Lean startup london - August 2012


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Compiled audience notes from open interviews with 3 founders: Jordan Schilpf at Gift Cannon, Isaac Strang at Shootround and Paul Nel at Coordinate Gear.

Lessons learned about testing business models with physical products, mobile response channels and event-based behaviour.

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Lean startup london - August 2012

  1. 1. Minimum Viable Meetup August 2012 Founder Centric
  2. 2. We help founders help each other.Sal at Founder Centric compiled this book ofaudience notes from the open interviews of 3founders at Lean Startup London – to helpshare the knowledge that exists among ourfellow founders.Thanks to everyone who contributed!Check out www.foundercentric.com for ourpractical startup workshops & openknowledge-sharing formats.
  3. 3. JordonSchlipf
  4. 4. Get the difficult things out of the way first.
  5. 5. Intros are easy,if you know a few tricks. http://www.slideshare.net/foundercentric/how-not-to-suck- at-introductions
  6. 6. They say they’ll pay, but will they really?
  7. 7. COPYis important for TRUST – even with your friends. @leftbrainaudio
  8. 8. Learn how to turn asmall handful ofcustomer conversationsinto copy that gets astrong response.At Foundation Day Workshops bywww.foundercentric.com
  9. 9. Choose your early adopters carefully.
  10. 10. ShootroundReal-time photo sharing at events like weddings Isaac Strang
  11. 11. Simplify your MVP. We cover that at Foundation Day too. Why haven’t you clicked this link yet? :) www.foundercentric.com
  12. 12. Well-designed, modular kit bags. Paul Nel
  13. 13. People who bought reversible bags didn’t reverse them.Pivoted to modular cameraand travel bags. But how?
  14. 14. NAIL IT- before you -SCALE IT
  15. 15. Clinic.
  16. 16. They say they’ll be your customer, buthow do you find out if they’ll really take action? Ask about the actions they tooklast time they encountered the problem.
  17. 17. Test whether your differentiator works.
  18. 18. Founder-CentricPractical Lean Startup & BusinessModel workshops from the founders ofLeancamp and The Startup Toolkit.We share loads of our content atwww.foundercentric.com and runworkshops at founder-friendly prices. www.foundercentric.com
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