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360 product photography


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Increase your sales and improve the image of your company

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360 product photography

  1. 1. 3D / 360°
  2. 2. CONTENT360° Equipment Features 7360° Photography 11Overhead Portals 223D Photography 25Transportation 30Final Word 32Sales Manual 2
  3. 3. Added ValueSales Manual 3
  4. 4. Added ValueIncrease your sales and improve the image of your companywith is an innovative and cost-effective solution for 360°, 3D and 2D product , pphotography, studio hardware&controlling software that: saves time and costs delivers competitive advantage to your company improves your business technology is manufactured in the heart of Europe by the greatest talents at o o obo c ec o ogy s a u ac u ed e ea o u ope e g ea es a e s aengineering and software industry of these days. We deliver first class products outperformingany possible competition.
  5. 5. Our ConceptWHAT IS A 360° PHOTOGRAPHY?A 360° (degree) photography refers to a series of images of an item taken from differentangles on the same place, and presented in an interactive format, allowing the user to rotatethe item through 360 degrees and zoom on details.A turning unit is used to rotate the product and to create a single row ‘spin’, typically of 12up to 72 photographs. The number of images is optional and can be set up in Basipcontrolling software which is delivered with the hardware.After capture, these individual images can be p gpost-produced for being rendered into asuitable 360 degree viewer format. Typically,only very short post-production is needed(less than 2 minutes for the whole series).Please go to 360° Photography chapter to see whichRobotic Machines are used. 5
  6. 6. Our concept WHAT IS A 3D PHOTOGRAPHY?3D photography is a series of images of an item takenfrom different angles circling the image from aboveallowing the user to rotate the object through 360 g j gdegrees with top view. This interactive presentationallows the user to zoom and see every detail of thecaptured object.Anatomy of 3D photography:Please go to 3Dphotography chapter tosee which robots areused to create 3Dphotographypresentation.
  7. 7. 360 Equipment FeaturesMODULARITYOur tip: You may start with a simple configuration of Robots&accessories to start up your businessand add the equipment extending your possibilities and/or accelerating your workflow. • equipment range is modular and comprises: Robotic Machines, Control Units, connection cables plus a large range of accessories. Each Robot consists of 1 Robotic Machine 1 Control Unit, PC based controlling software BASIP - installed on your computer and controls: Camera lli f i ll d d l C Robots‘ settings, movements, picture downloading. All Robotic Machines share a common Control Unit type which can be easily reprogrammed for another Robotic device. · Diagnostics are simplified with structured cable connections between individual modules, LED indicators and by status information indicated on the Control Unit display. · All control units are connected via local area network(LAN). LAN connectivity makes it simple to connect additional Robot(s) and any hardware having MAC address, as well as providing more consistent communication and response than other forms of connectivity such as USB. Sales Manual 7
  8. 8. 360° Equipment FeaturesFOCUS ON MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY· Speed and accuracy of production Total productivity depends very considerably on how quickly you place the object on the axis of rotation, Using Laser Sets of system the task is solved very swiftly and precisely.· Wide range of robots controlled in the same way Wide range of robots from table-top size upto a 5m diameter floor „Carousel 5000“ are all controlled in the same way, saving time both in training and in the workplace.・Patented synchronisation of the base and overhead robots Synchronised rotation is useful for objects such as bags with handles or high strap shoes that need upper support. However, this feature is also advantageous to show sets - for example a necklace hangs and the rest of the set (earrings etc.) lays, or a ski boot hangs and a recommended binding lays beneath. Sales Manual 8
  9. 9. 360° Equipment FeaturesHEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION· Robust construction to eliminate vibration The machines are extremely solid and stable, ensuring pictures of the highest quality.· Combination of massive industrial adjustable legs for maximal stability and travelling wheels facilitates the change of layout in your studio Heavy-duty robots with strong legs are easily movable on robust castor wheels.· Effective cable management (including power supply and data download from the camera). The overall length of cables in your studio might be measured in kilometres, and reasonable systemic cable placing is essential for safe and effective work. Our system eliminates the problem by allowing cable storage within the table frame, reducing cables to one for each turning module. Sales Manual 9
