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Aarp tek pavilion_life@50+boston_2014_ppt_mlee_v1

Slightly updated from the Atlanta 2013 presentation to reflect that Sony has discontinued selling its readers in the U.S. and sent its customers to Kobo.

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Aarp tek pavilion_life@50+boston_2014_ppt_mlee_v1

  1. 1. Life@50+ Boston 2014 Finding and Enjoying Electronic Books Mike Lee, AARP
  2. 2. Ereader devices and ebooks are here to stay
  3. 3. Buy both paper and electronic books online
  4. 4. Buy books on the ereader via wireless
  5. 5. Or download them from your computer
  6. 6. Use ereaders indoors and out
  7. 7. Two ereaders, one account – For the price of dinner out
  8. 8. Ereaders lose their keyboards and get 7” color sisters… <2011 2013
  9. 9. …to stay competitive with Apple and Samsung <2011 2013 Kobo Amazon Kindle B&N Nook Sony Reader Rakuten Kobo Aura Amazon Kindle B&N Nook Sony Reader Sony Reader Kobo Google iRiver Story HD Amazon Kindle Fire HD Rakuten Kobo Arc HD B&N Nook HD Sony Xperia Google Nexus 7 2013 Apple iPad mini 2012 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7” 2014?
  10. 10. Don’t have an ereader? No problem. Use apps. B&N Nook Amazon Kindle Apple iBooks Rakuten Kobo Sony Reader Kobo Google Play Books
  11. 11. Ereader apps (mostly) load everywhere Apple iOS Google Android
  12. 12. 1. Amazon (except if you want to load EPUB format) 2. Kobo 3. B&N or Google Most versatile ebook sources
  13. 13. Search for free ePUB format ebooks on Google Common ebook file formats.
  14. 14. Search for free ePUB format ebooks on Google
  15. 15. Get book recommendations from a community (acquired by Amazon March 2013)
  16. 16. Find and download free ebooks
  17. 17. Track ebook offers for Kindle
  18. 18. Oyster: Monthly subscription for unlimited access to thousands of ebooks
  19. 19. Narrate and share children’s books
  20. 20. Read books with children in video chats
  21. 21. Read books with children in video chats on laptops
  22. 22. Read books with children in video chats on tablets
  23. 23. Project Gutenberg for the free classics
  24. 24. Borrow ebooks from your local library
  25. 25. Manage your offline collection of ebooks
  26. 26. Scanning service converts paper to ebook
  27. 27. The AARP Bookstore
  28. 28. Our bookstore includes all major booksellers
  29. 29. AARP Bookstore Tech Titles
  30. 30. 1. Be lighter on your feet 2. Carry a more books than you can read 3. Save a buck or two 4. Mark your favorite parts 5. Customize your device for your needs Reasons you’ll love ebooks
  31. 31. Some more links to useful things • Calibre ebook management software (free) • Blue Leaf service scans your paper books to ebook format • Good Ereader is one of my favorite blogs for news on e- reader and ebook products • 2013 Ereader comparison site
  32. 32. Download this presentation from Slideshare
  33. 33. Questions ?
  34. 34. Twitter: @curiouslee
  35. 35. Photos Credits: Slide 1: Antonio Vázquez Slide 8: Ian Forrester Slide 9: Upper left: Shell Lower left: Sam Harrelson Upper right: Elmine Wijna Lower right: Mike Lee Slide 10: Guy Sie