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Central Network Solutions

  1. 1. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… Central Network Solutions, a Maryland based corporation that specializes in the distribution and development of Bluetooth Mobile Proximity Network advertising systems for individuals, businesses and entire communities. Central Network Solutions (CNS) is where location based proximity marketing comes to life. Our Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Systems save businesses money by providing them the ability to specifically target consumers while engaging in everyday activities. Our systems offers high flexibility in terms of campaign scheduling and campaign location 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 1
  2. 2. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… As a delivery channel the mobile phone is a powerful and reliable mechanism for targeting opted-in marketing messages. Its personal, accessible and always-on, naturally making it the ideal vehicle for immediate and time-sensitive promotional activities. Mobile advertising campaigns, for instance, may include a call-to-action that drives consumers to visit a mobile internet site or send an SMS response registering them for discounts, further information and so on. We are specialist Bluetooth mobile marketing proximity system distributors. Offering ultra long range models designed for high- density populated areas. In store and location appliances as well as portable Bluetooth marketing systems. Advertise your business for Free with Bluetooth Proximity Advertising 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 2
  3. 3. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… Mobile Proximity Marketing – What is it? Bluetooth – the same technology that powers nearly all hands free earpieces. Among cellular subscribers, 91% use a mobile phone that already supports Bluetooth. Picture this: A sports fan goes to the big game. As they approach the venue an advertisement with your offer immediately appears on their mobile phone. How does this happen? Bluetooth! A vehicle or series of vehicles parked outside of the venue are equipped with our Mobile 28 Hybrid devices, creating a pervasive ‘Blue’ advertising field through which cellular subscribers must pass 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 3
  4. 4. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… Mobile Proximity Marketing is rapidly growing in importance for marketers as both a delivery and a response vehicle. With ROI from traditional advertising media declining and consumers becoming less and less motivated by it, the mobile phone offers the opportunity for brands to re-engage with consumers through a more personal and more immediate medium. Central Network Solutions’ proximity devices utilize this technology as a marketing tool to distribute consumer engagement strategies, delivering rich content mobile advertising media. 100% Permission based, businesses can now deliver important business information to passing mobile users together with a call to action mobile advertisement. 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 4
  5. 5. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… Central Network Solution’s Bluetooth Advertising systems uses proximity marketing which allows marketers to take advantage of the enormous mobile media network. Exceeding the reach of the Internet by 2 to 1, Bluetooth mobile advertising media presents the new way to market to customers. Bluetooth proximity advertising is one of the most economical and powerful tool to popularize your product. Data transfer is 100% free, and for a fixed cost, you can scale your marketing efforts to meet your marketing needs. Benefits from using Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Incredibly easy to use with the right system. Sends an unlimited number of adverts for Free. Gets better Response than traditional advertising. Offers a scalable marketing solution for a fixed cost. Can target over 80% of the public via their mobile phone. 100% environmentally friendly because paper flyers are not used. Far more cost effective than Newspaper, Radio and Directory Advertising. Can send engaging rich media adverts like video, calendar reminders, games, mp3, java applications, business cards, animated gifts and ringtones. 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 5
  6. 6. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… In recent years, the growth rate of personal Bluetooth terminal products has been alarming. With the prevalence of Bluetooth mobile phones, one of the world’s most promising new media networks had been inadvertently formed. In 2008, over 280 million Bluetooth enabled mobile phones were sold. Bluetooth capable phones have seen a growth rate of 75 million annually. Because of rich transmission content possibilities and zero-cost delivery, Bluetooth will be widely favored by mobile users. No doubt Bluetooth users will be the most promising new media audience. 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 6
  7. 7. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… According to eMarketer magazine: “The biggest near-term opportunities will come from location-aware applications services and offers, which provide value in the form of contextual relevance and which are increasingly popular among Smartphone owners.” Combine our Bluetooth Proximity Advertising technology with SMS. Bluetooth Mobile Proximity Marketing can add the relevancy to your SMS campaign that is otherwise unobtainable. By sending your offer to consumers via our Bluetooth advertising systems and including an opportunity for the consumer to obtain a coupon or other incentive by sending a text code, you now have the ability to capture a subscribers phone number for future remarketing. 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 7