  10. 10. 360° Equipment FeaturesCONTROL UNIT· The Robotic Machines are controlled by a freestanding hardwareControl Unit via a PC interface that ensures the expected speed and reliability of performance For consistency and reliability all the processing is done in the Control Unit so you only need a basic low capacity PC or even a netbook for your work.· The built in image counter allows image numbers to be limited, in case, for example, the robot is rented or on subscription. Use the Robots according to your requirements. You can combine your own photo production with robot hire or base the business entirely on rental.· A number of axes is computed simultaneously to produce the controlled movement of Vario and Vario XL robots. These precise and flexible movements are essential for accurate automatic camera shots at every angle. Our design ensures that all settings are handled by the control software. Sales Manual 10
  11. 11. 360° PhotographySales Manual 11
  12. 12. 360° PhotographyTURNING PLATFORM· Constructed for a load of up to 1500kg We produce twin-engine design of Turning Platform; you can choose either maximum speed or maximum torque (rotational force) depending on what you need to photograph (fashion items or a jacuzzi full of water for example). Motors on a sprung supporting frame eliminates noise. Strength and durability on industrial scale is standard.· Wide range of accessories Plates of various diameters: 100cm / 180cm / 280cm / 400cm in black or white colour and various height supports and upstands for the top plates are available, depending on what you wish to photograph.· Mushroom up stand attachment with 1m diameter top plate When you need the platform to work more like a table, simply replace the standard 180cm diameter plate and standard star-shaped support with mushroom-shaped ”support plus 1m diameter top plate„ and you have a comfortable table-height work surface. Sales Manual 12
  13. 13. 360° PhotographyTURNING PLATFORM· Variable Accessory Combinations It is also possible to put the 1m diameter plate on low supports, practically at platform height.· New generation of Robotic Platform has permanent electric power supply outlet in the centre of it’s rotating element. Among the many devices you can attach to it there is the mushroom-shaped stand. This highlights our philosophy: everything new - and especially accessories – must be compatible with previous models so that the system is easily extended and provide maximum efficiency for minimum price. Sales Manual 13
  14. 14. 360° PhotographyTURNING PLATFORM ACCESSORIES· Platform plate edge supports for large top plates When photographing on large top plates (280cm diameter and more) you will appreciate additional stability of the edge support to the platform top.They can also be used with the 180cm top plate to provide additional stability when stepping up onto the plate.· Drive-up ramp for motorbikes and similar wheeled objects For easy loading and unloading of motorbikes to the platform.· Transparent mannequin on special stand for easy change of configuration We provide male, female and child size torsos made of transparent acrylic mounted on a special stand with an easy click-on method of attachment. Efficient photography of diaphanous materials is now possible thanks to The stand is attached to Turning Platfrom base, you only need to remove the plate and its star-shaped support that are included as part of the standard configuration. Sales Manual 14
  15. 15. 360° PhotographyCAROUSEL 5000Is the most unique platform designed for 360 photography of vehicles,furniture assemblies, industrial machines etc.· 5 m diameter 5 m diameter provides enough space for cars, tractors, furniture etc.· Special construction with thickness of just 73mm Unique construction of only 73 mm low profile platform is ideal for easy and safe loading and unloading of cars. No special ramps are needed avoiding any risk of cars falling off the platform. At the same time the heavy duty construction can take heavy loads up to 4 tons.· Easy changing of spare parts The base plate is made of screwless water-resistant 21 mm thick base plates , allowing easy access for both inspection and repair. There is no need to dismantle the whole platform. Sales Manual 15
  16. 16. 360° PhotographyROBOTIC TURNTABLE· Robototic Turntable Kit In addition to the basic Robotic Turntable, the kit includes various types of frame portals to adapt the rig setup for shooting different object types. Also included are white paper and plastic backgound sets plus a set of pins, sockets and uni-clamps for mounting additional accessories such as lights, reflectors etc. g g ,· Integrated storage for Control Units and accessories A 19“ rack mount frame housing the Control Units plus other 19” rack mount network are integrated into the Table body in order to save space. The rack can house up to 5 Control Units thus allowing storage of Control Units for other Robots in the studio. There is also additional storage space for the large turntable top plate which is usefull for transportation.· Spacious work area Integrated cable management and large worktop area are standard features of the Robotic Table allowing flexible and easy rig setup. The Robotic Turntable Kit has all the features of the standard table, moreover it has additional capability for suspending objects when used in set with the Cube, and also 3D capability when used in set with the Robotic Arm. Sales Manual 16
