SEO; The Way Behind Success (AK Sabin)


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Developing a web site and launching it to the world rarely leads to success. There
are a lot to be done behind, to come off with flying colors in a commercial way. Web site
marketing plays a vital role, and brings the road of success.
As marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception promotion
and distribution of ideas, goods and services to satisfy the customer, something to be
done to promote a site in the world of web.

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SEO; The Way Behind Success (AK Sabin)

  1. 1. The way behind success ! Search engine optimization & Google Ads A feasibility analysis by A.K. Sabin
  2. 2. Search Engine optimization Reaching the Maximum Users Developing a web site and launching it to the world rarely leads to success. There are a lot to be done behind, to come off with flying colors in a commercial way. Web site marketing plays a vital role, and brings the road of success. As marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to satisfy the customer, something to be done to promote a site in the world of web. The measure of popularity is graded by analyzing the number of page views and the number of visitors to a particular web site in a specified period of time. So, earning more and more visitors will be the goal to success. Search engine giant, Google has a method of ‘Page Ranking’ to get the web traffic. Amazon has got the same but a much better pictorial representation, named, Alexa Rating. A lot of other services are available in the net to go in depth about the visitors-flow. Search Engine Optimization: (SEO) Generally, anyone who runs a website wants his website to be displayed among the first ten result of each search engine so that most of the search engine users cannot miss it. It is about what search engines look for on a page to help determine the relevance of the page to a search term. It can be further said as, a set of methodologies aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine listing and hence the number of visitors, earnings. This enhances, website’s chance of being ranked in the top result of a search engine once a relevant search is undertaken. A number of factors are important when optimizing a website, including the content and structure, page layout, the HTML Meta-tags and the submission process. It is important that, it will likely take more than a month before one could see the result of one's work on optimization. SEO increases the amount of visitors to a website by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. The higher a website ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that the site will be visited by a user. Target Keywords. Crawler based search engines goes in to the pages and search for the queries entered by the user, and display in the result page. Web master must be aware of the query that user enter in the engine. He just imagine the alternatives of the keywords may entered in the search engine by the user. Placing these keywords and its alternatives results in a better listing. HTML page's <title></title> tag has its own importance in the listing. Failure to include <title> tag could be the main reason why the site is poorly
  3. 3. ranked in the listing. Title should be related to the content and short in length. As it comes in the search results should be much attractive to get an eye of the user in the first sight itself. Keywords as the Domain Name. Having keywords in the domain is not a major advantage. A domain like is not going to do much in the search. Those sites which have the keywords as domain name naturally make sense and would make it more memorable for the visitors. Rushing for multiple domains with the idea of having multiple copies of the website to have a better rank may result reversely. Keyword Decider. There are tools to optimize the keywords. The entered key words will be compared with a database which is a store of what users generally search for. This could offer a much better rank in the result. Alt Tags. The look and feel of a website is also matters in holding the visitors in the site. Images are important part of making your site visually attractive to the visitors. But the search engines go not understand the content of the images on a page. So keeping ALT tags in side the <IMG> tag will be worthy. Though these are not visible to the users, like meta tags, search engines could find them while crawl takes place. How Tables and Javascripts effect the search results ? Search engines except the keywords in the top of the page. To accommodate them, use your target keywords for your page headline. It could be fine if it comes in the first paragraph itself of the page. Its a fact that, table can push your text further down the page. This is because, the tables break apart when the search engine reads it. Bigger kind of Javascript snippets can arise the same problem as of the tables. Search engine reads this information first, which cause the normal HTML text to appear lower on the page. It is recommended to place the scripts further down the page for the optimal results. Googlebot : the Google’s way of crawling. Googlebot is Google’s web crawling robot, which finds and retrieves pages on the web and hands off to the indexer. Its common to think Googlebot as a little spider scurrying across the strands of cyberspace, but really it doesn’t traverse the web at all. It sends a request to a web server for a page as a web server does, downloads the entire page, hands off to Google’s indexer. Googlebot finds pages in two ways: Through an add URL program. 1. Through finding links by crawling the web.
