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Repairing Bowed or Leaning Walls in the St. Louis Area


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Repairing Bowed or Leaning Walls in the St. Louis Area

  1. 1. Repairing Bowed or Leaning Walls In The St. Louis AreaIf you have bowed or leaning foundation wallsaround St. Louis, these can cause serious structuraldamage if not corrected. From an engineeringexplanation, this problem originates whenhydrostatic pressure from excessive water becomestoo great. This affects the soil surrounding thestructure, which swells and exerts pressure. All thispressure forces the foundation wall inward.Bowing basement walls with a block foundation have symptoms that can include cracks in mortarjoints, stair-step cracks at outside corners, horizontal shearing at the bottom of the wall and tippingat the top of the wall. You may observe basement walls that are bulging and have cracks allthroughout the wall. If this is the case, the wall may be on the verge of a collapse.The basement wall cracks you see in your St. Charles, or South County home are evidence that thestructure is moving.Poured foundation walls show symptoms like the tipping of the wall, diagonal cracks at outsidecorners, and vertical or horizontal cracks in the wall. The good news is we have experience solving these types of bowed wall problems using proven engineered helical wall anchor systems.We use these machined anchors, which are machine drilled past the active zone of moving earth at adownward angle, to stabilize the structure or even restore your house back to its original position.
  2. 2. Soil exerts pressure on your foundation wallHelical wall anchors are installed to straighten and stabilize bowed walls
  3. 3. Foundation wall is backfilled and drainage is addressedIt is also possible to address footing drain issues that may have been the cause of the issue at thesame time. We also carry a full line of helical tieback anchors and soil nails for commercialapplications where engineered solutions are needed.