Introduction:<br />What I can tell you a little fact that we have to take, and how come in every form and what teachers ha...
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  1. 1. Introduction:<br />What I can tell you a little fact that we have to take, and how come in every form and what teachers had. And begins:<br />Networks:<br />What have we done?<br />In networks that have been fen are exercises and how they had the types of networks (WLAN, WAN, etc.), then we have seen how the protocols, the class type of IPs, we have done and we have mental maps warechark used to see what happens in our network. We have also seen the difference between a hub and a switch. We use the tracert package is to simulate a network, and we had to do more than two groups, each group had to make a presentation for a specific protocol in explaining how it works, that is, what are the characteristics and what has worked, etc.. But even the slideshow images should be, had not put any text. We sobneting faith which was calculated using an IP hosts know how we could put in a subnet.<br />What have we learned?<br />We learned how a network switch or a light, we are taught how to work the layers of the OSI protocols and TCP / IP. We have learned to use the package and tracert werecharck. We have learned to find out what type of class is an IP. We were also taught that a router, hub, mac address, IP address, domain distribution, collision domain. We have also learned to ping a machine or server, we could create a subnet and many things.<br />What I had difficulty?<br />Well in the beginning was very hard to understand that it was a router, switch, hub, local area network, etc.. But over time we have understood that every thing and explanations of teachers ever could understand better, how to say a word that we did not know then was that it cost to get an idea of what this is explained and the difficulty that we tender some of the class, but in the end we came out of an idea that fen explained.<br />Which teacher had?<br />The teacher I had was Oriol Torres was a good teacher that we laugh a lot, I hope you are second, and most are very friendly with us and always encourages us.<br />What conclusion did I get?<br />It is a form quite interesting we learned many things from this module and that the more we have adopted all their training units.<br />S.O. monolloc<br />What have we done?<br />We can see the process is managed, managing memory, etc.. We could virtually create an OS and an OS partition and repair, and we saw the history of Windows, we could also modify the Windows boot manager id'ubuntu. month and did such a practice, the teacher taught us certain orders id'ubuntu Windows. We made a practice of sharing files between operating systems, and many things.<br />I learned?<br />I could handle vmware and virtual box with no problem. We learned to use the Ubuntu documentation and what we're doing, we managed to solve the problems we have had thanks the help of the teacher, we have also learned to install applications on Ubuntu using the four options that woman. I have taught us and more to script.<br />What we had difficulty?<br />In my case I had difficulty at the time of documented virtualization that we did was work, and also breaks down a little understanding of what to do every thing but the fine went well.<br />Which teacher had?<br />The teacher we had was Raul who was a good teacher and taught us many things about operating systems that we will not breaks down, and it made us laugh a lot and been very kind to us and we hope that is your next year with us. but in the end we approved their training units.<br />What conclusion did I get?<br />We learned a lot about it breaks down and sat a very good experience. And also<br />FOL (training orientation)<br />What have we done?<br />I went fen army book and listen to the teacher's theory about the norms of worker etc..<br />What have we learned?<br />We learned what rules are in the workplace, and what rights the worker has power and can have an employer. Also what types of contracts there, etc.. And many things.<br />The difficulty I have had?<br />In my case it is understood some things that day the teacher, and the exams were very difficult.<br />Which teacher had?<br />The teacher who had the Manuela, a teacher sitting hard on us but we are taught that many entresents many tubs.<br />What conclusion did I get?<br />We have nothing quite ap about the work and we Anta quite badly in exams. <br />ingles<br />we have done?<br />Well throughout the course we have been doing worksheets that the teacher gave us, and we have been taking notes and putting them on the blog, is the daughter of that blog notes. And in the end we did a job that involves a company.<br />What have we learned?<br />In my case I learned pretty things, but bad luck does not speak, but in the end we came to learn things we did not know.<br />The difficulty I have had?<br />It was very difficult to understand that what the teacher says, as he spoke in English. But in the end could understand some words.<br />What we have been taught?<br />We had to Marta, who taught us a lot of things that we did not know, is a good teacher and very nice, very easy to work us and helped us and given us many opportunities to the teacher that we would never.<br />What conclusion did I get?<br />In my opinion I think that such a module is quite interesting and I recommend it with the teacher that all students should stay is very happy to learn that many things can be adopted and collaborate on homework in class and fen Still it is very difficult for you people who do not know English.<br />Hardware<br />we have done?<br />We did exercises in which we have been measuring the voltage of a computer, we have been dismantling and assembling and dismantling and assembling computer keyboards and theory.<br />What have we learned?<br /> We have learned to disassemble computers and mount them, we also learned to keep a monitor or keyboard always clean, which means every thing we learned. And to mount partitions and burn bootable CD and USB boot and many things.<br />The difficulty I have had?<br />We had difficulties in the beginning of the course we had to do calculations and understand the teacher, but in the end everything went well.<br />What we have been taught?<br />Ramon had to top that is our current is'avia teacher but had an injury to an operation and came to replace a teacher who was the Chihuahua, the Chihuahua was a very good teacher who taught us many things, and hope things go well.<br />What conclusion did I get?<br />The module has been very interesting and it is very important when playing a computer is, it arriglar, etc..<br />Applications ofomatiques<br />we have done?<br />We've been doing exercises that are configured on an email, and fixing a structure of a text by which follow more readable, we have also used Excel to do calculations and we also use SQL and more.<br />What have we learned?<br />We ap nothing to use Word, Excel, SQL. I have also learned to use the openoffice etc..<br />The difficulty I have had?<br />The difficulty we've had a part of the SQL queries were difficult.<br />What we have been taught?<br />We sat in that Albert had a teacher of great experience to teach us many things and I think that is a teacher with more experience of the cycle.<br />What conclusion did I get?<br />So this module is to make it worth doing in the labor market will be very helpful to us to teach other teachers.<br />