More overview, efficiency and turnover: The blueprint for successful Multichannel in Business-to-Business (B2B).


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Speech at «Multichannel 2013» in Utrecht on Tue Apr 22nd by Jonathan Möller, Founder of foryouandyourcustomers.

With his study «The Executive Summary on Multichannel Business», Jonathan Möller mapped the key findings for successful Multichannel into a striking blueprint. Since the publication in 2012 the independent study helped many wholesalers and manufacturers to make the right decisions.

This session gives an overview on the blueprint for a Business-to-Business (B2B) point of view. Learn how you can create sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the mechanics of Multichannel in your organization and for your customers.

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More overview, efficiency and turnover: The blueprint for successful Multichannel in Business-to-Business (B2B).

  1. 1. More overview, efficiency and turnover: Theblueprint for successful Multichannel inBusiness-to-Business (B2B). Jonathan Möller, founder of foryouandyourcustomers,presents the «Executive Summary onMultichannel-Business» at the Multichannel2013 in Utrecht.
  2. 2. Source: foryouandyourcustomers, input by apextwoWhat are the differences between B2C and B2B? The bordersare blurring more and more.Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Business-to-Business (B2B)Product driven Relationship drivenMaximize the value of the transaction Maximize the value of the relationshipLarge target market Small, focused target marketSingle step buying process, shorter sales cycle Multi-step buying process, longer sales cycleBrand identity created through repetition and imagery Brand identity created on personal relationshipMerchandising and point of purchase activities Educational and awareness building activitiesEmotional buying decision based on status, desire, orpriceRational buying decision based on business valueDemand generation Lead generationSmall to medium assortment, mainly standard products Medium to large assortment, many special products
  3. 3. Multichannel Reality: Customers are using many touchpoints inmany different channels on their «customer journeys».LoyaltyServicePurchaseConsiderationSource: foryouandyourcustomersAwareness
  4. 4. You can loose your (potential) customers at any touchpoint onthe customer journey for the benefit of your competition.LoyaltyServicePurchaseConsiderationSource: foryouandyourcustomersAwarenessTouchpoint with RetailerTouchpoint with Competition
  5. 5. Source: foryouandyourcustomersDo customers change? Or do the surroundings change? Trendswe have seen in the last some years.Any ChannelAny TimeMoretouchpointsMore comparison,steeper competitionLess timeper touchpointHigh expectationsper touchpointAny PlaceOne Stop / Full ServiceAlways «Now!»Personal Service
  6. 6. The model for Multichannel Business by foryouandyourcustomers gives an overview and helps to make smart decisions.Source: foryouandyourcustomersData Organization Channels Customer
  7. 7. LoyaltyServicePurchaseConsiderationAwarenessSource: foryouandyourcustomers«The User-Facing»: channels for successful customer journeys(and transformations).
  8. 8. LoyaltyServicePurchaseConsiderationAwarenessSource: foryouandyourcustomersDid you create your «multichannel map» already? Do you havea written «job profile» for each channel?«Job Profile» of the Yearly Print Catalogue:- Channel type- Target groups / Stage of journey- Users coming from... guiding them to...- Opportunities- Experience: Thinking, Feeling, Actions- Statistics- Plannings- Costs- Short term plans, Vision- Competition
  9. 9. Source: foryouandyourcustomersPlanning & steeringPublication into the channelsFeedback from the channelsChoice of offers (personalization)Placement of offers (merchandising)Performance measurement«The Connecting»: Organization, Processes & Tools to managechannels efficiently and reasonably («Channel-Management»).
  10. 10. «The Foundation»: Data and data structure define the businessmodell. Focus on six core areas for excellent Multichannel.Source: foryouandyourcustomersCampaignsServicesSuppliesOrdersCustomersProducts
  11. 11. Small Intermezzo: What do these items have in common?Source: foryouandyourcustomers
  12. 12. Source: foryouandyourcustomersThe iPhone (or Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, etc.) mastersthe core functionalities of all these items.
  13. 13. «Multichannel-Business will be as simple for the customer anddemanding for the retailer as an iPhone!»Source: foryouandyourcustomersChannels Customer
  14. 14. Data structures change every 20 years, processes every 5 andUser Interfaces every 2 years. But customers stay convenient.Source: foryouandyourcustomersevery 20 yearsevery 5 yearsevery 2 years staysconvenientData Organization Channels Customer
  15. 15. «Customer Transformation» first, then «Business Transformation». We call it «Multichannel Transformation».Source: foryouandyourcustomers... then «Business Transformation».«Customer Transformation» first ...This is «Multichannel Transformation» for you and ... ... for your customers!influenceableUnder your direct influenceData Organization Channels Customer
  16. 16. foryouandyourcustomers in Amsterdam · Geneva · Munich · Vienna · ZurichJonathan Möllerhttp://jom.foryouandyourcustomers.comWhat can I do for you and your customers?btw: receive this presentation andstudy via new, extended version will be published on November7th 2013 at the RetailForum 2013 (German / English).