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Open se experience in education - fossa2011


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Open se experience in education - fossa2011

  1. 1. What for? EOF and OpenSE ConclusionÉOF and OpenSE experiments Olivier Ricou LRDE / EPITA fOSSa 2011 2010-10-26 ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 1/13
  2. 2. What for? EOF and OpenSE ConclusionHow can we use FOSS to teach ComputerSciences ?FOSS as a tool use FOSS as everyday tools (EOF / EPITA) implicit knowledge −→ integration in FOSS project easierFOSS spirit what does it means Free? (EOF / OpenSE) legal implications −→ professional uses, civil rightsFOSS as learning material join an Apache project to learn (OpenSE) resume open project of last year (OpenSE / LRDE) ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 2/13
  3. 3. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsÉcole Ouverte Francophone non-prot organisation (Alix Mascret president).Online courses. One main formation:Certication Professionnelle aux LL (CPLL)Administrator (System/Network) of systems based in FLOSS 25 weeks 300 hours technician curriculum (bachelor)Started in January 2006, should die in 2012. ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 3/13
  4. 4. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsOpen educational framework for computerscience Software Engineering project Lifelong Learning Programme Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação SPI Aristotle University of Thessaloniki AUTH Free Knowledge Institute FKI Universidad Rey Juan Carlos URJC University of Oxford OSS Watch University of Maastricht / UNU-MERIT UNU-MERIT Tampere University Technology TUT Ecole pour lInformatique et les Techniques Avancees EPITA The Open University The OU ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 4/13
  5. 5. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsOpenSE founding principles Social inclusion, participation and empowerment of all citizens, Access to knowledge and specially educational resources and technology, Promote a culture of sharing and cooperation, Encourage diversity of culture and perspectives, Collaboration and innovation to develop eective and sustainable solutions.Objectives A common unocial learning place Combine formal and informal learning Participatory learning experiences Benet from others achievements ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 5/13
  6. 6. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsEOF toolsPure online courses.AmaranteInitial cooperation with ENST to produce an e-learning platform: ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 6/13
  7. 7. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsUse real tools Software needed (FLOSS of course): OS (Linux Debian) communication tools (mail, chat, mailing list...) report tools (docbook, latex) publication tools (apache, ) versioning system (svn) system tools (UNIX, LDAP, DNS...) 24/7 hotline (merci Alix et Jean-Philippe) ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 7/13
  8. 8. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsOpenSE toolsMix online / classroom courses. ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 8/13
  9. 9. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsA web site: ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 9/13
  10. 10. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsLearning material Courses (26) eduGames (1) Guides for Learners (20) Guides for Mentors, Assisants and usage (5)Most courses from Free Technology Academy University J. CarlosApache Software Foundation mentoring Learners choose ASF project, Learners helped by experienced mentors from the ASF, A moral contract between both, Not only coding, not only for students from universities.A free (as beer) open Google Summer of Code all the year. ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 10/13
  11. 11. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsEOF sessions name begin end # students daemon janv. 2006 juin 2006 11 udp sept. 2006 mars 2007 08 /proc mars 2007 juin 2007 07 /sys nov 2007 juin 2008 14 /boot nov 2008 juin 2009 09 /dev nov 2009 juin 2010 16 nov 2010 juin 2011 0 /tmp nov 2011 juin 2012 15 Table: CPLL sessionsAll students found a job ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 11/13
  12. 12. What for? Goal EOF and OpenSE Tools Conclusion ResultsOpenSE sessionsMain user: Aristotle University of ThessalonikiHundreds of student involved in 3 years.We liked the learning experience because it was dierent fromformal education and because we had the freedom to choose ourtasks and project methods.ForumAbout 250 messages in 3 years −→ 2 messages per work weekApache mentoringNo candidate ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 12/13
  13. 13. What for? EOF and OpenSE ConclusionConclusionpros FOSS as tool works FOSS as learning material −→ good results for the studentcons dicult (impossible ?) to involve a class in FOSS projects increase teachers work substainability is a major issueAs a learner, teacher or mentor openSE has something to oer toyou, thus why not giving back to openSE? ÉOF and OpenSE experiments 13/13