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Community of interest - les carnets - Paris Descarte - fossa2011


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by Sophie Mahéo

Published in: Education, Technology
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Community of interest - les carnets - Paris Descarte - fossa2011

  1. 1. An  Academic  Social  Network     Carnets2  Descartes  #fossa2011 – October,26 2011 –
  2. 2. Université  Paris  Descartes  Medical  and  Human  Sciences  10  Colleges,  Ins>tutes,  Schools  and  Departments  40,000  students  2,180  faculty  2,150    academic  and  library  staff  109  Master’s  degrees  11,000    degrees  granted  every  year  200  PhD  granted  every  year  1,300  researchers  82  research  labs  
  3. 3. Université  Paris  Descartes  Paris,  France   Management   Biomedicine   Maths  &  Computer  Sci.   Human  &  Social  Sciences   Medicine   Pharmacy   Psychology   Sports   Dental  Medicine   Law  
  4. 4. From  René  to  Carnets2  Descartes   •  Born  2006  in  the  “ICT  for  Ed”  (TICE)   Service   •  Strong  editorial  strategy   •  Evolu>on  is  user  feedback  centered   •  Publica>ons  (blogs,  events,   bookmarks)  and  personal  pages  of  all   the  actors  within  the  university  
  5. 5. Carnets 2  Descartes  •  Academic  life  :  associa>ons,  research,  teaching,  a  friendly   collabora>ve  space  for  sharing  and  working  •  Interna>onal  student  blogs  :  foreigners  in  Paris  ;  Parisians   abroad.  Following  the  mobility  of  students  •  Research  work  display,  Sharing  scien>fic  news   Announcing  seminars  and  conferences   Broadcas>ng  calls  to  papers  •  Create  a  professional  digital  iden>ty  •  Towards  professional  networks  •  Manage  the  progress  in  the  learning  :  diary  •  Validate  skills  according  to  standards  :    •    competence  skills  /  training  objec>ves  
  6. 6. Building  blocs   Profils Groups Contacts Articles Documents Bookmarks RSS ions Tags Comments mendatfeeds Recom
  7. 7. A  profile  (demo)  Fields filled by oneself (except Name and Firstname)"All informations displays are filtered via access lists"
  8. 8. A  personal  page  A do-it-yourself page"A minima : a profile"WIDGETS : OpenSocial / RSS!Carnets2 internal contents "Academic contents"Contents from RSS feeds"Goal : to value ones skills"
  9. 9. A  student  personal  page  (demo)    
  10. 10. Personal  page  (my  director)  
  11. 11. Personal  page  (professor  )  
  12. 12. Groups  •  The  creator  manages  the  group  •  Public,  restricted  or  private  views  of  all  objects  •  A  group  iden>ty  page  •  Publica>on  tools  and  collabora>ve  work  
  13. 13. Group  iden>ty  page  
  14. 14. Feedback  tab  User feedback from all connected pages
  15. 15. Tomorrow            Strategy    New  actors    a  strategic  tool  for  building  a   •  Alumni" strong  academic  membership     •  Guests (companies, HR, …)"  strengthening  the  links   •  University clusters => between  faculty,  students,   Identity federation" alumni  and  partners.     •  Internship tutors" •  Jury members  
  16. 16. Thanks!   G.    Lefèvre,  E-­‐learning  engineer    s o p h i e . m a h e o @ p a r i s d e s c a r t e s . f r t w i t t e r . c o m / s o p h i e m a h e o   Y.  Sallou,  Development  engineer