Foto DNG, from WordPress to InDesign: 2 News


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Process for export posts content from WordPress site (Foto DNG magazine site) to InDesing for magazine creation.

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Foto DNG, from WordPress to InDesign: 2 News

  1. 1. Foto DNG, from WordPress to InDesign Second Part, New Products & News/Events
  2. 2. Process new Foto DNG magazine Every portfolio and tutorial in Foto DNG magazine are layered “by hand”, from scratch, without automation, but there is tree sections benefiting totally or partially from automation ● Foto DNG Group in Flickr (previous slides) ● New Products (this slides) ● News & Events (this slides)
  3. 3. New Products and News/Events
  4. 4. New Products and News/Events ● Process is made in Foto DNG server with a custom made plug-in for WordPress that also has all functions for the magazine. ● All Press Releases are published in category Novedades (News Products) in Foto DNG web. ● Novedades has a custom field with name nombre_marca with brand name in his value. ● This field is used for sort Novedades by brand name.
  5. 5. New Products and News/Events ● News and Events are published in category Noticias/Eventos in Foto DNG web. ● Without custom field, Noticias/Eventos will be sort by published date. ● Every post published in WordPress will be sent to Social Media since option Sharing with WordPress JetPack plug- in. ● We create a schedule with different hours (readers from Europe, America ...) in Buffer.
  6. 6. New Products and News/Events ● We create a task in Zappier for every Buffer account (four), this task check Foto DNG RSS and if found new entries, send it to Buffer (that publish it in scheduled hours). ● We don’t use IFTTT because Buffer option in IFTTT only permit use one account. ● Next (published or programmed in Novedades & Noticias/Eventos) we proceed to export from WordPress to InDesign, with our plug-in.
  7. 7. New Products and News/Events ● In plug-in we select category to export and date range (by default from first month day in current month to last month day). ● Once exported text file (InDesign Tagged Text) from WordPress, in InDesign we go to text box in correct section and import tagged text. ● In Novedades section, then add images. ● And process ended with sections Novedades and Noticias/Eventos formatedd.
  8. 8. Export from WordPress to InDesign Publish or program new post, in Novedades category we add custom field with his value (brand name)
  9. 9. Export from WordPress to InDesign When is published, will be sent to Social Media with Sharing option by JetPack
  10. 10. Export from WordPress to InDesign In Buffer we configure Social Media Accounts and Publication Schedules
  11. 11. Export from WordPress to InDesign We create Zapier tasks for every Buffer account, that will find new RSS entries and will be send to Buffer
  12. 12. Export from WordPress to InDesign From WordPress plug-in we select category and date range and then generate tagged text file
  13. 13. Export from WordPress to InDesign From InDesign select exported tagged text file to import
  14. 14. Export from WordPress to InDesign And in InDesign we obtain formatted text with Paragraph and Character Styles, then we add images and review section
  15. 15. Plug-in for WordPress export ● We create a form with drop down select for sections and two date fields (type="date" for show us a calendar): $dia_desde='01'; $mes_desde=date('m'); $anhio_desde=date('Y'); $bisiesto=date('L'); $dia_hasta=date('t') + $bisiesto; $mes_hasta=date('m'); $anhio_hasta=date('Y'); ● This plug-in create a Paragraph and Character definition style predefined in InDesign template. ● We make a query to WordPress database with selected parameters, and we receive published and programmed posts in selected date range and category, ordered by custom field.
  16. 16. Plug-in for WordPress export $args = array( 'order' => 'ASC', 'orderby' => 'meta_value', 'meta_key' => 'nombre_marca', 'date_query'=> array( array( 'after' => array('year' => $anhio_desde, 'month' => $mes_desde, 'day' => $dia_desde,), 'before'=> array('year' => $anhio_hasta, 'month' => $mes_hasta, 'day' => $dia_hasta,), 'inclusive' => true, ), ), 'cat' => $cat, 'post_status' => array('publish', 'future'), 'posts_per_page' => $n_post_volcar, ); query_posts( $args );//We make the query to DB
  17. 17. Plug-in for WordPress export Walk through result posts (while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();) and process: ● Obtain title with get_the_title, content with get_the_content and post link with get_permalink. ● We delete shortcodes with strip_shortcodes ● We replace double carriage return to <p></p> with wpautop ● We delete HTML tags with wp_kses except allowed tags defined in a array. ● We change to Smart Quotes with wptexturize. ● We delete empty spaces, empty paragraphs and clean texts.
  18. 18. Plug-in for WordPress export ● We change characters for his UNICODE equivalents for InDesign ® to <0x00AE> or ñ to <0x00F1> (array with 53 equivalences at this moment). ● We change HTML tags to InDesign tags and predefined estyles <b> to <cTypeface:Bold> and </b> to <cTypeface: > or <h1> to <ParaStyle:articulos:titular>. ● We create content with title, content and link formatted. ● We dump result content to a text file for import in InDesign news_2014-02-01-to-2014-02-28.txt
  19. 19. Advantages obtained ● Novedades and Noticias y Eventos will be published in web and Social Media. ● Export process from WordPress and import in InDesign, is made in less than two minutes. ● Final layout review and images added will be made in less than two hours (several actions saved for images in Photoshop).
  20. 20. Thanks by reading this slides: a-indesign-parte-2-2917.html Carlos Longarela. Foto DNG Magzine