  17. 17. 360° PhotographyROBOTIC TURNTABLE· Accessory mounting portal The1600mm wide accessory mounting portal can hold positioning lasers, backgrounds, lighting reflectors as well as the overhead Cube robot. There are three portal options with different load capacity, and all are height adjustable. The portals are d i d t accept standard photographic accessory fitti designed to t t d d h t hi fittings.· Protruding Turntable top plate The turntable top plate is deliberately designed to protrude beyond the front of the worktop to provide additional background to the lower edge of images in order to reduce the need for post production. The outer edge of the plate is protected by a steel buffer, thus avoiding risk of damage.· Transport wheels for moving the complete rig The ability to switch between static legs and transport wheels makes the Robotic Turntable easy to move and therefore change the layout in your studio. Since all the associated accessories are mounted on the portal relative settings are maintained when the rig is moved. Sales Manual 17
  18. 18. 360° PhotographyCENTRELESS TABLE· The centreless table is fitted with a transparent top plate allowing effective photography of glass and reflective objects Also assists in the production of effective base reflection under the object. A mechanical index switch is used to monitor the position of the top plate in order to ensure precise rotation.· Unique construction The unique construction of the acrylic top plate combined with adjustable supports ensures high load capacity. When photographing large lighter objects, you can push the supports aside. The table features an integrated diffusion background band for back and bottom lighting. There is also an additional housing for the Control Units.· Single click system for changing the transparent plate The easy single click system allows for quick and safe replacement of the top plate. When using a non-transparent top plate the Centreless Table can be used as a standard photographic table. Adjustable supports help to hold the plate when replacing it. Sales Manual 18
  19. 19. 360° PhotographyCUBE· Compact dimensions and a very attractive price Interchangeable as either a table top turntable or in overhead suspension mode, the Cube is the entry point robot. When standing on a normal table top it works as a small turning platform. When in suspension mode it can be used for objects that require support e.g bi l Th C b i compatible with most of th robot range i t bicycles. The Cube is tibl ith t f the b t and is definitely a good starting point for your 360 production. · Robust commercial construction This simple looking basic turning unit provides amazing load capacity, 80 kg in table mode and 90 kg in suspension mode.· Precise positioning of the Cube in multiple workplaces is ensured by docking station plates. Two docking plates are included, one for table top mounting and one for overhead suspension mounting. Switching between the two modes is simply a matter of unlocking the unit from one docking plate and locking it onto another. You will be able to switch it in just seconds, increasing the speed and precision of your work. Sales Manual 19
  20. 20. 360° PhotographyTENT TABLE FOR CUBE I.Special accessory for the Cube, this table is NOT a robot itself.· Ease of use A cost effective solution for photographing with reflection elimination. The Tent Table is as flexible as other robotic tables thanks to the ability to switch between static legs and large industrial castors castors.· Design Features Designed for use with the Cube robot, the tent base has a reinforced hole to accommodate the Cube driveshaft. The Cube can be fixed inside without using any special tools. The only part of the turntable inside the tent is the top plate, the Cube drive unit is housed in the table body below. In order to minimise reflection there are no unnecessary accessories inside the tent.· 1100mm wide portal for mounting accessories including lasers As the diffusion tent stops the laser beam, the lasers have to be installed in front of the tent access flap. They are mounted on the front of the portal so they save floor space thus ensuring absolute precision, even when the table is moved, unlike tripod-mounted lasers. Centring objects on the turntable is quick and easy, thus facilitating efficient workflow. Sales Manual 20
  21. 21. 360° PhotographyTENT TABLE FOR CUBE II.· Quick release clamps for tent -to-table attachment The tent can be attached and removed from the table quickly and easily.· A viable alternative to the Robotic Turntable The tent and central table housing for installing the Cube are easily accessible, so the Cube can easily be configured in turntable mode, where the top plate is leveled with the worktop. Its flexibility in configuration as well as its space-saving properties make it a cost effective alternative to the Robotic Turntable.· Twin cube configuration provides Robotic Table functionality When used in twin Cube configuration with the tent removed, the rig provides similar functionality to that of the Robotic Table, providing both basic turntable as well as overhead suspension capability. An object can be placed on the top plate whilst part of the object may be suspended, e.g a shoe with straps that will not support themselves. Sales Manual 21
  22. 22. Overhead PortalsSales Manual 22
