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Potential health consequences of excessive calcium


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Older women, however, who may have started their menopause earlier than normal may find more benefit from Fosamax, despite the risks associated with the osteoporosis medication. Read more here:

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Potential health consequences of excessive calcium

  1. 1. Potential Health Consequences of Excessive Calcium While being regarded highly for optimal bone health, calcium is among the nutrients that may bring about certain health risks when taken excessively, according to nutrition experts. People who may have been diagnosed of osteoporosis, or even determined with osteopenia (a precursor to the disease of porous bones) may often find themselves scouring foradditional aid from the naturally-occurring bodily mineral. As thelack of calcium may be most detrimental, a calcium overdose mayalso be as equally problematic.Too much calcium may meanproblems with kidney function, prostate cancer, constipation,calcium buildup in your blood vessels, and poor absorption ofother important nutrients including iron, magnesium, phosphorusand zinc, according to health experts. Excessive calcium intake inthe form of supplements may also interact with various types ofmedications, and while it may not be definitive, a possible linkbetween an increased risk of heart conditions and strokes has alsobeen associated with higher calcium levels.Meeting and refraining from going over a person’s dailyrecommended intake of calcium is key to lowering the risk ofcalcium overdose, health experts advise. Individuals, particularlythose with osteoporosis, or higher risk of the bone illness, may beadvised to take calcium and vitamin D along with their bone drugprescriptions, medical experts say. However, despite the risk of
  2. 2. adverse effects that has been linked to bisphosphonates such asFosamax, patients are discouraged to utilize supplementation orcalcium-rich diet as replacement to their medication.In general, most experts advise patients to proactively discuss thebenefits and risks associated with medications with theirprescribing clinicians before starting with a certain drug therapy.Older women, however, who may have started their menopauseearlier than normal may find more benefit from Fosamax, despitethe risks associated with the osteoporosis medication.Read More: Women Who Begin Menopause Early MightBenefit from