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Learnings from smart flexispace network in Kalasatama


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Learn how smart flexispaces were piloted to expand the utilisation of underused spaces in the Kalasatama district in Helsinki.

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Learnings from smart flexispace network in Kalasatama

  1. 1. Photo:Pixabay Learnings from smart flexispace network
  2. 2. By ‘flexispace’ we mean... Arranging the space Leaving the space as it was Next user enters the spaceBooking the space through an online platform Entering an unstaffed space with a smart lock Using the space
  3. 3. The concept of space has been evolving and moving towards demand-based consumption Rent / Lease / Own Owned real estate Lease Co-working spaces Used/acquired spaces when needed Space as an experience Collaborative Consumption Workspace as a Service Private / Long term Shared / Short term Public / On-demand
  4. 4. Services for the User • Secure networks • Catering • Coffee • Arrival and parking • Item libraries • Parcel deliveries and pick-up Core Ecosystem Partners Booking calendar Databases Payment systems Smart locks Access control Furniture, Cleaning, Maintenance Info Helpdesk Feedback and rating Access to limited spaces Personalized services Community Benefits
  5. 5. Company Owned Spaces Spaces in Residential Buildings City Owned Spaces PUBLIC PRIVATE Booking via Varaamo Booking via Kliffa Booking via Flextila
  6. 6. €€€
  7. 7. Typical spaces, typical users Meeting rooms or workstations in libraries or company offices Shared rooms in residential buildings Event spaces
  8. 8. Smart building solutions (sensors) Management and manual work = time and cost-consuming Service providers Users Space operator €€€€€€€€€ + data Space + service Space + service €€€€€€€€€ + data €€€€€€€€€ + data Space + service
  9. 9. User User User Benefits from integration Service providers Users Space operator Platform €€€€€€ Data €€€€€€ / services Data €€€€€€ / services Data
  10. 10. Economic benefits increased utilization saved money increased returns Social benefits increased access of spaces public good Value
  11. 11. Flexibility and speed Openness Regulation Different strategy and role should be taken by the City, depending on the value that is wanted.
  12. 12. “On the go” booking Planned booking • Central location • Basic amenities • Low price • Special location • Customised services • Higher price Photos:HelsinkiMarketing
  13. 13. Signals in the market Hotel chain Selina offers everything from dorm rooms to luxury hotel to coworking spaces. Integrated workplace Coworking & Coliving PropTech companies like PingIn to offer all-in-one solutions. Wegroup: WeWork, WeLive, WeGrow – sharing economy principles.
  14. 14. How to build a flexispace?
  15. 15. Kalasatama Urban Lab is a super flexi space with services and features supporting its independent use • Smart lock and access control • Surveillance solutions • Real time data • User feedback mechanisms Wayfinding Spaces as a Service experiment (Martela) Community printing experiment (Canon)
  16. 16. Design the space keeping independent use of space in mind
  17. 17. Arrival • Navigating to space • Access with smart lock
  18. 18. Welcome area • Introduction • Kitchen • Catering
  19. 19. Workshop area • Modifiable furniture • Whiteboards
  20. 20. Windows to Kalasatama • Location • View
  21. 21. Event space • Meetings • Seminars • Lectures
  22. 22. Showroom • Showcase and experience projects
  23. 23. Meeting room - Homebase for staff - Project meetings
  24. 24. Listen Plan Define Test Learn Revise
  25. 25. How we did it Kalasatama Urban Lab opens Jul 2018 Lease agreement signed Aug 2018 Concept of space finished Sep 2018 Oct 2018 Alteration work Nov 2018 Agreement with cleaning services Smart lock installation, Martela WaaS-experiment, kitchen installation Dec 2018 Collecting user feedback 3D model of Helsinki Jan 2019 Canon experiment starts Feb 2019 Mar 2019 Apr 2019 Infographics and wayfinding design Co-creation workshop
  26. 26. 320 240 160 80 0 100 % 75 % 50% 25 % 0 % 2018/12 2019/1 2019/2 2019/3 2019/4 Utilisation rate and users Utilization Smart Kalasatama Forum Virium Helsinki Other 43 % Smart Kalasatama 19 % Maintenance 15 % Forum Virium Helsinki 7% Other external users 6% Kalasatama residents 6% City divisions 4% Innovator’s club
  27. 27. Investments needed for flexi space Upkeep Cleaning Insurance Monthly fees (smart lock & booking system) Electricity Furniture as a service Marketing and communications Human resources: coordination, user support, arrangements, developing the space Buy once Planning & design Guidance Interiors Smart lock Screens Audio equipment Network installation
  28. 28. User groups Internal users Occasional users Independent users
  29. 29. User groups Internal users Occasional users Independent users Workshops Innovation tourists & visitor groups Events Meetings Info sessions Steering group and board meetings Planning meetings Workshops Meetings Training sessions Info sessions Planning meetings Events Workshops Meetings Visitor groups Development and strategy days Planning meetings Final seminars of projects
  30. 30. 2 h 5–15 6 h 10–30 1 d 30–60 Meeting Workshop Event
  31. 31. User Journey Before Booking Supporting services Instructions During Arrival Activities Atmosphere After Cleaning Feedback Reporting
  32. 32. The main challenges
  33. 33. Before: Integrating additional services with booking
  34. 34. During: Space guiding the user
  35. 35. After: Feedback to space provider and other users
  36. 36. User Current process Order coffee, catering Booking platform Information about availability, equipment and features of the space I nformation about supporting services Booking the space Service providers User Space operator
  37. 37. Ideal process Service providers User Space operator Order coffee, catering Information about availability, equipment and features of the space Information about supporting services Order catering, coffee, and other services while booking the space Platform
  38. 38. Every piece counts! Admin Interface User Interface Physical Space
  39. 39. Location Equipment The look of the space Availability Price Maximum capacity of people Supporting services Suggestions of use purposes Functio- nality of equipment Dimen- sions and ow of the space Atmosphere of the space Placement of equipment Conditions for rearranging New use purposes Virtual vs. physical space
  40. 40. What value does Kalasatama Urban Lab add? Location Inspiring environment Networks
  41. 41. Future horizons Long term: • Buildings adapted for sharing economy • Less new buildings needed • International business opportunities for Finnish building technologies Short term: • International space sharing platforms in Helsinki • New concepts and integrations for sharing • Lower barriers for sharing your own resources