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Flyer on how to view a full-scale augmented reality model of the NASA Curiosity Rover


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curiosity_ar target_factsheet_v2.pdf

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Flyer on how to view a full-scale augmented reality model of the NASA Curiosity Rover

  1. 1. Print a Poster-SizedAugmented Reality Target forthe NASA Spacecraft 3D App!8/5/2012: The NASA Spacecraft 3D app(currently for iOS) can display a 3D augmentedreality model of the Mars Rover Curiosity on a Augmented reality Curiosity rover in front of my Honda CRV.special printed target. The target can beprinted to poster size so that the rover can beviewed at full scale through an iPhone or iPad.Print the PDF at 36" x 60" in black and whiteon a reprographics plotter if you have accessto one. FedEx Office has over 1800 locationswith these plotters that output at $0.75 per sq.ft. The cost for the full poster, then, is onlyUSD $11.00. With the poster on the groundand acquired by the app, be sure to tap thezoom scale button plus one and back away tosee the Curiosity rover at its 10 foot length.You can walk completely around and up to therover to examine details such as the variousscientific instruments. Try to find the 1909Lincoln penny affixed to the camera calibrationtarget! The poster can be folded in half fourtimes down to 9 x 15" for easier storage. Iftorn, repair with clear tape. The target cansustain a pretty significant amount of defacingand still function.Mike LeeOne Laptop per Child Learning Club DChttp://www.olpclearningclub.orgcuriouslee@gmail.comLinks to download the app and PDF are here: