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Creative learning presentation

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Creative learning presentation

  1. 1. Creative Learning SSC GROUP
  2. 2. Our Mission • To develop whole school approaches to creative learning • To collaborate with the Creative Tallis Action Research Group • To promote creative learning at SSC and SLT • To capture evidence of good practice in creative learning
  3. 3. Initial thoughts • Teacher Exchange • 'Faking It' • Inter-disciplinary exchange • Volunteers sought • Pressures of time and shifting whole school priorities • Assessment for learning
  4. 4. Assessment models • Eton Saturday Schools • Islington Arts & Media School 'I AM Creative' project • Discussions with Creative Tallis ARG • APP for Creative Learning
  5. 5. APP for Creative Learning • Four Assessment Foci • Reflecting PLTS • Recognition of the importance of domain specific knowledge • Re-written in student friendly language • Peer edited by colleagues in and outside school, our School of Creativity advisor and creative agents
  6. 6. Impact • Close collaboration between SSC and ARG • Students engaged in discussions about pedagogy • New APP framework developed with potential to impact learning across the curriculum • Influencing best practice in other schools • Limited trials with Tallis Lab and proposed assessment framework for Olympic Days
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Next Steps • Trial use of APP in a variety of contexts • Evaluate feedback from staff and students • Refine APP and publish to whole staff Recommendation APP for Creative Learning is used across the curriculum to support PLTS next year by the whole school beginning in the Spring Term