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There Was A Look Into The Life Of


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Published in: Education
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There Was A Look Into The Life Of

  1. 1. There was a look into the life of Jesus Martinez Valdes<br />
  2. 2. week is just beginning are seven in the morning and it&apos;s time to rise turn on the boiler and enjoy a delicious bath is all that separates me from the bed Meanwhile my reach, the rich smell of a breakfast prepared by my wife. and eight are fifteen and it&apos;s time to go to work for eight hours on constat bustle of this city, lor problems and decision making, end to end with any trace of mind in me<br />Monday<br />
  3. 3. we are finally closer to the desired weekend the same morning routine, just not today reach out to breakfast arriving at the office gets a text message. is my boss and   wants me to present at a meeting that lasted all day. I come to the reunion and after three hours, I only see my front two hundred people discussing, participating, giving their opinions, but my head is in that coveted weekend. afternoon I get home, my wife waiting for me, has continued its course in cooking and preparing to test on my creations. I am about to sleep, but a new episode of TopGear keeps me up late. are the two o&apos;clock<br />It is Tuesday<br />
  4. 4. Wednesday -&gt; half a week -&gt; sports The morning routine has not changed, and as I fail to breakfast yesterday. a quick run through a coffee I renew the spirits and I go to the office excited about the delicious dose of caffeine. my colleagues say pending decisions others say, results speak my bosses, but I just think about that weekend. afternoon my coworkers end up with the little energy he had in the traditional football game this week<br />half a week<br />
  5. 5. who said Thursday &quot;it&apos;s Thursday? that fast I lost the week just yesterday I was starting the week and today we are one step away from starting the weekend Today I decide to leave a Guadalajara, things work, and uh got an excellent companion: my wife, who has decided that his wardrobe is incomplete and that while I attend meetings and work meetings, she finished with my credit card in one or more of those malls that abound around here Guadalajara evening falls over and I just hear my wife talk about the news he saw, and on purchases I make. eleven at night they are and I just think that lying in my bed finally tomorrow is Friday<br />Thursday<br />
  6. 6. The sun rises in all its glory, although it&apos;s raining, but for me this in all its glory. this fine day, nine o&apos;clock in the morning and I&apos;m in the office co-workers are organized and seek cooperation to buy rubbish But ten, eleven, twelve, I believe that time is passing a bad play, it goes very slow. now I remember something important, because it is slow, although I have not done my homework on the platform, and that is what this week agetreado had forgotten completely, estpos moment is when I regret having asked overload of contents and finally, after many headaches I finish the tasks, but oh god are eight p.m. my wife has called my phone constantly and today is a day of wrath visit her parents ten in the evening and arrived at Irapuato, my godchildren run to greet me and I just want to sleep<br />Friday<br />
  7. 7. chicken sound wakes me up at eight o&apos;clock I curse the chickens and I turn around looking for silence I realize that my wife did this and I get up only to observe that it is next to the hearth, making a rich and delicious corn tortillas in the distance sees me and asks if I want to soups, to which I replied with a definite yes (rarely seen this in my life) The day was spent glued to the laptop with me reviewing the platform by checking resources and lessons. afternoon and ends on Sunday week it seems to promise<br />Saturday<br />
  8. 8. even under the covers I hear my wife say the only two magic words that can get up “Birria y Pueblo Nuevo&quot; knows I love this dish prepared by which to my taste are the best birrieros the center and south (thurs me). we start with his family due to this county, will be about twenty minutes journey We got lucky and although it was a little late there was still rubbish please everybody, we are preparing to go to church and then to make a return to Irapuato it&apos;s back to Guanajuato, despite the insistence that we stay and eat. Guanajuato way to buy junk food and my wife and I have to spend an evening watching movies, and expect to come to our next holiday as always lost in this country that beautiful life, beautiful family. . . bad it is already going to be Monday again<br />Sunday<br />