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Sixth Workshop for LubutoLiteracy Program in Lusaka, Zambia

Slides from the sixth workshop with the children and staff at Lubuto Library at Ngwerere in Lusaka, Zambia. We started our second week with a workshop focusing on sound. A brief overview of analog vs. digital sound recording was delivered. Then we worked on recording, editing and exporting sound in Audacity. Finally, we ended with a demonstration of the MakeyMakey banana piano.

The eight days of workshops I am delivering are funded by a USAID/WorldVision grant from the All Children Reading Challenge. Representatives from the Zambian Ministry of Education participated in all the sessions. Photos here:

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Sixth Workshop for LubutoLiteracy Program in Lusaka, Zambia

  1. 1. LubutoLiteracyWorkshop #6: Audacity and Managing FilesBy Mike Lee, Sugar Labs DC – Lubuto Library at Ngwerere, 25 February 2013
  2. 2. Christoph in Cambodia now… Touring Ankgor Wat, the largest Hindu temple complex and the largest religious monument in the world. http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Angkor_Wa t
  3. 3. My Weekend: Saturday Hardware ShoppingStill Wanted! This AD-DC Adapter >>>
  4. 4. My Weekend: Saturday Drama Event at LubutoTop row: David working on Etoys animation while watching over kids in art class, meeting Jane’s family,Taonga of Barefeet working with the kids. Bottom row: The two drama performances.
  5. 5. My Weekend: Sunday Tour Through The GardenTop row: David working on Etoys Top: Felix Phiri of Lusaka Experience / Barefeet, Mr. Mulenga Cliff Mulenga andme at YOFOSO. Bottom: A Garden Mural.
  6. 6. My Weekend: Sunday Tour Through The GardenBy the large soccer field, "Monday," who was sitting with a group ofgirlfriends, motioned me over to talk. I explained my work and sheasked if she could be my second wife.
  7. 7. My Weekend: Sunday Test of OLPC Folding Solar Panel Tech notes: Will capture power log later this week to USB drive. 24 Feb 2013 - Solar Test XO-1.5 SHC101010AA 12.1.0 5th floor south facing window at Protea Hotel on Cairo Road. 12noon - Charged XO-1.5 battery from 90-97% with laptop ON in 20 minutes 12:30pm - swapped in yellow label battery from the XO-4 which was at 79%, turned off backlight. Cloud passed over 12:33pm for 2 minutes. Automatic power management ON. 12:47pm - 85% 12:53pm - Cloud - 87% 1:09pm - 93% 1:14pm - 94% a small corner of the panel in shade from window frame. Photo. 1:16pm - 95% More clouds appearing. Photo. 1:35pm - Reading 100% in Sugar frame. Charge light still orange. Small hawks buzzing around and squawking on the ledge above. 1:42 - Wind gusts flapping the panel a few times. Photo of flocks of birds. 1:55pm - Charge light is green. Charge percentage reads 97%. 2:00pm - Turned on backlight two clicks. Launched Etoys 5. Green charge light and green power light flickering as Etoys car animation runs. 2:10pm - Dropped to 96%. Shot 24 sec HD video clip if flickering LED. 2:20pm - At 93% while doing a project in Etoys. 2:25pm - Photo: 15% of panel in shadow. Ended test. Pulled in panel. It was very hot to the touch. Maybe 110-115 degrees F.
  8. 8. My Weekend: Sunday Test of OLPC Folding Solar Panel
  9. 9. Today: Continuing with AudacitySwitch to blue (GNOME) desktop in the OLPC Sugar control panel.Start Audacity from Applications > Sound & Video.Sugar OS 12.1.0 (installed on all your OLPC XOs) has the newest version ofAudacity, 2.0.0.Ignore the free disk space warning for now. We will do short practice clips.Note in Edit > Preferences > Quality Set default to CD quality: Sample Rate:44100Hz, Sample Format: 16-bitNote: Audacity saves in its own format and then you export to AIFF, MP3, etc.
  10. 10. The Audacity manual is on the Intel laptop and I will leave it with Eleni and Nikki on USB drives. Downloaded from:
  11. 11. Working with Audacity to Record Sound
  12. 12. Working with Audacity to Record Sound
  13. 13. Working with Audacity to Record Sound
  14. 14. Working with Audacity to Record Sound
  15. 15. Working with Audacity to Record Sound
  16. 16. Working with Audacity to Record Sound
  17. 17. Record and Edit a Sound Record a sound with the Record Button. Say, “My name is _____ .” You need to use the external microphone. The OLPC XO laptop microphone record the sound at a low volume. No problem! Go to Effect > Amplify. No need to change the dB setting. Run a second time. Zoom in on the sound wave using the magnifier button in the toolbar at top right (plus sign in it). Highlight the silent start of the sound wave and trim it off. Do the same with the left over silence after your spoken sound. Save the project. Go to File > Save Project As… There will be a warning about .aup file. Click OK. Name the file, “Name <your name>.” Save in Documents for now.
  18. 18. Notes on Working with Audcaity•Keep aware of the free disk space warning•Open an existing sound•Record and save a sound•Edit a sound (cut and paste, trim, where to cut)•Sound formats (licensing)•Sound filters (echo, pitch, clean-up)•Microphone setup•Headphones•Do not record sound in Etoys for the lessons project as sound cannotbe exported.•Files saved from Audacity in Gnome to Etoys folder can be found inPlaces > Home Folder > Etoys . Run Etoys and open Object Catalog >Multimedia > Sound Library and load the sound you made.•Use the XO-1.5 laptops for Audacity and the new XO-1.75s when theyarrive.
  19. 19. Set up the Makey Makey!