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Content Strategy Matrix

LCS Summit - September 2015

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Content Strategy Matrix

  1. 1. POV Statement / Content Matrix Point of View Statement User + Need + Insight [or] Contradiction [or] Cause Content What content could addresses the POV statement? Channel Where should it be published? Organizational Objective it Supports? Which internal objectives does this content support? Key Goals How will we measure it? A 13-year-old girl needs to feel accepted by her peers, even though sometimes the things her peers do make her feel uncomfortable. Blog post about how to handle uncomfortable situations without making things weird. Our org’s blog, newsletter Lower the teen smoking rates # of page views, % open rates on newsletter, # clicks in newsletter A 20-year old male college sophomore needs to make enough money to support himself, but even when he does, he finds it difficult to spend the money in the right ways. The manager of the local English- themed pub needs to ensure his smoking and non-smoking customers are comfortable in her bar, but struggles to keep smokers far enough from the doors to prevent bothering the non-smokers.