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Social Media and Content Marketing - Digital Thought Leadership - Forward Progress


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Social Media and Content Marketing - Digital Thought Leadership - Forward Progress

Generate Leads, Grow Social Network, Build Community
Leverage the vast power and reach of online social networking to get your message out and help build your business.

We offer professional profile builds for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and others!

Once we’ve crafted the perfect profile for you, take advantage of our monthly social media services so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.

See Social Jack for to get coaching and training in this area! -

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Social Media and Content Marketing - Digital Thought Leadership - Forward Progress

  1. 1. Build Thought Leadership in Your Industry Social Media and Content Management Humanize Your Brand to Attract New Business
  2. 2. Desired Results Connected Culture Customer Acquisition Social Recruiting Engine Increased Market Share Thought Leadership Customer Loyalty and Retention Moving from Traditional to Digital Increased Revenue
  3. 3. Flexible Options
  4. 4. Package Includes: The Following for the Organization • Establish Goals • Create Ideal Target Personas • Analyze Competitors • Scout Target Audience Content • Optimize Primary Social Media Channels • Create Content/Engagement Map and Calendar • Initial SEO Press Release • Training and Coaching Support Organization Community Build
  5. 5. Package Includes: The Following for Each Influencer • Establish Goals • Create Persona and Story • Social Network Map • Create Ideal Target Profile • Scout Target Content • Optimize 2 Social Media Channels • Create Content/Engagement Map and Calendar • Initial SEO Press Release • Influencer Training and Coaching Employee Influencer Profile Buildout
  6. 6. We find the best content for your audience, Post on your behalf, Generate custom content, Then… Finding the Best Content
  7. 7. We provide an easy to follow content engagement map that is a game plan by which we post content on your social media channels and outline a plan for your team when they join us online. Create Content Map and Calendar • We Plan • We Create • You Approve • We Post
  8. 8. We gather feedback right next to the post. Tag team members and choose to send notifications to the right people. Eliminate miscommunications with clear feedback: • Add attachments to comments • Resolve comments once feedback is implemented • Reply to specific comments • Collaborate in real time Easy to Comment, Edit and Deploy Social Media
  9. 9. R E S U L T S LIKES COMMENTS/SHARES We engage in your network on your behalf!
  10. 10. Suppliers and Partnerships Ideal Clients Employee Team Your Organization We take your current network and wake it up.. Referrals and Appointments Internal Influencers External Influencers Then Activate It.. Social Jack™ Influencer Formula We score, target and awaken your current social network
  11. 11. Social Selling Named Account Pursuit Net New Pipeline Scout Ideal Contacts Build Approved Target List Engage in Their Network Seek Connected Approvals Covert to Appointments
  12. 12. Package Includes: • Messaging Targeted Network Connections • Connect and Engage with New Targeted Connections • Get Referrals and Set Appointments LinkedIn Appointment Setting
  13. 13. Our superior media reach creates hundreds of powerful backlinks pointing to your website from highly reputable news websites resulting in higher Google search engine rank. SEO Press Release We place you on over 200 news sites to drive your brand to the top of Google
  14. 14. Landing Pages and Digital Content Create High Value Thought Leadership Events and Content Downloads We Create Thought Leadership Conversion Content and Pages
  15. 15. Websites, Blogs, Press Releases, White Papers, Industry Reports, Webinars, Podcasts, Infographics and Beyond… Content Development Available for Any Digital Need
  16. 16. Social Jack Academy Platform
  17. 17. • Policy & Guidelines - Review of policy • Objectives – Business goals • Personal Branding – Building a professional brand • Storytelling – Getting the story authentic • Social Teaming – Working together online • Building Influence – What’s in it for them • Advocacy – How to be a brand champion • Functional Social Media/Digital Basics • Social Selling – Sales Team ++ • Social Recruiting – Leverage of Social Team • Measuring Success Functional Training and Coaching
  18. 18. Structure of Our Training • Kick Off Meeting – Set objectives • Orientation – Program and system • Platform Access – Access to classes, support materials and coaching support • Instructor Led Training – Kick off live instructor led training • Live Online Coaching– Virtual group coaching sessions • Virtual Learning – Based on program • Measure Success – Metrics/KPI/ROI Micro Learning Format Kick Off Meeting Orientation Platform Access Instructor Led Training Live Online Coaching Virtual Learning Measure Success
  19. 19. Social Selling
  20. 20. Let’s Talk Further
  21. 21. Thank You We look forward to working with you Dean DeLisle Founder and CEO Forward Progress (312) 257-2224 Morgan Fentress Project Coordinator (219) 776-8223