team on a day to day basis. individual’s behaviour, 14 different relationship types and 4 examples of We also understand that in some situa- group culture. tions, changing team structures and switching relationships is just not an option. To address this, we provide Four Groups Ltd 5 St. Johns Lane London EC1M 4BH, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7250 4779 Email: © 2007 Four Groups Ltd, 5 St. Johns Lane London EC1M 4BH, United Kingdom. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced without Company Number: 4650494 express written permission from Four Groups Ltd. VAT Number: 817 7962 85 Registered in England and Wales