Advanced Business Model Design - Pirate Summit 2013


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It's a fallacy that startups have innovative business models. Even when startups use business model innovation tools, they generally don't progress to a level where they are deploying and validating advantageous business model innovations. Here are some more advantanced techniques that work from our experience, working in-depth with 15 accelerators and 3 universities at

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Advanced Business Model Design - Pirate Summit 2013

  1. 1. Business Model Design Founder Centric Salim Virani @saintsal Jordan Schlipf @jordups
  2. 2. Centric Founder Is this business model innovation?
  3. 3. Centric Founder by Luis Morello Is this Lean?
  4. 4. Centric Founder Levels of Business Model Proficiency
  5. 5. Parts Checklists & dashboards ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓✓
  6. 6. Whole Understanding & validating core dynamics
  7. 7. Marketing Success!
  8. 8. Business fail.
  9. 9. We obsess over the details.
  10. 10. And miss the big picture.
  11. 11. 4% conversion rate = win!
  12. 12. 4% conversion rate = win?
  13. 13. We had a big picture problem!
  14. 14. The Business Model Canvas is the big picture.
  15. 15. What happened? Let’s look at the business model...
  16. 16. “I wish I knew that sooner.”
  17. 17. We wanted more users, so we marketed...
  18. 18. ...which was rendered worthless by our retention.
  19. 19. You can’t think about any one part without thinking about the rest. Changing something changes everything.
  20. 20. A “simple” change.
  21. 21. Everything is connected.
  22. 22. dropped call? :(
  23. 23. You’ve built a great app. Users use the free trial. They love it. They use it every day. When the free trial expires, they don’t buy. Why?
  24. 24. Gifters Venues Recipients Share the love Instant Gratification Mobile Phone Real-time Redemption Real Gift More Traffic & Spend Direct Sales Personal Online Transaction Online Transaction % CutPay per gift Free gift Payment gateways Direct Sales National Brands POS Integrators Biz Dev Venue Network
  25. 25. Centric Founder by Luis Morello
  26. 26. Will people think of sending a gift from their phone when there’s a gift-giving opportunity?
  27. 27. Who will trust GiftCannon?
  28. 28. Will people receive a gift over their mobile?
  29. 29. Will people receive a gift over text message?
  30. 30. Will people receive a gift over Facebook?
  31. 31. Send a gift with a link over email or Facebook.
  32. 32. Will recipients redeem their gift?
  33. 33. Will shops work with us to redeem gifts?
  34. 34. Which partners can jumpstart our growth?
  35. 35. Will gift recipients stick around and start sending gifts themselves?
  36. 36. Will this work beyond students?
  37. 37. Good for vision, inventing and improving. Bad for getting stuck on specifics that don’t work. Tenacity
  38. 38. Platform Platform
  39. 39. Platform Platform Mass customisation Value-based pricing App sale + in-app purchase Subscription Transactional Multi-sided market Licensing Crowdsource Ad-supported Event-supported SaaS Bundling Viral Direct-over-viral Purchase-timing
  40. 40. Business model design is finding the few that matter.
  41. 41. Scaffolding
  42. 42. Balancing focus and opportunity using business model dynamics. Option cards
  43. 43. Who will our next 10 customers be? Where are they looking? And for what?
  44. 44. What needs do your customers have? How do they solve them now?
  45. 45. To multiply my customer base by 10, I can attract them through _____________ .
  46. 46. What are the different ways we can make money?
  47. 47. How would our business change if we didn’t have a web site or app?
  48. 48. When customers have this problem, or are tackling this task, where do they seek help and advice?
  49. 49. Which customers have different expectations about service levels or relationship?
  50. 50. What are our possible revenue streams? What customers pay for that, in that way, and why?
  51. 51. Are there customers at the low-end who would pay less for lower performance?
  52. 52. How could we increase switching costs?
  53. 53. Who are the people in our network that can fast- track our business? How?
  54. 54. Pick a learning goal What big make-or-break risks or idea is the one you want to nail down this week? (Hint: use the Canvas or metrics to make sure it’s relevant.)
  55. 55. Build Learn Measure Your Validation heartbeat.
  56. 56. “I wish I knew that sooner.”
  57. 57. Salim Virani @SaintSal Thanks! Jordan Schlipf @jordups
  58. 58. Bonus!
  59. 59. Jobs Obstacles Goals Current Solution Customer Slicing Decision Trigger Interest Trigger More useful customer segments based on their current behavour. They are real people (not attributes!) It’s clear where to find them. You’ll walk away if they aren’t a good fit. EXERCISE
  60. 60. What I can do What I’ve got Small partnerships first. Affordable Loss. Effectuation How successful entrepreneurs move forward. Multiple goals based on current resources.
  61. 61. 7 ways to die. Choose none.
  62. 62. IndustryMarket Macro Micro Trends Connections Alignment Skills Establishment Customer Need & Behaviour Lock-in & copyability Modified from 7 Domains, From The New Business Road Test, by John Mullins