  4. 4. The first one, add URL program is nothing but, a Search Engine Submission method. URL of the index page will be submitted to Google, and it starts downloading the entire page. This is done since there is a chance of missing the URL during the crawl. What Google has to say about SEO is that, no one can guarantee a no.1 place in the result. The offers of special relationship or a priority submit to Google are purely fake and there are only two ways to please Google, either the URL submission ( ) or the Google Site Maps (Beta) at totally free of cost. Site Maps It is an easy way of submitting all the URLs of a site to the Google’s index and get the detailed reports about the visibility of the pages on Google. With the site map, web master can continually inform Google about the changes being made in the site, which results in an updated result. Google describes the method of creating Site Map here.. Sitemaps not only helps the search results but the user too. It gives a navigation map of the site. Sitemaps and hyperlinks are food for search robots. Flash sites and the Search Result. Apart from the HTML page, Flash pages are difficult to get listed. It would be fine if you make the flash page as an optional feature, Or can have smaller Flash presentations inside the HTML page. Robots.txt Alexa has been gathering web information and learning from content and paths to create a series of snapshots of the web. This cost free service wanted the web master to place a .txt file, named Robot.txt, at the top level of the page hierarchy so that Alexa can crawl the page by checking out the content of the .txt file. All the major web crawlers such as Alta Vista, Inktomi and Google respect this method. A Web master can decide weather his site want to be crawled by the robots or not by specifying it in the robot.txt file. If the text file says to allow robots, the crawling starts. It retrieves the HTML file and looks the <head> tag. If it sees a NOINDEX or NOARCHIVE tag, robot quits that page. If there is a NO FOLLOW tag, the robot will not follow any Links found in that page. Follow the URL to know what Alexa says more about creating and placing the Robot.txt for an optimized search result. Meta Tags Meta tags have never been a guaranteed way to gain a top ranking on crawler- based search engines. Today, the most valuable feature they offer the web site owner is the ability to control to some degree how their web pages are described by some search engines. They also offer the ability to prevent pages from being indexed at all. Meta Description Tag
  5. 5. The meta description tag allows to influence the description of your page in the crawlers that support the tag Meta Keywords Tag The meta Keywords tag allows to provide additional text for crawler based search engines to index in the search result. Meta Tag Generator Softwares. Plenty of meta tag generating softwares are available in the net. Those software creates the meta tag corresponding to the users input. Web masters can simply copy paste the tags in the corresponding pages with out any hassles. Search Engine Marketing & Promotion quot;Search engine marketingquot; or quot;search engine promotionquot; points the overall process of marketing a site on the search engines. Submitting to the Open directory The Open Directory is a volunteer-built guide to the web. It is provided as an option at many major search engines, including Google. There is no submission fee. Optimization of Dynamic Sites. Dynamic pages created with the technologies like ASP, Cold Fusion, Perl and the like functions well for the users but not work fine for the search engine crawlers. As the dynamic pages are getting generated only when the user make some moves, search engine crawlers cant find the details when they crawl the web. This is the reason why dynamic pages are not getting indexed. Quite a few techniques to make dynamic pages visible are as follows. One possible and economical way is to make use of static page and other is the paid inclusion in the trusted promoters. Placing the links to the dynamic pages on the static pages is the first and economical option. While going for the paid inclusion, web master must make sure that he has approached the right one to make the inclusion. Most of the search engines like AltaVista, AskJeevs, AllTheWeb, Inktomi, Lycos, Teoma etc. offer paid inclusion and trusted feed programs. This programs alone are not good enough for search engine positioning. Why the Framed pages are not good for Search Engines. Just because of the way framed pages are created and those are getting generated at the client side, it is harder for crawlers to reach the client side and access the pages. Search engine robots are not very good at executing client-side code. Pages containing frame swill have a <frameset> tag and which will be giving the guidelines to generate the page at runtime. As this robots cant reach the client side, robots fail to list the things in the framed page. Solution for the framed pages.
