Google summer of code - fossa2010


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Google summer of Code: Experiences and Beyond
Albert Cohen & Olivier Berger

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Google summer of code - fossa2010

  1. 1. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH ylivier fergerD „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurpose ƒummers of gode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIHForewordsde—s —nddis™ussion Olivier Berger, Telecom SudParis Tuesday 09/11/2010
  2. 2. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH his™ussing w—ys to foster students ylivier fergerD involvement in pvyƒƒ proje™ts „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurposeForewordsde—s —nddis™ussion ˆ No, Im not Albert Cohen (apologies, hes forced to rest at home while Im enjoying the conference ;-) ˆ No, I havent had time to prepare something really polished ˆ Havent participated myself so much in GSoC
  3. 3. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH ‡ho s —m ylivier ˆ Institut TELECOM / TELECOM SudParis / fergerD „ele™om Computer Science dpt. / PFTCR/FOCS2 ƒud€—ris teamsntrodu™tion ˆ 2 perm. sta Christian BAC and myselfPurposeForeword ˆ 2 PhD studentssde—s —nd ˆ 2 non permanent research engineersdis™ussion ˆ Research on collaborative development platforms, tools, process, in FLOSS communities ˆ Previously worked in service companies (Cap Gemini, IDEALX) ˆ Research engineer at TELECOM SudParis since 2002 ˆ RD on FLOSS, forges, bugtracking, Linked Data, etc. (CALIBRE, HELIOS, COCLICO) ˆ Contributor to Debian, FusionForge, Mantis
  4. 4. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH e˜out the qoogle ƒummer of gode ylivier fergerD „ele™om ƒud€—ris ˆ Matchmaking betweensntrodu™tion ˆ FLOSS development projectPurpose ˆ StudentForeword ˆ Mentor involved in the day-to-day development of asde—s —nddis™ussion FLOSS project ˆ Interest of someone at Google ˆ $5000 stipend from Google ˆ Diverse projects, from very recent developments to core FSF projects like GCC ˆ Tasks : code, document, outreach, testing, research, training, translation, user interface ˆ Since 2005, nearly 2500 students and 2500 mentors from 98 countries
  5. 5. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH …se the potenti—l of gƒ students to ylivier fergerD help pvyƒƒ proje™ts „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurposeForewordsde—s —nddis™ussion ˆ FLOSS projects dene tasks which can be oered as an internship subject ˆ Important issue : what to expect from novice contributors ? ˆ Find mentors who can commit ˆ Motivation and engagement for students (recognition and nancial support)
  6. 6. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH ellow students to le—rn ylivier fergerD „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurpose ˆ Be confronted to real projects practices (collaboration,Forewordsde—s —nd distant work)dis™ussion ˆ Allow some students already involved in projects to be paid to do what they would have done in a volunteer way nevertheless ? ˆ Which prerequisites ? ˆ Whos helping them, tutoring them ? ˆ A lonesome geek in the basement for 3 months ?
  7. 7. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH fe ™omp—ti˜le with the ™urri™ulum ylivier fergerD rules „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurpose ˆ Validate creditsForewordsde—s —nd ˆ Manage risk of failure and subjectivity of evaluationdis™ussion independent of the students skills ˆ Learn knowledge and competences ˆ Comply with internship requirements and regulations ˆ Optionally, autumn, winter or spring of code ? ˆ Issue : coordination with course, lab and ordinary project assignment activity ˆ FLOSS project as a replacement for a course or project assignment ?
  8. 8. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH fe ™omp—ti˜le with employment ylivier fergerD regul—tion @st—gesGinternshipsA „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurposeForewordsde—s —nddis™ussion ˆ Financial retribution scheme ˆ Workplace (collegues, socialization, learning company life) ?
  9. 9. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH qr—nts —nd sponsors ylivier fergerD „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tion ˆ Companies interested in fostering RD activity in FLOSSPurpose projectsForewordsde—s —nd ˆ Way to detect talents (HR)dis™ussion ˆ Not directly drafting the subject (otherwise no dierent from regular internships) ? ˆ What is the critical mass ? ˆ How to dene success criteria with the company ? ˆ How to make sure companies commit to paying the grants ?
  10. 10. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH snvolvement of professors @˜eyond ylivier fergerD mentorsA c „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurposeForewordsde—s —nddis™ussion ˆ Monitoring the internship ˆ Probably with some interest in the project ˆ Some local initiatives exist already, provide them with more exposure and support ˆ Monitoring of local students only ?
  11. 11. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH qoogle ƒummer of gode @qƒogA ylivier fergerD exists „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurposeForewordsde—s —nddis™ussion ˆ GSoC is ne : no need to compete ˆ Compatibility with stages/internship requirements ? ˆ Legal aspects regarding grant payment ? ˆ Independent, non-prot organization is preferable in case of curricula integration
  12. 12. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH xeed for other progr—mmes c ylivier fergerD „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurposeForeword ˆ Other initiatives (Mozilla drumbeat ?)sde—s —nddis™ussion ˆ Google is already too big and powerful ˆ Many more projects and companies deserve to be in touch with the best students ˆ Every FLOSS project behind same banner ? ˆ Quality label only, to apply to regular internships ?
  13. 13. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH row to move on c ylivier fergerD „ele™om ƒud€—ris ˆ Who wants to get involved (professors, mentors,sntrodu™tionPurpose companies, students ?)Forewordsde—s —nd ˆ Which time frame ?dis™ussion ˆ Which rules ? ˆ What cost ? ˆ Potential start at System@tic clusters GTLL special interest group on FLOSS ˆ Active support from IRILL : free software research and innovation initiative of INRIA, UPMC (P6), UPD (P7) ˆ Considering experiment with Android-related projects
  14. 14. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH gopyright 8 vi™ense ylivier fergerD „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurposeForewordsde—s —nddis™ussion ˆ This presentation is under CC-by-SA license ˆ Copyright (c) 2010 Olivier Berger, Albert Cohen ˆ Made with org-mode under emacs (org + beamer)
  15. 15. ƒummers ofgode £ fop E pyƒƒe PHIH 8e ylivier fergerD „ele™om ƒud€—rissntrodu™tionPurpose Thank youForewordsde—s —nd Questions ?dis™ussion More @oberger : email : blog :