  8. 8. Bluetooth Proximity Advertising System usages Business Type Uses Advertising Reinforcement, Promotional and Delivering additional poster/sign related Marketing Companies material, videos, music, ringtones Bars, Restaurants, Nightclubs Flyers, Offers, Discounted Entry, Upcoming Events, Menus Visitor Attractions, Museums, Galleries, Visitor Information, Special Events, Educational Videos Conferences, Trade Shows, Conventions and Company Brochures, Company Videos, Exhibitions, Sporting Arenas Special Offers, Contact Details Schools, Colleges and Universities Class Information, Timetables, Club & Society Information Travel Agents, Latest Deals, Exchange Rates Estate Agents, Developers Property Information, Latest Property Shops, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Car Offers, Discount Coupons, Sale Information, Dealerships, Spas Sales-generating media Radio & TV Stations Station Information, Ringtones, Contest, Show Samples (Video), Websites Elections Campaigns Candidate Information, Voting Locations and 7/13/2010 Dates, Polls, Surveys, Central Network Solutions 8
  9. 9. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… Portable Powerful Persuasive TRADEMEN adds new meaning to advertising you BUSINESS from your hip pocket TRADESMAN 14 Put Tradesman 14 in your pocket while out on the job and attract new business from people passing by. Tradesman 14 is the same size as a standard PDA and delivers 14 simultaneous connections. It is capable of detecting consumer proximity distances up to 300 feet (100m). Central Network Solutions offers hundreds of opportunities and applications 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 9
  10. 10. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… ENGAGING PERVASIVE INTERACTIVE Mobile 28 Hybrid Central Network Solutions Mobile 28 Hybrid unit has been specifically designed for high-density geographic locations where a stronger signal and higher reception qualities are required to overcome signal loss through interferences. Our hybrid version utilizes much higher antennas and special turning focusing the signal to reach difficult locations. The hybrid version was created in response to our clients request for a solution to serve mobile proximity advertising in inner-city environments. The hybrid represents the very last addition to our range of consumer location aware appliances. This is the best Network solution available. Add Mobility to your Bluetooth Advertising Central Network Solutions offers affordable mobile marketing solutions to turn local traffic into sales! 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 10
  11. 11. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… Network you advertising efforts across the street or across the globe. Our most popular network Touch Screen unit offers easy setup . The Touch Screen and Network software is capable of detecting consumer proximity distances up to Central 300 feet (100m). Network Solutions This product is ideal for the small to medium store owner, product information and tourist centers. Create networks between units anywhere an Internet connection is available. Serious marketing tools that work like you expect There are literally thousands of opportunities for CNS to improve on your current marketing strategies and save you advertising dollars! 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 11
  12. 12. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… Blast Bluetooth Advertising Stands Our in the Crowd BLAST 14 …the Trojan Horse of Bluetooth Marketing Blast 14 draws the attention you want and then Blasts out your advertising campaign. Blast 14 delivers up to 14 simultaneous connections and can send multiple campaigns. Businesses use Blast 14 in window displays to distribute real estate buying information or engage window shoppers with discounts, upcoming sales events, and specials. Blast 14 is a full Class 1 device and has a maximum clear range of 300 feet (100m). Flexible Marketing Solutions for your Business Needs! 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 12
  13. 13. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… After a simple campaign setup through our intuitive software API, once activated, Central Network Solutions Bluetooth marketing devices searches for Bluetooth enabled devices within the proximity area 100 meters (330ft). It will automatically presents configurable messages to consumers devices. The consumers receives a message on their mobile device screen . For example, “Would you like to receive an incoming message from XYZ – Sale Today”. Click yes! 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 13
  14. 14. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… After they select yes, the can than receive almost any form of rich media content including movie trailers, TV commercials, discount coupons, bar codes, business cards, store directories, sports highlights, text, animations or key event information. Presenting your message to consumers at the most opportune and relevant time. Our Bluetooth advertising systems can deliver more than just flyers, our products are designed to send pictures, animations, videos, music and even virtual business cards. 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 14
  15. 15. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… Central Network Solution’s Bluetooth mobile devices and software have the ability to automatically discover and build relationships with ALL Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. Connect with up to 56 devices simultaneously. Delivering an advertisement almost instantaneously. 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 15
  16. 16. Central Network Solutions – Where It All Begins… Central Network Solutions Bluetooth Marketing Advertising Systems are backed up by a 12 month replacement warranty and a fanatics support team. CNS offers: •Short & long-term leasing programs. •Mobile vehicles and teams equipped for mobile deployment. •Advertisement creation and campaign management. •SMS/Mobile Texting packages. •Real time statics and analytics. •Customized Bluetooth Network Zones build outs. •Professional installations. •Professional consultations. •Turn-Key Business Systems. Call Now – 202-821-9127 For a Free Demonstration 7/13/2010 Central Network Solutions 16