Pharma industry an overview


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(This is an extract from the lecture delivered by Shyamsunder Panchavati on 2nd September 2010 at Hyderabad)

Human being lives in whirlpool of Industries. All the industries revolve around the living beings specially the human beings. One industry or profession that keeps the human being fit enough to wither the whirlpool and keeps the industry going is the Medical Profession. Hence the Medical Profession occupies the high pedestal in this world.

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  • Pharma industry an overview

    1. 1. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Welcome to world of Happiness & wellbeing Welcome to the world of Happiness & Well being
    2. 2. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview This is part of the lecture delivered by Shyamsunder Panchavati on 3 rd September 2010. at Hyderabad. Title Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Abstract of the lecture available at Human being lives in a whirlpool of Industries
    3. 3. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Human being lives in a whirlpool of Industries
    4. 4. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview The Pedestal is made of Pharmaceutical Industry
    5. 5. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Pharmaceutical Industry the propeller for other Industries
    6. 6. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview The History of Pharmaceutical Indus can be traced to 1600 BC In around 1640 BC Dhanvantari wrote a treatise on Medicine, Pharmaceutics, & surgery. AYURVEDA SUSHRUTHA CHARAKA During around 500 BC Buddhist Monks spread to the rest of the world
    7. 7. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Modern day Allopathic Medication More than 350 years old Research & Development in later part of 19 th Century and 20 th Century In 1930 Penicillin & Insulin were discovered. Modern day Allopathic Medication
    8. 8. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview In 1901 Acharya P.C. Ray started first Indian Pharmaceutical company Till Independence Multinational were directly operating In 1970s Product patent was replaced by process patent Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario
    9. 9. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview !970s saw the emergence of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry This led to the expansion of Bulk Drug Industry Various subsidies and infrastructural facilities enabled the expansion & spread of the Industry in various states. Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario
    10. 10. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview 70s and 80 also saw the launch of new products in the Cardio Vascular, Neuro, Psycho-somatic, Gastro Renal, Anti Fungal and Anti Imflammatory segments. New products like Co-Trimoxazole, Diltiazem, Diclofenac Sodium were some of the products launched. Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario
    11. 11. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview 70s and 80 also saw the, the beginning of exports to Asia, Africa,Europe,and Latin America of Bulk Drugs. More and more organization were able to get USFDA & WHO GMP certification. Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario
    12. 12. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview WTO & GATT Resulting in more application for patent 35,218 Applications for patent were filed in the year 2008-09. 6040 from domestic, & 29,178 from foreign applicant R&D being out sourced to India by MNCs Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario
    13. 13. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Present Indian Market Size $ 8 Billion Rs. 400 Billion Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario
    14. 14. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Pharmaceutical Industry largest contributor after the Agriculture sector. To the Indian economy. Still growing @ 10 to 11% Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario
    15. 15. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Present global market size $ 825 Billion growing @ 4 to 6 % India 3 rd largest producer of Pharmaceuticals having 10% of the global share. Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario
    16. 16. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Cardiovascular segment dominates the sales with 50% Share Anti Diabetic segment has a share of 22 % Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario
    17. 17. Pharmaceutical Industry an overview Top Ten Pharmaceutical Organizations in India Ranbaxy Dr Reddy's Laboratories Cipla Sun Pharma Industries Lupin Labs Aurobindo Pharma GlaxoSmithKline Pharma Cadila Healthcare Aventis Pharma Ipca Laboratories Indian Pharmaceutical Scenario