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Brick & chimney repair detroit (248) 906-2883


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Brick Repair Detroit and Chimney repair in Detroit 248-906-2883
CTV3 Enterprises repairs and replaces all brick work in Detroit Including Tuckpointing, brick replacing, chimney repair and replacement, porch repair and rebuilding, patio repair and installation and much more
Our company is a professional masonry company specializing in brick, block, and stone work, masonry restoration, chimney and porch repairs, tuck pointing, paver stones, and concrete work. We have an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau and are fully licensed and insured. Call our office @ 248 906 CTV3 for a free estimate

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Brick & chimney repair detroit (248) 906-2883

  1. 1. Brick & Chimney Repair Detroit (248) 906-2883
  2. 2. Tuck Pointing & Brick and Mortar Repair Detroit Tuck pointing is a form of brick and mortar repair in which damaged, cracked, deteriorated, or otherwise defective mortar joints are replaced. Tuckpointing Brick & Chimney Repair Masonry Detroit removes old mortar with a metallic diamond-wheeled blade and cleans and refills the void with fresh mortar. The damage caused to brick and mortar is often the result of the abrasive elements they have to endure. Mortar should be designed to properly seal surrounding masonry units to each other and is usually rated Type-S (strong) for its binding strength. It is necessary to maintain older structures’ mortar because if unchecked, high amounts of water can penetrate and can threaten the interior structure of the building. Detroit Masonry not only focuses on the proper material and techniques to deliver a watertight job, we also place high priority on appearance. Our skilled crews carefully select proper mortar dyes and tools to complement existing mortar color, texture, finish, and profile. A quality tuck pointing job will not only seal and form a tight barrier between the masonry and the elements, but also maintains the current aesthetic look of the structure. In fact, our professional team will ensure it is very difficult to tell that there was any work done at all. Metro Detroit Masonry tuck pointing services will: • Repair all brick and mortar damage • Aesthetically enhance the appearance of your building’s masonry • Improve marketability of your structure • Form watertight barriers between masonry and natural elements • Reduce energy and heat loss • Prolong the overall life of your structure’s masonry
  3. 3. Brick Repair & Restoration Detroit (248) 906-2883 No other aspect of a house gives it its character as much as masonry. The brick and stone work on a well- built home can leave long-lasting impressions on people. Not only does it reflect the look and feel of the nature, heritage, culture, and nobility in which it was built, but it truly gives a home its identity. At Detroit Brick repair Masonry, we work tirelessly to ensure that every project reaches its potential. This not only includes its aesthetic appeal, but also the lasting effects of a well-built structure. Our professional crew offers quality brick restoration, home renovation, and other stone products in the Detroit area. We also work with well-respected architects and engineers to not only maintain structural integrity, but also to ensure each client is more than satisfied with the end result. Houses of exceptional quality and architectural achievement have the ability to move their onlookers. But in order to maintain the quality artistic craftsmanship, their masonry must be maintained by skilled professionals. Metro Detroit Masonry's vision and ideal is to help homes keep their character while also helping them withstand the test of time.
  4. 4. Stone repair and restoration Detroit is the most popular of Detroit Mi Masonry customized projects. Our expertise in stone has allotted us a reputation of excellence in both new construction as well as stone restoration services. Our professional crew has the experience and attention to detail to create a homogeneous look for your project. Our natural stone services include limestone, sandstone, terra cotta, renaissance, and white stone work. We have access to a network of quarries providing a wide array of stone options which allow us to accommodate virtually every project proposed to us. Cultured, or engineered, stone is a popular and cost-effective way to distinguish your property from others. Our clients look to us to provide specialized stone services that include the selection of stone and materials, project design and engineering as well as fabrication of cultured materials. We will also provide projections of the budget and time constraints, as well as a full description of all aspects of your project. Besides installation of natural and cultured stone, we also offer the following stone restoration services:  Sill setting and replacement  Custom stone repair  Resetting of loose, deflected, or displaced stone  Patching or resurfacing  Replacement of spalling or disintegrated stone  Capstone/coping replacement and parapet wall repair  Stone power-washing and waterproofing/sealing
  5. 5. Chimney Repair, Tuckpointing & Renovation in Detroit Metro Detroit Masonry has the capabilities to address projects of virtually any size. We boast of a lengthy portfolio of unique masonry projects of all different styles and price ranges. Some of these projects include custom brick sign construction and basement window renovation. We approach every situation with attention to detail and consider what every individual project requires. Our custom masonry construction services include:  Customized outdoor barbeque grills and fire pits  Custom mailboxes and pillars  Custom brick sign construction  Brick garden walls and subdivision entrance signs  Full range of glass block services, including basement windows and custom designs or renovations
  6. 6. Basement Waterproofing & Home Restoration Detroit Masonry has built a reputation for excellence in masonry restoration services based on many years of experience. Our wide range of services includes concrete replacement, home restoration and basement waterproofing in the metro-Detroit region. Our team of experts understands the importance of excellent communication and coordination with other trades to ensure the project’s vision is achieved. Metro Detroit Masonry approaches every project from two directions: we not only address any damaged areas, but we also identify the cause of the damage so our team can remedy the problem. If moisture finds its way into a masonry wall, it will eventually freeze and the expansion and contraction of the water will cause masonry to spall, deflect, or displace. Our services include:  Replacement of spalling or cracking brick or stone, in-fills and cut-outs  Resetting of deflected, displaced, or loose stone or brick  Rebuilding of leaning or bowing brick and stone walls  Firewall and chimney rebuilds  Basement waterproofing and repairs  Custom home restoration  Tuck pointing of all damaged mortar joints  Concrete replacement  Porch rebuilds
  7. 7. Call our Brick & Chimney Repair Detroit today at (248) 906-2883 to discuss ideas for your project! 8286595.htm