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Fit 4 Online Volunteering


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Fit 4 Online Volunteering

  1. 1. Hannes Jähnert Volonteurope at Sarajevo, October 8-11, 2009 Academy for Volunteering Germany
  2. 2. What is Online-Volunteering? Why involve Online-Volunteers -- why volunteer online? What Online-Volunteers can do? Special advantages of Online- Volunteering-Management and - Coordination The essential investment for Online- Volunteering Interactive discussion about internet and volunteering source: Syrvania (
  3. 3. source: Resio (
  4. 4. „Online-Volunteering refers to volunteer tasks completed, in a whole or part, via the internet and a home or work computer.“ source: jcravens (
  5. 5. Answer of the German Enquête-Commission (2002): Volunteer work is: freely without financial considerations for the benefit of society cooperative openly
  6. 6. Accordingly Online-Volunteering means: Online-Volunteering refers to cooperative, not enforced, non-for-profit work, that's done not only in familiar sphere, economy or public administration, for the benefit of society, via the internet from a home or work computer respectively from a mobile device.
  7. 7. Thesis: Only the media makes the different between volunteering online and on-site
  8. 8. source: Resio (
  9. 9. Virtual volunteering is volunteering without barriers and borders. „barriers and borders“ could be: geographic in terms of time in terms of handicaps in terms of temporary disabilities … Randy Tyler (
  10. 10. „… many good reasons to involve volunteers via online technologies“ the normally not-reached-volunteers bloodied Netizens disabled or handicapped people highly skilled people that have no time to go to an organization daily used skills of Netizens are Please find it at: valuable for nonprofits for a better working civil society
  11. 11. Patrick Daniels (Blogger on „Association for Volunteer Management“) - …speaks about „the long tail of volunteering“ The very active 20% The less active 80%
  12. 12. The long tail effect: In case of volunteering the long tail effect means, that many less active volunteers doing just very little jobs for an organization are just as powerful as the group of more active volunteers. Problems: How to manage so much volunteers? How to charge with the necessary resources in the organization? Possible solution: Build volunteer-task-pools and let volunteers close and work via the Internet. Use their resources (e.g. computers, software …)
  13. 13. EUROPE ~700,000,000 inhabitants 10,180,000 km² 65 inhabitants/km² ~100,000,000 volunteers (~30% according CEV)
  14. 14. Population density in the states of Europe How can I get engaged, if I life in Finland?
  15. 15. Other reasons to volunteer online: - work schedules get more flexible - more possibilities for political associations - better equipment at home than in a social Organization - better online-reputation and –branding -…
  16. 16. source: Resio (
  17. 17. To kinds of tasks are possible: Tasks that's result is a digital Personal contact to clients, product in a copyable form. customers or stakeholders
  18. 18. source: Resio (
  19. 19. Thesis: Organizations have to be where the volunteers are!
  20. 20. Social Media „does take time! There is nothing virtual about that!“ (Ellis & Cravens [2000]. Virtual Volunteering Guide Book. S. 9) Graphic by Benth Kanter
  21. 21. The Investment: - volunteer-management - minimum one responsible person on 20 volunteers - educated staff members - educated in using social media tools - educated in working with volunteers - adequate technical equipment - not the equipment from the past century - time to do social media - time to trail new tools - time to make mistakes
  22. 22. In a view days you‘ll find this presentation on my weblog ( You also can contact me via Twitter ( and Facebook ( … and of course you can e-mail me (
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