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Common House Problems And Solutions Checklist


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There are many problems you can find around the house, but you aren’t sure how to fix it or how to even fix it. This checklist lists out some of the most common house problems, what could have caused it, and ways to fix it.

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Common House Problems And Solutions Checklist

  1. 1. COMMON HOUSE PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS CHECKLIST Trying to determine whether you can tackle a home project that’s causing an issue? Here’s a glance at what it might take. Problem: LEAKY FAUCETS Problem: SQUEAKY DOORS Problem: COLD FLOORS Problem: EXCESSIVE DUST Problem: POOR WATER DRAINAGE AROUND HOME Problem: MOISTURE ON WINDOWS Problem: FOUNDATION WALL DAMAGE IN BASEMENT Problem: DRAFTY ROOM Causes: • Leaks surrounding windows, doors and light fixtures • Improperly insulated attics or walls Solutions: ✓ Add weather stripping around windows and doors ✓ Close the damper on fireplace ✓ Add insulation to attic or walls Causes: • Worn-out O-ring • Worn-out cartridge Solutions: ✓ Replace worn-out parts ✓ Replace faucet with new one Causes: • Rust • Wear Solutions: ✓ Remove hinge pins and coat with lubricant ✓ Replace hinges Causes: • Drafts • Leaking air ducts • Poor insulation Solutions: ✓ Replace insulation ✓ Change HVAC filter ✓ Seal leaking ducts ✓ Add weather stripping under doors Causes: • HVAC filter needs changing • Air leakage Solutions: ✓ Change HVAC filter ✓ Seal air leaks throughout home Causes: • Clogged gutters • Insufficient drainage in yard and landscaping Solutions: ✓ Clean gutters ✓ Re-landscape around home for better drainage Causes: • Inadequate ventilation • Outdated window designs Solutions: ✓ Use ventilation fans to remove humidity ✓ Install storm windows ✓ Use shrink-film window insulation Causes: • Lateral pressure from the earth outside • Poor drainage or plumbing leaks Solutions: ✓ Epoxy carbon fiber straps to the wall for reinforcement ✓ Install tiebacks to create an anchor ✓ Call a trusted foundation repair service