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FVH Open Up The city: 7 Helsinki Region Infoshare Ville Meloni


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Forum Virium Helsinki

Fourth Annual Seminar of Forum Virium Helsinki, Thursday 11th March 2010.

The seminar theme was Open up the City - Open data, design, interfaces and innovation

Speakers Presentations

We are providing these presentations as a courtesy to seminar visitors. Please contact the speakers themselves for permissions to use the material.

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FVH Open Up The city: 7 Helsinki Region Infoshare Ville Meloni

  1. 1. Helsinki  Region  Infoshare   -­‐open  data   Ville  Meloni   Project  manager  –  Helsinki  Region  Infoshare   Forum  Virium  Helsinki  
  2. 2. Joint  effort  of  City  of  Helsinki  Urban  Facts,  the  municipali7es  of   Helsinki  region,  municipal  organiza7ons  and  Forum  Virium  Helsinki   to:   WHAT DATA - Urban facts statistics (initial scope) • Population, income, living conditions OPEN • Employment, business, construction, environment, etc. PUBLIC • + Also other data, step by step, per user requests SECTOR DATA WHY - Better access to data for everyone facilitates • Research, service creation, new business, citizen participation, driving innovations • Collaboration among data providers and data utilizers, helping to develop more user driven information services WHEN – 2010 – 2012 • Starting to open data Q2 2010 - • Helsinki regional data catalogue BETA eof 2010 • Series of pilots for utilizing the data 2010 – • 2012: wealth of useful data available via the catalogue, many great cases of utilizing the data Helsinki Region • Iterative approach, a learning process, sharing learnings • The world is even a better place;-) Infoshare
  3. 3. THANK  YOU  !   Feel  like  you  could  use  this  kind  of  data  ?   Interested  in  parQcipaQng  in  a  pilot  project  ?   Drop  me  an  email  at: