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QualiPSo is a four-year project, co-funded by the EU Commission, whose objective is to foster and promote the adoption of Open Source in Industries, SMES, and Public administrations by means of new software, methods, mortars and bricks.

In particular, the objective will be achieved by means of different research activities, ranging from the legal issues to the definition of quality measurements mechanisms, all integrated into next generation Factories.

These results will be then used within QualiPSo Competence Centre, widespread all over the world.

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Qualipso Official 2009

  1. 1. QualiPSo Boosting innovation and growth by fostering Open Source M. Melideo, Engineering Ing. Inf. S.p.A. 17-18/11/2009 FOSSA Conference
  2. 2. Open Source in the economy •  Economies are evolving from product orientation to service orientation •  Open Source is a chance for industries to foster growth and increase competitiveness •  Open Source is one of the top IT issues by Gartner •  Open Source as the engine of the Service Economy –  For the service providers to keep the service cost as lower as possible –  For the service consumer (citizens) to have more competition –  For the Software Industry to have more resources for innovation –  For Public Administration to release resources to boost and support local employment 23/11/09 2
  3. 3. The open source paradox Large perspectives… … but still uncertainties   A chance for   Legal issues? enterprises &   Business models? governements   Interoperability?   Know how?   A chance for IT   Quality? industries in Europe   Maturity? & emerging countries   Industrialization?   Support? 23/11/09 3
  4. 4. QualiPSo Project –  A unique alliance to help industries and governments fuel innovation and competitiveness in today’s and tomorrow’s global environment by providing the way to use trusted low-cost, flexible open source software to develop innovative and reliable information systems. –  The largest open Source project funded by the European Commission under its sixth framework program (FP6), as part of the Information Society Technologies (IST) initiative –  18 founding members, across Europe, Brazil and China 23/11/09 4
  5. 5. The mission It is all about TRUST! Trust cannot be claimed without being proved!!! •  To define and implement technologies, procedures and policies to leverage the Open Source Software development current practices to sound, well recognized and established industrial operations. 23/11/09 5
  6. 6. The challenges •  Dismiss the popular myths against OSS that prevent the industrial commitment •  Prove the quality of the OSS for the industry From rebellion TO industrial practices keeping the freshness and enthusiasm of OSS tradition 23/11/09 6
  7. 7. Approach overview Quality Industry Community Interoperability Legal Business Factory Life Cycle Maturity Organisation PRODUCE TRUST INSURE Paris Roma Berlin Madrid Telco eGov Enterprise Sao Paulo Guangzhou 23/11/09 USE 7
  8. 8. QualiPSo Competence Centers •  QualiPSo CCs form a Network (federative model) sharing the same ethics, methods and tools •  Act locally and cooperate globally •  Provide expertise and a common set of services to Open Source users, producers or consumers on a variety of topics related to quality •  Each CC has its own legal model and be self-sustainable 23/11/09 8
  9. 9. QualiPSo Factory •  Provides the base services for Competence Centers •  Opens a migration path to the QualiPSo factory •  For an innovative framework 23/11/09 9
  10. 10. VISIT AND CONTACT US! www.qualipso.org 23/11/09 10