  23. 23. Overhead PortalsACCESSORY PORTALS· Lasers fixed to portals are used for quick and easy setting of the object to the centre of rotation. The focusing lasers are made by and come as a kit. Powered by USB, the lasers are a fully systematic solution controlled through BASIP software. The automatic control function of the Laser Box switches the lasers off when the shot is taken – the shot is not affected by the laser beam.· Portals are integrated with the table. Portals are designed to fit each type of table, and are fully height adjustable. There are three types of uprights available depending on the load requirement. Rigid construction and solid table mounting provide accurate alignment of accessories with the table, and eliminate the possibility of misalignment due to the rig being repositioned in the studio.· Table portal fixings As well as a docking plate for the Cube, Table portals feature standard photographic accessory mounts, background holders (two types), 4+1 adjustable flash head mounts and holders for side reflectors. Fixed and adjustable mounting points are ready to attach other accessories using standard photographic studs and adaptors (e.g additional reflectors and lighting) Sales Manual 23
  24. 24. Overhead Portals · Cube rotary seat for live models Designed for 360° photography of strap shoes, tights, socks etc. Live models can sit comfortably on this seat. It prevents movement and allows the camera to capture more interesting leg positions when the model is in a sitting position.· Standalone portals Height can be easily adjusted using reels. The telescopic beam is suitable for use in any studio and for every object you need to photograph Used with the photograph. Cube, the photographed object is suspended and the Cube robot rotates it. This portal with Cube is very often used in combination with the Turning Platform in synchronised rotation. Load capacity 170kg. There are standard integrated mounting points for various accessories, fastened by standard photographic couplers. Sales Manual 24
  25. 25. 3D PhotographySales Manual 25
  26. 26. 3D PhotographyROBOTIC ARMprovides top-views from variable angles, adding a third dimension to your spins. · Construction Stability and Strength The Robotic Arm comprises a massive stand pillar, camera holder, reinforced beam profile, tightening bridge on the beam, and hydraulic telescopic pillar ensuring stable and reliable functioning. Two beam lengths for working with tables or platforms are supplied.· Suitable for a wide range of cameras Supplemental support gives added stability for extremely heavy cameras (up to 6kg).· Easy setup and operation The horizontal axis is easily located with a cross laser. You will always know where the centre of rotation is. Sales Manual 26
  27. 27. 3D PhotographyROBOTIC ARM· Table docking set The Robotic Arm can be fixed to any robot Table with the docking set. The set ensures precision of reconnection when you need to switch between Robots saving valuable time.· Floor docking set The docking set is also available in a floor version which connects the Robotic Arm to a fixed position on the floor. One part is fixed to the floor, the other to the Arm.· Easy manipulation It is quick and easy to disconnect the docking set and to engage the travelling wheels, using just one lever. Sales Manual 27
  28. 28. 3D PhotographyVARIO · Construction The Vario simulates human arm movements. Being mounted on a table portal it ensures high precision of both Robots’ alignment. It saves space in the studio and is easy to control.· Flexibility Like other Robots the camera arm is fully software controlled. Variable object distance, object height and the number of steps are all controlled by the BASIP software. ft· Software controlled setting of camera height You don‘t need to manually adjust the height of each camera. Just tell the software the height of the camera and it will automatically be taken into account. Sales Manual 28
  29. 29. Vertical Axis PhotographyVARIO XL· Flexibility This model has a reach of 3.2m. As with the Vario, the camera arm is fully software controlled. The software determines the variable distance from the object, the height of the object and the number of steps.· 360° rotation Rotation in both directions enables usage on 4 workplaces at a time (objects can be set in position whilst others are being photographed, so various Robots can be used simultaneously in the workplaces).· Studio camera boom jib The versatile Vario XL can also operate as an effective camera boom jib replacement and provides even more functions including Canon Live View. Sales Manual 29
  30. 30. TransportationSales Manual 30
  31. 31. Transportation· It is possible to transport Fotorobot fully assembled in a standard van Final adjustments can be made on site using ordinary tools.· Protective framing can be reused The framing is sturdy and can be re-used if you need to transport the equipment.· Integrated accessory holders Accessories won’t get lost in transit and everything will be in place in the studio. Sales Manual 31
  32. 32. Final WordSales Manual 32
  33. 33. Final WordFOTOROBOT.CZ· A heavy duty modular system, the solution to all your 360 /3D photo production needs.· Ready to apply the newest technology, leading the way in the industry. Future of e-commerce presentations is in 360 /3D. is then the device for future winners!· Proudly made in the Czech Republic, available and distributed worldwide!Check our distributor list on us directly on Sales Manual 33