  6. 6. One of the tricks that web masters can opt to deal the framed pages is to incorporate the <NOFRAMES> tag in the framed page. While crawler reach the framed page it sees the <noframe> tag and crawl it to it's database. So that the search result displays the text inside the <noframes> </noframes> tags. Broken Links and the performance. Broken links will always make problem with the crawlers. Crawlers follow up the links used in the page and while seeing the links broken, it skips the page and go to the other. It is the responsibility of the web master to make sure that all the links used in the site are working fine and properly navigating, before submitting the site to the search engines. For a site which is about to submit to the search engines, there are many tools available in the net to find the broken links. Which locates the broken links in the site. Incoming links to the site. Ranking will also depend up on the number of incoming links to the site. These links can be from directories, articles, or websites. The more the links to the site, more the rank. Naming the files. Keeping the names of the files related to the content of the file also seems worthy. GOOGLE AdWords Google Adwords. Google's sponsored program will list your ads in the Google search result as well as in its ad-associated websites. When a user go Google for a search, ie, at the time he is very much indeed to know in detail about a particular product or service, your product or service reaches him through Google's sponsored ad program called Google AdWords. It connects you with the new customers at the precise moment when they are looking for your kind of product or service. As Google network reaches 80% of the internet, it could be one of the finest way to promote your product or service. All you want to do is nothing but, give some description to be displayed in the ads and to be seated patiently till the users click on the ads. Google spread your ad over the internet through its ad network so that it reaches the maximum number of users. It is to be noted that you will be paying only when the user clicks on your ad. You could specify the location you target to market the product or service so that it reaches the users of that particular location. When a searcher visits Google and enters a query, say, 'good beginner guitars' - Google will display a variety of relevant search results, such as links to articles containing guitar
  7. 7. purchasing advice, or websites dedicated to novice musicians. It will also display AdWords ads that link to on line businesses selling guitars, music lessons, or other products and services related to the query. If you own a company which sells music CDs, you could go for the Ad-Words program by setting some keywords and an eye catching heading for the ad. When a user searches Google with such keywords, your ad will be displayed in the sponsored links category which comes at the right pane of the Google's result listing page. In short you would be reaching directly to the audience they are in search of you. Google AdWords ads engage potential customers at precisely the right moment – when they are actively searching for information (keywords) related to your kind of business. And your AdWords ensure your website is only a single click away. A typical AdWord contains 1. An ad title (This attracts the users) 2. Two description lines. This gives the detail of your service or product. 3. A URL. This indicates which website you are going to visit by clicking on it. Language and Location Targeting A significant advantage of AdWords compare to the other marketing technologies is the ability to target the ads to a particular language and to any location worldwide. This means, targeting your ads to Spanish speakers in California or Portuguese speakers in Brazil is not a harder task. This way your ads reaches a variety of audience. Payment. There is a one time nominal activation fee for the AdWords. Ie 250/- (INR). After that, you pay only for clicks on your AdWords. It is up to you to set the minimum cost- per-click. You will be charged for each click the user makes on your ad and wont be charged when it is displayed for a search query, but users don't click on it. Minimum bid. You must assign a minimum amount which you would be paying to Google for each click which user makes. There is no minimum spending limit. In addition, you can set a daily spending limit (daily budget) that AdWords system will never exceed. Your daily budget is the amount you are willing to spend on a specific campaign each day. We will show the ads with in a campaign as often as possible to meet your daily budget. Google provides you a daily budget recommendations. These recommendations are based on the historical click data for the same or similar keywords that you chose for your ads, among other factors. If you daily budget is lower than the AdWords recommended amount, your ads may not show all the time. You can edit your budget settings any time. But setting your daily budget is optional. You are always in full control of your AdWords account and can edit the daily budget as you like. Smart Pricing. Content clicks may be priced differently than search clicks. Using smart pricing, Google can automatically adjust the cost of clicks for ads that appear on content network
  8. 8. pages. While you set one maximum CPC, if Google monitors that a click from a content page is less likely to turn your actionable business results – such as online sales, registrations, phone calls, or newsletter sign ups – Google reduce the price you pay for that click. For example, let's assume you are running an AdWords ad for digital Cameras. One of Google's content partner site displays your ad. The first page of the content partner site is an article about photography tips; the second page offers digital camera reviews. As the digital camera reviews is more product specific than photography tips, a user who clicks your ad on this page is more likely to make a purchase than a user clicks the ad on the photography tips page. In this case, Google will reduce the price of the click on the photography tips page because the esteemed value is lower. Over delivery and payment. Over delivery occurs when one or more of your ads in a specific campaign receive more clicks than the campaign's daily budget allows. Google doesn't charge you for these extra clicks and will automatically issue an over delivery credit on your invoice for additional clicks occur. Google delivers enough ads to fully satisfy your daily budget over billing period. Because page views fluctuate from day to day due to user behavior and system delays, it may over deliver ads up to 20% more of your daily budget on any given day to make up for potential shortfalls that occur during your billing period. THNX