Session 3 Osnap Campaign Builder


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This is from Class 3 For APS Campaign Builder Series

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Session 3 Osnap Campaign Builder

  1. 1. Social Network Campaign Builder 10 Week Coaching Series Session 3
  2. 2. Your Instructor Today Joe Kern • Operations Manager of Forward Progress, Inc • Over 25 years in Business Management • Social Media Expert • Specializing in Twitter & Facebook • Background in Print Management • Specializing in Marketing through Direct Mail • Certified Inbound Marketing Expert
  3. 3. Game Plan Road Map to Success Your 10 Week Campaign Building Game Plan • Intro - Positioning and Campaign Building • Review and Build a Campaign • Facebook Part 1 • Facebook Part 2 • Twitter Part 1 • Twitter Part 2 • LinkedIN Part 1 • LinkedIN Part 2 • Campaign Launch • Monitoring for Success
  4. 4. LAST ASSIGNMENT 2. Admin for APS needs to be identified – Kurt Goode 3. Admin for APS needs to fill out Profile Form 4. Everyone turns in BIO, Picture and Social Network Accounts 5. Everyone collects current marketing materials for their Products & Services 6. Turn in your Ideal Target Definition 7. Define your goals and what you can realistically handle in leads 9. SEND ALL INFO TO Next Session: Monday, July 27th at 3:00 CST
  5. 5. Why Facebook?  More than 250 million active users  More than 120 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day  More than two-thirds of Facebook users are outside of college  The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older
  6. 6. Business Goals for Using Facebook?  Get found by people who are searching for your products or services  Connect and engage with current and potential customers  Create a community around your business  Promote other content you create, including webinars, blog articles, or other resources
  7. 7. Setting up your profile Key Point On Facebook, Profiles are meant for people and Fan Pages are meant for businesses. To fully engage and leverage Facebook’s features, you should create a personal profile.
  8. 8. Setting up your profile
  9. 9. Setting up your profile Click on the “Info” tab and then “Edit Information.” Basic information: Birthday, hometown, relationship status. Personal information: Interests, activities, and a short “About Me” description. Contact information: Email address(es), phone number(s), location, website. Education and Work: High schools and universities you attended, as well as companies where you worked.
  10. 10. Setting up your profile Basic Information Education Work Information
  11. 11. Joining Networks Find some relevant networks to join. Networks play a key role in helping you connect with people. You can join a regional network (one only) and (up to five total) school or company networks (must have a valid email address for each). Joining a network will help people find you, and will help you rank higher in Facebook searches when the searcher is in a common network.
  12. 12. Setting up Notifications Notifications let you know when people take actions on Facebook related to you, so you can quickly check out a photo you've been tagged in or read a new posting on your Wall.
  13. 13. Setting up a Cell Phone You can activate a cell phone to work within Facebook via SMS (Texting)
  14. 14. Setting up Privacy Settings Privacy settings will assist you if you are using Facebook for both business and personal.
  15. 15. Setting up Privacy Settings It is also important to be transparent and authentic when using social media to market a business. People like to connect with people, not faceless brands. Furthermore, it is these personal connections that will lead to business, referrals, and word of mouth marketing for your company.
  16. 16. Adding a Profile Image Upload a professional photo. Make sure you use an photograph that will portray your image in a business environment.
  17. 17. Adding Profile Information Upload a professional photo. Make sure you use a photograph that will portray your image in a business environment.
  18. 18. Adding Photographs You can create Photo Albums and Upload Images to the Albums. BE AWARE OF THE IMAGES YOU ARE UPLOADING.
  19. 19. Finding Friends
  20. 20. Posting Information
  21. 21. Facebook Page
  22. 22. ASSIGNMENT • Create a Facebook Page • Upload Profile Photo and create 1 album with 3 images • Update Profile Information • Search and connect with Friends • Post 3 updates. One with a link in it. Connect with Kurt Next Session: Monday, July 27th at 3:00 CST – Facebook Part 2