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The Digital Doha Summit - Ayman Itani, Mobile Social Case Studies


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Published in: Technology, Business
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The Digital Doha Summit - Ayman Itani, Mobile Social Case Studies

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  2. 2. Think Media Labs is a premier Digital &Social Media boutique agency foundedby Ayman Itani. It aims to help enterprisesand international brands targetingLebanon, the Gulf, and the MENA regionthrive by drawing on Internet platforms tocapture digitally their customers &audiences. m
  3. 3. •  Social Media strategy development•  Presence management•  Sales strategies•  Product launches•  Customer strategy and CRM•  Promotions and influencer outreach m
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  10. 10. Global Food Chain m
  11. 11. •  Unified digital storefront across 30 branches nationwide•  Complied with global and local brand requirements•  Integrated Social Media in business process (marketing, sales, operations, …)
  12. 12. •  Think Media Labs was selected via a thorough selection process of digital agencies in the Middle East and USA•  Integrated Digital and Social Media as part of the McDonalds nationwide business process including marketing, sales, operations, IT,…•  Fully complied with global brand requirements•  Unified the digital storefront across 30 branches nationwide•  Trained employees and staff on the latest business methodologies in Social Media m
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  14. 14. •  We built the online community for Harvard Arab Alumni in KSA, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, & Lebanon.•  Coordinated with Harvard University in Cambridge and Abu Dhabi•  Promoted HAAA event of 600 attendees
  15. 15. •  We built the online community for Harvard Arab Alumni by reaching out to alumni in KSA, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, & Lebanon•  We coordinated with Harvard University in Cambridge towards establishing an online community for Arab Alumni based on Harvard’s global alumni standards•  Promoted the HAAA event that saw more than 600 attendees across business, government officials, Harvard alumni, and alumni from top US schools to discuss topics of energy and challenges facing the Middle East m
  16. 16. Image  Source: m
  17. 17. Take advantage of Facebook and Twitter, especially with Social Media applications already installed on the phoneImage  Source:    h.p:// m
  18. 18. •  Make sure your apps analytics provider keeps track of the Social Media activity, especially when a mobile device calls directly to the social network without going to you server firstImage  Source:  h.p:// m
  19. 19. Accessing Social •  Who did whatGraph information •  Locationsfor a better mobile •  Commentsexperience,especially: •  Posts m
  20. 20. Offer Customized InformationImage  Source:    h.p:// m
  21. 21. Tie-in reviews and testimonialsImage  Source:  h.p://­‐Network-­‐Man-­‐Profile-­‐2-­‐600.jpg m
  22. 22. •  Globally more people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush•  Of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones, 1.08 billion are smartphones Image  source:   h.p://­‐Balloon-­‐Woman-­‐ Profile-­‐2-­‐600.jpg  •  60% admit to using their device in the bathroom
  23. 23. •  More than 500 million mobile monthly active users as of April 20, 2012•  Half of Twitter users use Twitter on their mobile Image  source:
  24. 24. •  Challenges of reaching out to a generation so entrenched in Social Media that 10% think it is OK to text and 3% check Facebook during sex ? Image  Source:   h.p:// d5be8a95def2db5fa800d269f41eb7b7_c.jpg  Sources:    h.p://­‐during-­‐sex/  h.p://­‐media/survey-­‐nearly-­‐three-­‐percent-­‐of-­‐australians-­‐check-­‐facebook-­‐during-­‐sex/
  25. 25. •  Social Media incentives, promo codes, and free offerings (preferably in-app purchase) to active Social Media participants•  Periodically ask Social Media participants to review you app or provide testimonials m
  26. 26. •  Sneak-Peaks to active Social Media participants on new features, screenshots from upcoming releases,…•  Customer Support•  Periodic Marketing Campaigns m
  27. 27. •  Promote your mobile app via Social Media•  Incorporate Social Media at the core of your mobile strategy•  Integrate with mobile browsers•  Integrate with already installed Social Media apps•  Create a mobile site for your mobile users m
  28. 28. Download ourApp: /thinkmedialabs /thinkmedialabs /thinkmedialabs Search Think Media Labs m