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  1. 1. Welcome to
  2. 2. Clipping Images: International Graphic Design outsource provider  
  3. 3. The Services and it’s Specialties  We express our gratitude to our web visitors for taking interest of our cost effective Image treatment and graphic design solutions. We offer dedicated service to give that stunning look at your product photograph or business with our world class image editing and graphics designing services. We have designed our site keep in mind, our web visitors’ browse through our site in trouble-free manner. We have easy upload & download options for our potential clients to take maximum advantage of our photo editing services. .
  4. 4. Animation Studio of • has a first-rated Animation Studio that provides finest animation services at very competitive rate. Our animation artists try hard to fulfill the expectations of our clients at the best price available in the animation industry. • With our streamlined staff, we help clients by working on multiple projects with efficiency in today’s digital realm. Our clients come from any creative field and especially media and animation has become an integral part of communication media. You get all the three factors namely refined quality, great speed and bargain price in that makes it the right studio for meeting all your Flash animation, Viral videos, 3D 2D animation, Caricatures, gif animation, Storyboards Portraits and character animation maintaining top-notch quality. • You will be offered added BONUS for every project you give in terms of price and we always try our best to input a bit extra in to give a better or polished look to your animation project.
  5. 5. Animation Studio of  caters to all animation requirements of its clients in the best and fastest ways possible maintaining top service quality. We deal with all our clients with extreme professionalism and successfully retain them with our perfect work. Our ultimate goal is to provide animation services to our clients in a way that they feel elated and fulfilled. Specialty Animation Service of • 2D Animation services • 3D Animation Service • Flash Animation • Character Animation & Gif Animation Services
  6. 6. Animation Studio: 2d Animation Service 2D animation can be defined as the conception of moving pictures and images in a two-dimensional situation. This process can be done by sequencing one by one images, or pictures, that generate motion by each image displaying the next in a gradual array of steps. The eye catches the illusionary motions of pictures or images which are displayed before us at as fast as 24 frames per second or faster speed. offers the following 2D animation services: 2D cartoon animation 2D flash animation 2D digital animation 2D vector animation 2D cartoon animation Online 2D animation Professional 2D animation Traditional 2D animation
  7. 7. Innovative 3d Animation Studio • 3D is driving the world by storm. 3D animation is a brilliant technique for presenting your products, brand or service with the help of moving, talking, and interacting presentations or 3D models. It’s basically used for architectural designing, walkthroughs, products modeling and building presentations. • 3D Animation services provided by  3D Character Design  3D Animation Wallpaper  3D Technical Recreation  3D Motion Graphics  3D Animation Programs  3D Commercial Production
  8. 8. Let us help you to Animate a Pan Effect in your Flash Project Flash website can enrich user interaction by creating equally HTML and Flash-improved versions of any web site. is a website designing company which provides skilled of Flash designing services. We enhances a user's knowledge. Flash is especially valuable for instructional and entertainment-driven web sites that must amaze and engage the user with interactive learning tools, demonstrations or movies. Flash is able of integrating photos, sound and video formats into a appearance. Flash files must be created mainly with vector graphics when small file size is critical. By using Flash website, it is possible to deliver high-impact presentations. It’s really interesting and eye catching having animations on your website on the landing pages as intros. In web flash is the most generally used and supported format of animations. We offer various flash animation, flash 2d animation, adobe flash animation, animation studio, flash cartoon animation, flash character animation, flash cartoon character, make flash animation, animation in flash services with quality. has team of skilled flash designer and animators.
  9. 9. Character Animation & Gif Animation Service  GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. In a word, an animated GIF is a Graphics Interchange Format specified as GIF89 a which contains within the single file with a set of images that are presented in a proper order. Animated GIF images are basically used to explain product features and functionalities with detail. GIF enable us to create your products and their special features.  By using GIF images we can develop the following product.  Animated corporate logos  Navigation menus  Computer-based tutorials  Product catalogs  Product manuals  Product presentations  Product demonstrations  Banner advertisements  Web site elements
  10. 10. Contact Us AUSTRALIA OFFICE USA OFFICE PNS Media & Communications Ltd. PNS Media & Communications Ltd. Corporate Head Office (AU) 205 Mineral Spring Fact 4 & 5, 37-51 Lusher Road, Drive Allen, Croydon, Melbourne, V- 3136, State: TX Australia. Fax : 61-3-9723 9339 Phone : 61-3-9723 9132, 9725 8188 Email: Email: Website: ZIP:75002 United States Email: Website: Production House (Bangladesh) PNS Media & Communications Ltd. 77/2, Shah Ali Bagh, Mirpur Dhaka 1216,Bangladesh. Fax: +88-02-9009225 Phone:+88-02-9009226 Email: Website:,