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ART MEETS CHARITY - Moja studena vojna - charity book sale


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ART MEETS CHARITY - Moja studena vojna - charity book sale

  1. 1. ART MEETS CHARITY „Moja studená vojna“ (My Cold War)by Rene Benda new release book available for sale through the +421 Foundation to support its philantrophic projects.
  2. 2. After successful book presentation "Moja studená vojna / My Cold War“ by Rene Benda in an exclusive New York club Greenhouse, the Slovak bestseller is available for convenient on-line purchase through the +421 Foundation Inc. All the proceeds from the book sale will support philantrophic projects of the +421 Foundation ( 22
  3. 3. Author of the novel, Mr. Rene Benda was born in Bratislava, Slovakia. He emigrated to Austria in 1988 and now is living alternately in Slovakia, Czech republic, Great Britain and USA. He is pursuing various projects in international educational exchange and literature. http://renebenda.sk23 24
  5. 5. +421 FOUNDATION – who we are...The +421 Foundation pursues a mission ofenhancing relations between the Americanand Slovak people by showcasing thecultural richness of Slovakia to Americanaudiences, and by creating opportunitiesfor mutually beneficial interaction amongSlovak and American interests in thecultural sphere and beyond. connecting cultures... The name of the organization derives from the international telephone calling code for Slovakia, which is +421. The organization hopes to generate visibility for Slovak arts and culture and for humanitarian issues facing Slovakia today through art exhibitions, performances, educational workshops, and cultural events.
  6. 6. +421 FOUNDATION – what we do...
  7. 7. ORDER ONLINE:Order your book online at THANK YOU FOR YOURfor price of 17.00USD + 3.00 USD shipping. SUPPORT!Send the check payable to the +421Foundation Inc. on the following address:_______________________+421 Foundation Inc.P. O. Box 4114New York, NY 100163