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Why does it Makes Sense to Fully Understand Multichannel Issues?


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Today, there are 162 channels, which companies can use to communicate, sell and service to their customers. Every organisation uses about 80 channels – often without being aware of all of them.

Customers adapt quickly and naturally use the diversity of channels. For an organisation, it is very difficult to integrate new channels that fast. Even worse, the overall customer experience suffers and customers start to look at different suppliers with experiences fitting their expectations. In general it is clear, that companies, which are not updating the multichannel experience will loose revenue.

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Why does it Makes Sense to Fully Understand Multichannel Issues?

  1. 1. At the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Finance Institute, Jonathan Möller from foryouand yourcustomers explains »Why it Makes Sense to Fully Understand Multichannel Issues«.
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  3. 3. There are 162 channels which customers love to use. Which of them are you using for the relationship with your customer? foryouandyourcustomers
  4. 4. 1. There are many channels – and the number is growing! 2. Customers are using the diversity naturally – can I keep up the pace as a supplier?
  5. 5. In particular we observe three relevant key concepts in the context of channels… »Integration of Everything« »Level of Engagement« »Individual, anticipated Service« TOUCH ME NOW
  6. 6. Andrew Pole
  7. 7. »Anticipatory Shipping« by Amazon
  8. 8. 3. »Touch Me Now« means: Actively develop channels and customer experiences. Or: How can we learn fast and act even faster? 4. What do customers want? How do they act?
  9. 9. What does a Customer Journey look like today? An example: Persona Sarah Schäfer (31y) from Bülach. Sarah is pregnant. She and her husband are very much looking forward to having their first baby. Every day, they discover new things. A friend is telling them about a great product with »Omega-3-Fettsäuren«. Sarah wants to learn more about it. »I am so much looking forward to having a baby! But I am nervous too. Am I doing everything right? Did I forget anything?»
  10. 10. What does a Customer Journey look like today? An example: Persona Sarah Schäfer (31y) from Bülach. There she finds the topic »Prenatal Registration at the Health Insurance«. Is looking for »Omega-3- Fettsäuren« on Google and finds the website Sees a banner »Protect your Child before Birth!«, clicks it and arrives on a microsite. Completes online form asking for a meeting with an insurance agent. Insurance company calls to arrange for a meeting and receives contact information. Sarah receives confirmation via E-mail. It contains further information on »Baby Package«.
  11. 11. The Model for Multichannel Business by foryouandyourcus tomers gives you a clear view on sophisticated Multichannel. Foundation Data & Structure Orchestration Organization, Processes & Tools shop User Orientation Channels Customer and his Shopping Experience Organization Processes Tools Source: Book »Multichannel-Leitfaden«, 2014
  12. 12. A good Foundation delivers Flexibility. If build upon, Orchestra tion adds Efficiency and User Orientation contributes Effectivity. Foundation Data & Structure Orchestration Organization, Processes & Tools shop User Orientation Channels Customer and his Shopping Experience Organization Processes Tools Flexibility + Efficiency + Effectivity Source: Book »Multichannel-Leitfaden«, 2014
  13. 13. 5. Customer Journey Analysis (»Channel OPERA«) to learn fast 6. »Model for Multichannel Business« to act faster
  14. 14. Maturity Level 1 »Local Relationships« Source: Book »Multichannel-Leitfaden«, 2014 Maturity Level 2 »Efficient Channels« Vergleichen Überzeugen Beraten Suchen Finden Entscheiden Individualisieren Teilen Vertrauen Austauschen Kaufen Maturity Level 3 Entdecken Informieren »Customer Oriented Touchpoints« »Indu s tr ialisation« »Ind ivi dualisation«
  15. 15. Understanding Multichannel Issues: Learn Fast, Act Faster. Channel OPERA: Multichannel Business: Download Slides: Jonathan Möller +41 44 210 44 77 foryouandyourcustomers in Amsterdam · Dusseldorf · Munich · Vienna · Zurich