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Top 5 PPC Mistakes


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Top 5 PPC Mistakes

  1. 1. Powered byTop 5 PPC MistakesPresenter: Jim Wong, Team Lead, Online Marketing
  2. 2. Powered byAgenda• What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?• Benefits of using PPC for online advertising• Should you be using PPC for your business?• Top 5 PPC mistakes• Case Study• Questions
  3. 3. Powered byWhat’s PPC?Pay Per Click Advertising• Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo)• Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  4. 4. Powered byBenefits• Get leads, brand recognitionIf appropriately executed• Immediate• Low Cost (compared to tradition advertising)• Competitive edge
  5. 5. Powered byIs it for me?• Search is low risk• Different platforms for different audiencesWhat won’t it do?• Less effective in industries that doesn’t research online• Can’t replace SEO, earning natural search rankings• Won’t sell for you
  6. 6. Powered byTop 5 Mistakes• Trying to do too much• Lack of focus and targeting• Poor Ads• Poor or lack of conversion focused landing page• No analysis of PPC performance and intelligence
  7. 7. Powered by Gotta Catch Them All• Complicated Campaigns • Too many Adgroups, Keywords • Too many Ads It’s Unmanageable
  8. 8. Powered by Focus• Position• Location and Geography• Time of Day• Devices and Networks• Demographic
  9. 9. Powered by Stand Out• Use keywords• Have an offer• It’s typically not a branding exercise• Include your phone number• Use ad enhancements
  10. 10. Powered by Follow Through• Have a landing page• Offers, Phone Numbers, Call to Actions, Forms• Don’t forget • Stand Out • Focus • Don’t do too much
  11. 11. Powered by What Are The Numbers?• Traffic• Bids• Click through rate• Bounce rate• Conversions• Trends
  12. 12. Powered byBeyond Numbers: ActiveConversion• Sales Intelligence• Identify website generated leads & create sales opportunities• Identify prospects that don’t inquire• Track and automatically gauge interest• Automate reporting of strongest leads to follow up
  13. 13. Powered by B2C Professional Cleaning Case Study Before AfterCost $3000/month $2000/monthImpressions and Clicks 1500/150000 1000/50000Click Through Rate 1% 2%Inquires 2x – 3x
  14. 14. Powered byAbout FP iMarketing• Established in 2003• Over 200 online marketing projects• 2011 BBB Ethics award nominee• Google AdWords certified• Canadian Marketing Association member• IMA award for outstanding achievements in B2B websites, 2009 & 2011• Digital Alberta Think Fresh award finalist for best digital content for commercial purpose, 2010
  15. 15. Powered by Questions Jim Wong Brad KamphuisOnline Marketing Specialist Director Business Development 403-508-9889 x111 403-508-9889 x123 Web: Twitter: Facebook: Online Marketing Blog: