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Foundation Problem Causes in Columbia MIssouri


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Foundation settlement and movement can be caused by

* Building on expansive clay
* Compressible or improperly compacted fill soils
* Improper maintenance around foundations

Whatever the cause, settlement can destroy the value of structures and even render them unsafe.

This PDF series is designed to give you more information about cracks, settlement, bowed walls, and shifting slabs. See the complete series for more information about Foundation Repairs.

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Foundation Problem Causes in Columbia MIssouri

  1. 1. Causes of Foundation Problems in ColumbiaMOFoundation settlement and movementcan be caused by q Building on expansive clay q Compressible or improperly compacted fill soils q Improper maintenance around foundationsWhatever the cause, settlement can destroy the value of structures and even render them unsafe.Water is the major culpritIn any case, water is the basic culprit in the vast majority of expansive soil problems. Specificconstituents of certain soils tend to swell or shrink with variations in moisture. The extent ofthis movement varies from soil to soil.Those soils highest in clay content are generally more susceptible to swelling orshrinkage while those lowest in clay content are the least affected. In some areas, themovement is insignificant; in others, it is quite pronounced.Depending on where your Columbia, Missouri house was built, and how the contractorbackfilled around the foundation or basement, will determine the stresses your home is under.The effects of unstable soils
  2. 2. When unstable soils are used as a base for a foundation, the tendency for movement istransmitted directly to the foundation. Since soil movement is rarely uniform, the foundation issubjected to a differential or upheaval. The problem shows up in both slab, pier and beam typefoundations, especially where the land was re-graded from the original slope.If all the soil beneath a foundation or slab swells uniformly, there usually is no problem.Problems occur, however, when only part of the slab settles. Then, the differential movementcauses cracks or other damages. You can find this where a portion of a lot was filled in frommaterial higher on the hill. The original slope may or may not be more stable than the fillmaterial. Where a home sits partially on filled land, and partially on the original slope, you canexpect greater stress on your foundation or basement walls.In residential properties, slab settlement problems can result in potential damage to thestructure, potential accidents, and loss of real estate value.Poor drainage, tripping hazards, rough floors, unsightly cracks, and equipment malfunctionsmay also result from concrete slab settlement.Your home is unique As you review this site for information about your own particular situation, you may also want to get professional inspection and evaluation of your homes unique setting. That professional may even go back to early geographic mapping to determine the original slope before that area was developed. In some cases, core samples might need to be taken to see what material actually sits below your home.Preserving the value of your investmentAny expenses in this area will determine the resale value of your home, even more than theeconomic variables. Ignored, it could render your home nearly worthless, regardless of howmuch you paid for it. But, those are extreme cases. Most homes are built conscientiously and toprofessional standards according to code. Older homes have had more time for Nature to workat their base. Many inspections can be done for no cost, as part of a bid for services. Contact a
  3. 3. reputable firm and always feel free to get a comparative estimate from their competitor, orseveral.Related Sites From Columbia Foundation Repair Site:Foundation Repair Jefferson City, MOFoundation Repair Fulton, MO Foundation SettlementCrawl Space Repair Columbia, MO SettlementCrawl Space Repair Jefferson City, MO Bowed Or Leaning Walls Foundation CracksAlso of Interest: Sinking Slab Foundation Problem CausesFrom Gibbons Basement Inc.: Soil Effects Moisture EffectsFoundation Repair Exterior LeaksCauses Of Foundation Settlement Other Drainage IssueFoundation Settlement SolutionsBowed or Leaning Basement Walls Foundation Repair SolutionsResistance Piers Solutions for Foundation SettlementHelical Piers Solutions for Sinking SlabsNew Construction Foundation Piers Solutions for Bowed Walls Contact Us Provided as a public service by Gibbons Basement, Inc.