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Corporate Facilitation- Learn More about the Qualities of a Facilitator


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A corporate facilitator must possess some unique qualities to make corporate facilitation successful. He must be a good guide, have adequate knowledge, possess facilitation skills, and the right attitude.

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Corporate Facilitation- Learn More about the Qualities of a Facilitator

  1. 1. Corporate Facilitation-Learn More about theQualities of a FacilitatorA corporate facilitator mustpossess some unique qualities to make corporate facilitationsuccessful. He must be a good guide, have adequate knowledge,possess facilitation skills, and the right attitude.The role and responsibility of a business facilitator is not as simple as youthink it to be. Through learning and activity sessions, he has to ensure fullparticipation or involvement in discussions, games, and activities. In simplewords, he should possess some unique qualities to make corporate facilitationa real success.Efficient GuideThe coordinator of team building retreats is like a guide assisting theparticipants to make the most out of the sessions. The facilitator is the personwho identifies strengths, weaknesses, and talent of the members. In somesituations, the trainer also shares some of his professional experiences.KnowledgeA qualified facilitator is one who has adequate knowledge on a particularsubject. First and foremost, the concerned person must know why suchfacilitation program is organized. And, as far as knowledge is concerned, itshould not be limited to the topic of discussion or activity, but additionalinterest and cognizance of society and community.Most important is proper understanding of a company’s problems. This isessential when participating members will ask questions concerning a subject. The facilitatorshould not only answer all questions but also provide additional information. He should alsosuggest out of the box ideas to educate and inspire the group. Adequate knowledge will result insmooth communication between the trainer and the participants.The Right AttitudeEmployees love to communicate with a person having the right attitude in dealing with people.This is the reason a professional who has a pleasant personality and friendly disposition makemanagement retreats successful. If the coordinator of the retreat is not approachable and friendly,it will be difficult for the participants to socialize and participate in the discussion. Moreover, the
  2. 2. planner of such facilitation programs must treat all members equally, and give everyone an equalopportunity to speak. He should not be biased or encourage favoritism.Good Facilitation SkillsThis is most important. As far as skills are concerned, the facilitator must be able tocommunicate clearly. Whatever is discussed should be comprehensible by the membersparticipating. He must have the ability to manage a large group, have good listening skills, andadept in asking appropriate questions. Most important is his ability to resolve differences andconflicts within a group.Without sound communication skills, it’s not possible to create an interactive environment.Sound management skills are necessary so that the facilitator is able to motivate participants toget the best out of them through question-answer activities, games, and team building exercises.Relevant and intelligent questions should be asked. The questions should be so framed to helpteam members identify their hidden talent, and reflect on a subject. He should also be a greatproblem solver.PatienceThe key to success of corporate facilitation is the patience and perseverance of the facilitator. Hemust be sensible enough to understand the problems within a team, and the challenges faced bythem. He should listen to concerns patiently and have a sense of empathy for those who need tobe given more time and attention. Most important is not losing temper; else the whole idea ofmanagement retreats will become futile.What are your views on the subject? Please leave your comments.Thank You