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Concrete Solutions for St. Louis - Mudjacking/slabjacking


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Concrete Solutions for St. Louis - Mudjacking/slabjacking

  1. 1. Concrete Solutions For St. LouisDo you have cracking or buckling in your sidewalk ordriveway? Are your concrete floors, porch or steps shifting?Ram Jack of St. Louis offers a variety of solutions.We save concrete sidewalks, driveways, slabs and floors at Ram Jack of St. Louis! Not only can someof these problems be unsightly, they can be hazardous and even instigate lawsuits.Ram Jack of St. Louis also has years of experience repairing any concrete, including:q Sidewalksq Drivewaysq Parking Lotsq Patiosq Garage Floorsq Steps/stoopsq Warehouse Floors
  2. 2. Helical Slab RepairWhen faced with settling, broken concrete floors in your basement or garage, slab piers can solvethe problem.Steel helical piers are installed into the soil under the slab to transfer the weight of the slab tocompetent load-bearing strata (soil) or bedrock. Once the piers are installed, you can also lift theslab back to a level position.Slab piers allow you to fix your settled slab quickly, without the need to remove the existing slab andany walls in the area. Heavy-duty steel brackets are attached to the failed slab and steel piersdriven beneath to stable soil strata. Utilizing hydraulic equipment, the concrete slab is lifted to theappropriate level, stabilized and the bracket is removed.Some Advantages of Slab Piersq Concrete floors can be leveled and stabilized without replacing the concreteq Installations can be performed year round and do not require the use of heavy equipmentq Can be installed in limited access areasq Cost effective solutionWhy concrete sinks...There can be many reasons as to why concrete sinks: improper compaction of soils during or afterthe building process, water intrusion from bad drainage, and natural settlement.Soils consist of solid particles and the spaces (voids) between these particles. However, void spacesin soil can cause big problems for buildings and concrete slabs. Concentrated loads, such asbuildings or slabs, can literally squeeze air and water from soils. When this happens, the soil sinksand the buildings or slabs follow closely behind.Mudjacking / Concrete Lifting Solutions For St. Louis AreaOwnersMany times we can solve sunken concrete problems using a process called mudjacking. (Also calledvoid filling or pressure grouting).Holes are strategically drilled into the slab. Using a portable pump and flexible hoses, we fill theseholes with the special mixture. Lifting a slab using this method can often be accomplished in a fewhours.There are numerous benefits to concrete lifting or mudjacking.
  3. 3. q It can be done in virtually any weather. The material injected beneath the slab provides a strong base.q There is little or no disruption to landscaping.q Nothing needs to be moved off the slab, as the pump can lift the weight of the slab and anything you have placed on it.q Driveways, patios, basement floors, warehouse floors, and concrete slabs of any kind can be repaired using the mudjacking method.