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5 part lesson


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Published in: Education, Technology
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5 part lesson

  1. 1. 5 Part Media LessonHow to create an effective focus group questionnaire?
  2. 2. Homework• On board at start of lesson with specific deadline• Finish creating your googledocs questionnaire and post the link to your tumblr for your audience to complete. Your test audience (your focus group) will be your Yr10 classmates and the Yr13 media students. Due ..........
  3. 3. Starter• Reminder of prior learning/thinking task in preparation for new learning• Matching exercise on research terms to re- establish prior learning
  4. 4. Establishing Modelling• Starter - sorting exercise ‘good Qs’ vs ‘bad Qs’ (mixture of open and closed questions)• Model paired Qs - teacher combines an open and closed Q• Teacher directed Qs opportunity - what have I just done? why have I done it?• Other question types - Model/introduce examples of Likert Scale, Rank Order, Semantic Field
  5. 5. Developing Group/Paired Work• Paired or group work to create a shared model• Generate an example of your own of each of the question types looked at today
  6. 6. DevelopingIndependent Learning• Students work independently in their video production teams creating questionnaires in googledocs to give the audience of their movie trailer
  7. 7. Review/Plenary• Students groups swap questionnaires so far and peer assess using relevant parts of Pass, Merit, Distinction criteria for Unit 2 Research Techniques for Creative Media Industries• Provide 1 piece of advice for the team to utilise in home learning task