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Cultivating urban innovations, updated presentation 18.12.2012


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This presentation from Form Virium Helsinki discusses and advocates harnessing the innovative capacities of entire communities to bring forth optimal city management. The focus is on overcoming the traditional challenges between public sector organizations and citizens.

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Cultivating urban innovations, updated presentation 18.12.2012

  1. 1. Forum Virium Helsinki New service innovations –in cooperation with companies,public sector organizationsand citizens. Pauliina Smeds, 11/2012
  2. 2. ContentsKuva: Olli-Pekka Orpo Introduction to Forum Virium Helsinki 3 2 • Mission, vision, members & focus areas Examples of Innovation Projects 1. Smart City: Empowering & harnessing the innovation capacity of the urban community: e.g., City Service Development Kit & Open Cities project 5 2. Pioneering the Open Data movement in Finland: Helsinki Region Infoshare, Apps4Finland, Open Helsinki 6 1 3.Wellbeing: New solutions for healthcare: e.g.: Healthy Borough Programme; HealthStand, Health Card, Virtual Home Care, Collective School: Encouraging pupil engagement 4. Innovative Procurements Kuva: Katja Virta 5. New Forms of Media: e.g.: Stadi.TV & Urban Media Surfaces Kuva: Olli-Pekka Orpo 6. Growth Coaching: supporting internationalisation of SME’s 7. International Networks and cooperation with World Design Capital Helsinki 2012  Kuva: Susanna Ollila 4 7
  3. 3. New service innovations in cooperation with companies,public sector organizations and citizens. Forum Virium Helsinki is a part of the City of Helsinki Group.
  4. 4. Mission Forum Virium Helsinki is an innovator and an initiator of new kind of cooperation between companies,public sector organizations and citizens. The aim is to create internationally competitive services that are based on the real needs of users. Photo: flickr: a4gpas photostream
  5. 5. VisionHelsinki metropolitan area is the capital of digital services in Europe. Partners and members ofForum Virium Helsinki have created remarkable new business and growth.
  6. 6. Cultivating UrbanInnovations
  7. 7. Harnessingtheinnovationcapacity ofthe entireurbancommunity
  8. 8. Anchor PublicCompanies Sector Member Companies
  9. 9. Focus AreasSmart City Innovative Procurements Innovation CommunitiesWellbeing Growth CoachingNew Forms of MediaExpected:Environment & Sustainability
  10. 10. City Service Development Kit SmartOpening up public data Open Helsinki City City as an interface International harmonization
  11. 11. CitySDK• Toolkit for developing digital city services: opening up and harmonizing city interfaces, processes & standards• Eight European cities, 15 companies and research partners involved•
  12. 12. Open – a data catalogue summing up the sources of open data in Europe• Boosting innovation by opening up and utilizing public data sources• Open Cities App Challenge as well as  national app challenges• Kuva: HKI kuvapankki / Seppo Laakso
  13. 13. Code for Europe• Code for America brought to Europe – Bringing tech talents to contribute making cities more open & efficient• Supporting the renewal of public services • talents with out-of-box answers to city challenges • technological innovations • community engagement• Part of the EU project ”Commons for Europe”
  14. 14. Helsinki Region Infoshare • Public data pools from the Helsinki Region as open regional data • The opened data is ready to be used by anyone freely at no cost • One main goal is to pilot an open data activity model and its implications to both the producers and end users of the dataDatakuvat: – Learning by doing – Sharing the lessons learned
  15. 15. Kuva: Pertti Nisomem Mayors Achievement of the YearPrize to Helsinki Region Infoshare
  16. 16. Opening uppublic dataWhy?• Boosts the ecosystem as a whole by fostering new business opportunities, innovations and economic growth• Makes city governance more effective, saves public costs• Increases transparency
  17. 17. Apps4Finland competition Encourages  citizens to develop new ways to utilize open data Olli-Pekka Orpo
  18. 18. An emerging trend: datavisualization • Illustrates the data and makes it more perceivable•    – Data visualization examples and tools Datakuvat:
  19. 19. World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 Open Data one of the main themes More information: openhelsinki.fiKuva: Teppo Hudson
  20. 20. Vision: Digital City Card
  21. 21. Travel cardintroduced inevent logistics• Smart badges used by staff & competitors at Open Europeans Helsinki 2011 Sailing Race• 1600 end-users during a two week event Kuva: Suomen Purjehdus ja veneily
  22. 22. Better everydayat daycare• Nappula pilot: testing NFC technology at daycare to ease everyday operations and to free time from administrative routines• Tools for presence monitoring
  23. 23. Tramstop Wall-servicesthrough citytags• Piloting new service offering through electronic RFID tags• Virtual message wall for tram passengers• SMS tram ticket through NFC
  24. 24. Smart Cityguiding you Kuva: Susanna Ollila
  25. 25. Walk andFeel HelsinkiDigitally guidedroute for cruise passengers• Mobile guide with tourist information to attract cruise passengers• Signposts with digital tags, access to information on Helsinki with mobile phone Kuva: Susanna Ollila
