Session 7 Osnap Campaign Builder


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Class 7 from our Campaign Builder Class for Social Networks

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Session 7 Osnap Campaign Builder

  1. 1. Social Network Campaign Builder 10 Week Coaching Series Session 7
  2. 2. Game PlanGame Plan Road Map to SuccessRoad Map to Success Your 10 Week Campaign Building Game Plan 1. Intro - Positioning and Campaign Building 2. Review and Build a Campaign 3. Facebook Part 1 4. Facebook Part 2 5. Twitter Part 1 6. Twitter Part 2 7. LinkedIN Part 1 8. LinkedIN Part 2 9. Campaign Launch 10. Monitoring for Success
  3. 3. ASSIGNMENTASSIGNMENT Twitter Part 2 1. Start Following people. 2. Research blogs in your industry and set-up RSS feeds. 3. Start Tweeting. 4. Install TweetDeck 5. Set-up account with HooteSuite 6. Get in the conversation.
  4. 4. Top Business Generators in LinkedIN 1. Profile Setup 2. Profile Maintenance and Alignment (with outside pages) 3. Adding Connections you have (the selection) 4. Removing Connections who don’t serve you 5. Improve your Google Page Rank results and other Search 6. References and the Blind Reverse 7. Answers Feature 8. More Free Tools
  5. 5. Profile Tune Up A Goal! THE GOAL! Generate Business!
  6. 6. Profile Tune Up Profile Settings - Allows you to manage profile information, profile photo visibility, public profile information, status visibility and member feed visibility. 1. Email Notifications - Allows you to manage contact settings, how you want to receive messages, notifications and Invitations. 2. Home Page Settings - Allows you to manage Network updates and News on your home page. 3. RSS Settings - Allows you to enable or disable your private RSS feeds. 4. Groups - Allows you to control Invitations from Groups. 5. Personal Information - Allows you to manage your name, location, display name, account holder icon settings, email addresses, passwords and a link to close your account. 6. Privacy Settings - Allows you to manage settings for research surveys, connections list visibility, profile views, turn on/off ability to see another members profile picture, profile and status updates, service provider directory, partner advertising, and authorized applications. 7. My Network - Allows you to tell us how you want to use your LinkedIn network.
  7. 7. Profile Tune Up
  8. 8. Your Activity If your in Sales be Outbound!
  10. 10. Profile Tune Up
  11. 11. Create Relevancy! Profile Tune Up
  12. 12. Profile Tune Up Education Connections Count!
  13. 13. Profile Maintenance Your Alignment
  14. 14. Adding Connections
  15. 15. Adding Connections BATCH THEM! Don’t Get Punished!
  16. 16. Adding Connections
  17. 17. Adding Connections
  18. 18. Adding Connections
  19. 19. Adding Connections Be Polite – Take Time to Connect!
  20. 20. The Impact of Connecting
  21. 21. Removing Connections! Connections will not be notified that they have been removed from your connections list. They will be added to your list of Imported Contacts just in case you want to re-invite them at a later date. Only the member that breaks the connection can re-initiate that connection.
  22. 22. Contact Settings
  23. 23. Improve Your Google Page Rank Edit your Profile
  24. 24. Improve Your Google Page Rank Contact Settings 1.Create A “Public Profile” 2.Select “Full View” 3.Use Your Actual Name as URL! 4.Use the Link in other Places
  25. 25. Improve Your Google Page Rank Contact Settings
  26. 26. References and Blind Reverse
  27. 27. Why get recommended? • It helps you hire and get hired • It helps connect to customers and partners • It builds your brand and reputation • It makes your network more valuable - score Who should recommend you? • Former managers • Colleagues and co-workers • Customers and clients • Business partners Where are recommendations found? 1. Your comment is listed in your profile under the Recommendations tab. 2. Recommendations you receive are listed under “Recommendations For” at the bottom of the “Experience” section. 3. Used by LinkedIN Search Make a Recommendation
  28. 28. Blind Reverse
  29. 29. Relevancy Based Content
  30. 30. Other Tools
  31. 31. Relevancy Based Content
  32. 32. Relevancy Based Content
  33. 33. Be The Expert
  34. 34. Be The Expert
  35. 35. Dean, tried the answers portion on LinkedIN and received a direct hit, someone thanked me, I did the warm offline transfer and then set my appointment and closed – too fun, thanks! Yvonne D. - US Residential Be The Expert
  36. 36. ASSIGNMENTASSIGNMENT 1. Setup Your Profile. 2. Get Peer Input on Your Profile. 3. Setup Outside References to Your Site. 4. Add New Connections. 5. Recommend a Team Member 6. Explore the Answers Section. Next Session: Monday, August 24th at 3:00 CST – LinkedIN Part 2