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Slovak Glass and Fashion Fantasy 2011 - Beirut, Lebanon


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Slovak Glass and Fashion Fantasy 2011 - Beirut, Lebanon

  1. 1. !SLOVAK GLASS& FASHION FANTASY- BEIRUT, 2011 Solidere Beirut Souks, BEIRUT, LEBANON, October 7, 2011
  2. 2. SLOVAK GLASS & FASHION FANTASY 2011is a presentational event of the +421 Foundation, in partnership with theEmbassy of Slovakia to Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. The event will be held inthe new exclusive complex - Solidere Beirut Souks in Beirut on October 7,2011 (
  3. 3. VENUESolidere Beirut Souks – Jewelry Souks
  4. 4. Guests will have an opportunity to view unique glass art collections byprominent Slovakian artists selected by Nova Gallery, Bratislava. Theevening will culminate with a reception, fashion show by Nerocco DesignStudio (Kristina Schreiberova & Eva Groh) from Bratislava, Slovakia,modern-folk dance performance by “Magic Spurs”, and an after-partywith live auction.All proceeds from the evening will be donated to the Plus421 Foundation tosupport diverse cultural programing and emerging Slovakian artists.
  5. 5. PROGRAM:•  Welcome drink and refreshments•  National anthems of Slovakia and Lebanon followed by official speeches•  Fashion show by Nerocco Design•  Dance performance•  Glass exhibit opening ceremony•  Cocktail reception
  6. 6. The aim of this event is to expose influential audiences to the cultural, intellectual and social richness of Slovakia. The continued goal, through awareness, is embraced by creating opportunities for collaboration amongst artists, designers, and performers; ultimately prompting to explore and encourage innovative partnerships between leaders from various public and private sectors of Slovakia and Lebanon.
  7. 7. NOVA Gallery is the first private gallery founded after 1989 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Since 2005 has prepared many art shows and published art books about contemporary Glass Art. In 2077 started to organize biennale competition for Slovak and Czech glass artists named Gallery NOVA Glass Award ( Slovak contemporary glass in Libanon presents: Marek Brincko, Ašot Haas, Pavol Hlôška, Patrik Illo, Oliver Leššo, Palo Macho, Lukáš Mjartan, Tomáš Ondroušek, Mária Račeková and others. The exhibition was supported by the Ministry of Culture of Slovak
  8. 8.
  9. 9. “To create beauty means to changethe world”Nerocco is an art project, which pursues amission of expanding the understanding ofart and design as a form of life philosophy.Nerocco’s art project is multifaceted,involving different forms of artisticexpression.
  10. 10. MAGIC SPURS – ČAROVNÉ OSTROHYThe evening will be highlighted by modern folk dance performance“Magic Spurs” - Slovakian dance group.“Magic Spurs” presents you a unique ensemble full of dynamics, vitalityand universality of dance expression, which belongs to the prominentrepresentatives of Slovak folk art at home and abroad.”
  12. 12.       +421 FOUNDATION is a Slovak-American foundation, is a 501©3 not-for- profit education corporation, operating in the State of New York and affiliated with the +421 Foundation in Slovakia (headquatered in Bratislava). The foundation is pursuing a mission of enhancing relations between the American and Slovak people by showcasing the cultural richness of Slovakia to American audiences, and by creating opportunities for mutually beneficial interaction among Slovak and American interests in the cultural sphere and beyond. The name of the organization derives from the international telephone calling code for Slovakia, which is +421.
  13. 13. current programs +421 s current programming encompasses three principal areas:•  Design and Fashion Showcases featuring emerging Slovak fashion designers, presented by Slovak and American theatrical design and production teams in collaboration with models and performers representing the newest trends in international style.•  Entertainment Showcases featuring theater, dance, and musical presentations in both contemporary and traditional Slovak idioms, celebrating the roots that bridge Old World and New World cultural expression.•  Promotional Forums gathering together leaders from various public and private sectors under consular auspices to explore and encourage innovative partnerships to further the overall mission of the +421
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