  26. 26. Services for elderly people WellbeingVirtual home care Healthcare technology Healthy Borough Programme Encouraging pupil engagement
  27. 27. Societal challenges in healthcare Citizens are ageing, the demand for healthcare services rises Large amount of the workforce will reach retirement age At the same time with the growingshortage of helping hands, there is an acute need for new solutions & improvements in effectiveness
  28. 28. Healthy Borough Programme The HealthStand by the City of Helsinki Health Centre • One of the pilots testing services brought to the places where people are • The HealthStand is an ongoing service in Itis Shopping CentreKuva: Kimmo Brandt to support the self-care of the residents • Offers guidance and advice on how to promote good health and prevent illness Kuva: Kimmo Brandt
  29. 29. Healthy Borough ProgrammeThe Digital Health Cardby the City of Helsinki Health Centre• To sieve hidden diabetes cases and cardiovascular diseases• Online health checks, laboratory tests, online health couching• Promising results: sieved successfully individuals with increased risk of the diseases. 5000 residents were invited to the pilot, 800 participated
  30. 30. The Health Card was presented Kuva: Tomi Parkkonen / Laatukeskus Excellence Finland the Excellence Finland awardfor quality innovation by the president of Finland
  31. 31. Virtual home care• Customers of the Helsinki City Home Care experimented virtual home care with integrated alarm function• Promising results: the pilot is extended and prolonged – Preliminary results: virtual home care increases both the sense of security of home care customers, as well as social interaction between customers & home care
  32. 32. Storytelling gamespreventing loneliness• Developing & testing digital storytelling games that stimulate social connectedness among elderly• Games designed together with the elderly in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden & Denmark•
  33. 33. Looking for thebest healthcarefor everybodyUsing operations managementto improve healthcareoutcomes and to develophealthcare system scenarios Lehtikuva, Roope Salonen• tools, methods, and modelsto create better & moresustainable health systems• quality of care, cost,efficiency & accessibility•
  34. 34. Encouragingchildrensparticipation• Four projects to increase communality at schools and to strengthen inclusion of the pupils• Pupils, teachers and other school staff develop digital services in collaboration with parents and other stakeholders of schools
  35. 35. Innovative procurements• The pre-commercial procurement (PCP) process tested in Finland for the first time• The aim is to rejuvenate public services by procuring innovative solutions• Project: SILVER: Supporting Independent Living of the Elderly through Robotics
  36. 36. New Forms Urban media screens of MediaStadi.TV,the voice ofHelsinki people Workshops and education on media production
  37. 37. Open, localand social media: and cable
  38. 38. Stadi.TV • Citizen media platform: provides new means for resident involvement • Increases city’s transparency -HelsinkiKanava • Content production education & workshops: boosting media literacy & skills of the residentsKuva: Kalle Kuisma, m-cult
  39. 39. Media Master Plan• Examines business opportunities, as well as new content related possibilities of digital media screens• Trials: e.g., urban screen pilot on the wall of the department store Sokos in downtown Helsinki, Helsinki Tourist Studio’s media surfaces implementation Kuva: Kaisa Eskola, FVH
  40. 40. City ofHelsinkimedia screens• Urbanflow concept draws visions for the utilization of urban media screens –• New opportunities for business and for further developing Open Helsinki• Promotes tourism and strengthens the image of Helsinki
  41. 41. Branding the Baltic SeaRegion as one unity• Baltic metropoles increasing the Baltic Sea Region’s competitiveness by branding it as one unity• Attracting investors, tourists & talents to the region• Accelerating the identity building dialogue in the region• Awakening interest in the common good of the Baltic Sea Region
  42. 42. Growth CoachingFor internationalizationof SMEs Tailored for SMEs business needs Since 2006 almost 200 companies Expertise in coaching Steady track record Kuvat: Olli-Pekka Orpo
  43. 43. Growth CoachingBoosting internationalization of SMEs• Offers an additional tool for promoting diversity and dynamic development• No business area or age limitations for companies• Has been developed in co-operation with businesses, low bureaucracy• Produced by Forum Virium Helsinki for City of Helsinki Economic Development Kuva: Mia Uronen
  44. 44. Promoting international networks of the City of Helsinki• Project partnerships & networking –Cooperation & benchmarking: projects, cities, companies, communities – Active member of European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)• Decision-makers & investors Kuva: Olli-Pekka Orpo –Lobbying, project funding• High quality research –New information, insight & foresight
  45. 45. Partner of World DesignCapital Helsinki 2012The main theme: Open Data• Helsinki Region Infoshare the main partnership, more info on the events, competitions, etc:• WDC Channel on Stadi.TV:•
  46. 46. Thank You!