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Mobile cloud - digital native generation - francois elie - fossa2011


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Excellent Presentation by Francois Elie (Adullact)

Published in: Technology, Business
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Mobile cloud - digital native generation - francois elie - fossa2011

  1. 1. Mobile, cloudand the digital native generation by François Elie ADULLACT chairman, France Lyon, FOSSA 2011
  2. 2. 1Presuppositions 2Definitions 3 Problems 4 Vision 2011-10-26 2/35
  3. 3. My presuppositions 1 2011-10-26 3/35
  4. 4. In digital area To copy  to reproduce Whe are leaving the platonic eraCopy are now identical to the original We have to pay once to produce, and how much to copy ? 2011-10-26 4/35
  5. 5. There is a war between● Those who want to stay in the ancient world, in rent-seeking economy● Those who explore added value economy models 2011-10-26 5/35
  6. 6. Floss experience : laboratory of open models● Open software● Open standards● Open data O 2011-10-26 6/35
  7. 7. The engine is always interest but there are three communities1. Collaborating academic hackers2. Sharing companies consortiums3. Mutualizing customers coalitions 2011-10-26 7/35
  8. 8. Metastability 2011-10-26 8/35
  9. 9. At the end of the last century 2011-10-26 9/35
  10. 10. At the beginning ot the XXI° century 2011-10-26 10/35
  11. 11. Today and to morrow 2011-10-26 11/35
  12. 12. Definitions2 2011-10-26 12/35
  13. 13. Mobile : time and space together● Any time, anywhere● In any occasion, with any tool● Continuous connection● Connected life● Contiguous relations, small links● From time of available brain to lifetime available ? 2011-10-26 13/35
  14. 14. Cloud computingAn empty (marketing) concept ? It would be too easy...Distributed applications, data and flows Tools for « All, anywhere, all the time »Mix of ● Load balancing ● Grid computing ● Distributed file systemsIn the logic of the development of the internet ? 2011-10-26 14/35
  15. 15. Digital native generation ?● They know without learning ? What they know ?● They dont imagine the world before (without) Be careful ! They are afraid of nothing● Seduction and mimetism Innovation engine ? 2011-10-26 15/35
  16. 16. What do you call birth ? or ?Two digital native generations : fathers and sons... 2011-10-26 16/35
  17. 17. Problems3 2011-10-26 17/35
  18. 18. Toward Surveillance society● Cloud could have three societal effects : ● It will be (or still is) an ideal tools for surveillance society ● It accelerates and masks the change of bounds between private and public world ● It will avoid the consciousness of the danger, for user-addict 2011-10-26 18/35
  19. 19. Toward Open society● Cloud could have three other societal effects ● Il will be the ideal tools to dispose and increase an extended true public area (open data, shared digital creations) ● It could build an democratic and structurally resistant network ● The social/local network oriented cloud will be an tools to take conscience... of the danger of the cloud 2011-10-26 19/35
  20. 20. Diseapearance of software ? How many will still knows they could modify, study, improve, and use freely the free software ?floss software, proprietary software : same impact ? 2011-10-26 20/35
  21. 21. Reappearance of the software ? Cloud computing and usage engine : the way anybody could create applications, plugins, small tips, at the good granularity 2011-10-26 21/35
  22. 22. The two digital dividesBetween fathers● the one who uses● and the one who does notBetween sons● the one who produces digital object● and the one who consumes only 2011-10-26 22/35
  23. 23. Learn all of themThe education is of a crucial importanceThe digital native generation argument is anexcuse/raison to make nothing for the many But we have to teach to all of them ● How to produce, and produre together ● How to share what they produce and whyShare what the others produce... they already know 2011-10-26 23/35
  24. 24. Economy of fonctionalities ?Property (usus, fructus, abusus)Pay for useCloud computing installs an obscuritybetween● cost of production● and cost of products ! To avoid customers coalitions ? 2011-10-26 24/35
  25. 25. Vision4 2011-10-26 25/35
  26. 26. Whow does it benefit ? Supply or demand ? 2011-10-26 26/35
  27. 27. Do not reveal themwhat they can makeSleep, we work for you... …in our interest 2011-10-26 27/35
  28. 28. Scenario 1Companie(s) supplies all fonctionalities at theprices they decide. Private and public customersbecome again captive. End of match. The digitalrevolution will not take place... I have always thought that servitude of the regular, quiet, and gentle kind which I have just described, might be combined more easily than is commonly believed with some of the outward forms of freedom; and that it might even establish itself under the wing of the sovereignty of the people. Tocqueville, Democracy in America 2011-10-26 28/35
  29. 29. Scenario 2Private and public customers decide to takeadvantage of cloud computing to protect their ownprivacy. Companies become the gardeners ofprivate clouds You are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody JJ ROUSSEAU 2011-10-26 29/35
  30. 30. Convergence between... server and browserI have a dreamHTML 5 + Ajax + web server + browser +ditributed filesystem (+ tor ?)Back to the Internet 1.0 !« Be browser and serverat the same time » 2011-10-26 30/35
  31. 31. And FLOSS ? When a clever customer meet a clever maker They have to meetYou say user is the most important in open source ? Listen to customers (the users who pay) 2011-10-26 31/35
  32. 32. Too much unpaid work !Collaborate to produceand not only to share digital objects(but to share also...)From networking to net-workingFrom social networks and informal communitiesto real production systemsThe retribution of contributions is too indirect.The distance between could increase or decreasewith the cloud. 2011-10-26 32/35
  33. 33. Sketchup (Google)● An very good software● A creation/production/share system● A large universe of digital objects● But still out of the real market● Howto buy pizzas with my skills ? 2011-10-26 33/35
  34. 34. We have to invent digital factoriesThe cloud risk :to mask the real production cost of all thingsTo avoid it : we need large in the market forges with solidmecanism of retributions for contributions, reasons to invest,metric for added value.We have to encourage the digital nativeto produce and not only to customs or shareBut we have to invent an economy to retribute their work ! 2011-10-26 34/35
  35. 35. Thanks a lot for attention ! Any question ? 2011-10-26 35/35